Shoplifting suspect shot dead after Walgreens manager calls ex-security guard for help

The night manager of the Walgreens was having problems with a woman he suspected of shoplifting, so he called someone who lived around the corner and used to work for a security firm.

The ex-guard arrived at the Northwest Side store within minutes Wednesday night and started struggling with the 46-year-old woman, finally pushing her to the floor and shooting her once in the head, according to a law enforcement source. She was carrying five boxes of leggings and a black T-shirt.

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Sounds like Murder?

First thing I see is "Chicago". One less robbery. No suspect to charge.
"Drop the pantyhose lady or I'll shoot." Then she didn't?

And just like that… you are made to believe that the (black, obviously) criminal was shot because they were shop lifting, and not because she, let's say, violently attacked the guard putting him in fear of his life.
The writer focused on one fact and readily made you believe that fact was the reason for the shooting.

What if she drank a sip of coca cola before shop lifting, and the journo wrote "woman shot after taking a sip of coke", "would you likewise assume that is Why she was shot?

Lying by omission is still lying.

This is why democracy will never work, the average person's mind is readily made to believe whatever the skilled manipulator wishes, and more terrifyingly BELIEVES THEY REACHED THE OPINION THROUGH "FREE THINKING"

Chimps are dangerous and not a pet.

They're also going to use this to say that Guns should be illegal…

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Another murder by the government.

So she's a niggress?

Try reading the article and not just the summary by the OP. The altercation is described.


The nigress deserved it.

i've had security fuck with me at the local store too. some kids went in the door the same time as me and stole booze so now whenever i go to get ANYTHING i get harassed. it's fucking bullshit and ive about kicked peoples asses over it. i about went into the sporting goods section to get a baseball bat and start fucking some shit up seriously.

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You sound like a stupid person. Posting a Reddit picture doesn't help that outlook

THIS, motherfuckers. The dude wasn't even employed as a guard at the time, should not have been there, and was also black. The guy who called him was probably black too.

So it was just niggers nigging niggers in Chicago. Not newsworthy.

what is the record of the dead shotlifter and whatr is her name? was she armed, was she on drugs?


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Such is life working retail in the Niggerlands.

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How is this true?
What necessity are legging for survival?

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Do you care? The only reason it's an issue is that, as explains, normalfags will take issue. Otherwise, he died like criminal scum.

Surely this is bait?
Also, yes, while it's a shame that newfags in the current year like to imagine that they suddenly know everything about a poster instead of judging the post by itself as if it were mere text upon a book's page, you are a fag.

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defending lol

Police supporters support jews and should be gassed with phosgene

There's no omission here except for your nigger ass not reading the article. It's even in the OP that the man struggling with the woman and ended up pushing her on the ground. Which makes it murder because he overpowered her before he shot her. He demonstrated excessive force in a situation he clearly had control over. But I'm sure a conspiratard like you doesn't bother to read the actual articles. Just what uncle Zig Forums tells you to think.

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sure it's bait. i was defending a black woman on 8ch. the trolls on here don't put any work into their trolling anymore. fuck this site.

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you expect people to pay attention to shit? lmao. learn to troll new fag.