New Zealand mosque shooting suspect pleads not guilty

The man accused of killing 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, pleaded not guilty on Thursday. Brenton Tarrant faces 92 charges, including 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder and a terrorism count.

If he does not change his plea, his trial is set to begin in May 2020. His next hearing will be Aug. 15.

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This guy has become New Zealand Voldemort. We're not allowed to speak his name. He is only known as he who must not be named.

Tankie here. I am unironically for turning NZ into a totalitarian socialist state by spreading fear and hysteria about fascists.

Weimar Germany was a great place for fascists to seize power because communists were considered a major political threat to the German way of life. Conversely, I am of the opinion that given how Western life has changed, we ought to whip up the same level of hysteria.

Tarrant challenged us to fight in the streets. That won't be necessary. Rightist degenerates and miscreants need to be preemptively arrested and imprisoned like Minority Report. I am unironically for bootlicking so long as all the fash get stomped on.

The interests of police need to identified with the left. Volkisch filth like them need to be arrested while asleep. Police ought to be unionized and their authoritarian tendencies shifteds from the right to Stalinism.

The Stasi did nothing wrong. Radlibs trannies are dancing around like tyrannies but they aren't spreading chaos and disorder through mass shootings. Molotov-Soros pact now, Nuke the Fash!

Zizek was right, the Left is the heir of the West and must fight these miscreants as its guardians.

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This is literally another shoah.

The dude has footage of him shooting everybody and he still pleads not guilty.

God damn I admire that arrogance.

That was when I realized it - that if so many evil people are against fascism, if commies are okay with bootlicking corporate criminals into power and the mass termination of personal rights to life, liberty and happiness; maybe - just maybe fascists are the good guys and since I have principles unlike commies, I'll have to hear the 'fash' out instead of book-burning everything and violently attacking 'the fash' like the MSM expects me to.

Makes sense to me. Wartime combat isn't a crime, nor is it terrorism.What, are they gonna call every soldier who fought in WWII a 'terrorist' now?

listen man, I get no joy in saying this to you, but you are mentally disabled

Alt-rightists are just neocons who stood idly by while Zionist finance sent Western civil liberty tumbling into the bin and are now whining about the consequences. "life, liberty and happiness" mean nothing anymore because no-one fought for it before Zionist finance crushed it into little pulp pieces.

Tarrant himself said that he saw China as an ideal. Funnily enough, I find myself agreeing with him. If we have to crush the human spirit, if we have to tear hopes and dreams, if we have to spread fear, state terror and corporate bread and circuses in order to prevent miscreants who enacted Generalplan Out and Nanjing as deliberate policies, if we must be reduced to bugmen in order to survive, then a Molotov-Soros pact is utterly worth it. There should be nothing left but scorched earth.

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Fuck that shit. You can go be a bugman yourself, I'm higher than that.

Ah, but we all chose this path. We chose this path when we let Bush, Obama and now the B-Team of bin Salman, Bibi and Bolton carve themselves a slice of the world. For the fash to pretend that there was no agency in this, that this world is somehow a spiritual falsehood that robbed him of his birthright, we thus see the farce in Tarrant's "anti-imperialism".

The whole world desired this, Hegel's Weltgeist, the Absolute desired this. The fascist mistake lies in the idea that you are separate from this, somehow not a bugman.

There's no point in Zig Forums and there is no point in Zig Forums either. This is the punishment we all deserve.

I'm afraid you've been bamboozled by a 6.2/10 shitpost. Lurk 2 more years, alright?

Comrades, our time is now!

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As a kike, he has the right to be arrogant.


Neoliberal shills get out. Communists aren't the enemy.

The soldiers in WWII didn't livestream it for one

Mudslimes fully endorse and frequently do this to other churches all the time. Funny how everyone is pretending to be butthurt now that some degenerate savage assholes finally got payback that they had coming to them.

Everyone here should all go burn down their local mosques at the very least and start smashing in sandnigger skulls with steel pipes at at most to finally take care of this problem once and for all.

a crime is defined by the government, and I'm afraid that in their war whites are enemies

Sandniggers are bred to be unstoppable breeding machines. For each one you kill, they produce 5 or 7. The trick is to use their rampant breeding as a weapon against them.

He's innocent

Huh, so was it a complete black-op? Hundreds of thousands of soldiers from all over the world just straight up vanish like a jew when the holocaust questions pop up?

St. Tarrant is being accused of a 'crime' as defined by the government. My position is that he has done nothing wrong - and thus has every right to plead not guilty. This isn't arrogance. This is common sense.

And in the latest episode of "Mossad Show Trials" we have a trained assassin, armed to the teeth with weaponry inaccessible to any public citizen, declare innocence while blaming the mass murder of of over 50 unarmed invaders on internet imageboards.

"Yer a sheep, 'Arry!"

Well he's not guilty. Mudslimes would have to be human before he could murder them. This is pest control. Are you going to start bringing everyone that swats a fly up on charges now?

counter sage :^)

Read the manifesto, dumbass. His claim is that he was repelling a foreign invader on his homeland's soil, and was therefore exactly as justified as you would be to shoot a burglar breaking into your house.

woah there fellers don't cut yourselves on all that edge. damn sandniggers and cracker jacks are the same, mentally retarded

You can hate him but he created 50 job openings

Alt-right is run by CIA/MI6.

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FF & a bad one at that. Tarrant sees our low birthrates & subsequently ensures he & his sperm are behind bars forever. Failure to the nth-degree!

>implying commies jews aren't responsible for committing/enabling every evil thing in the world today

The only acceptable level of boomer nationalism.

St. Tarrant is what it looks like when a real white man gets pissed off at subhumans. Stay mad asian boi.

as if the sandniggers ever work…nay they would have been on the benefits like everyother "refugee" in new zealand, taking a state house and filling up the birthing units at the hospitals>>239551

Say his name kike.
It's Brenton Tarrant. Say it.

Holy shit Zig Forums. You seriously are nigger tier retarded.

It's odd that Zig Forums is training their women to do the fighting.

reported to official authorities

I wonder how he feels right now. Iv done a few years in prison and the first few months are the worst. He's hard timing it right now. I was facing a 13yr max and suicide crossed my mind more than once. Every day in california prison is day of the rope. The races group up on the yard to posture while the heads of the races talk, and decide if a riot is popping off. I picture St. Tarrant not only a person who is going to have the respect of his people on the inside, but also as a person eho is going to finish the job he started by continuing to add shitskin noyches to his belt.

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"He who must not be named did all this, not me. Haven't got my face in the picture now, have you?"

Brenton Tarrant killed 51