FDA issues warning after patient dies from fecal transplant containing drug-resistant bacteria

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning Thursday following the death of a patient who received a fecal transplant containing drug-resistant bacteria.

Fecal transplants are used to treat Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infection in patients who have not responded to standard treatment options. The treatment involves transferring the stool of a healthy person to the intestines of an infected person in order to introduce good bacteria.


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The future is amazing, medical science has come so far.


Human centipede was ahead of it time

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Poop transfusion? You people are so fucking retarded it hurts.


This is a pay op to discredit fecal transplants as they are one of the most promising fields for treating metabolic diseases (aka most of them)

This. Blood transfusion is also dangerous if the donor is infected. A fecal transplant is a medically supported NON-PHARMACEUTICAL treatment for re-introducing a healthy gut biome. I wonder ((who)) might have a vested interest in discrediting it?

Absolutely this. My friend had c. dif during a hospital stay, and the hospital explained that they wouldn't do a fecal transplant (even tho its 90% effective, compared to 50% or less with antibiotics) because they didn't have a way to charge the insurance company for it.

Just you wait. They'll try to create synthetic poop so they can sell it to you instead.


Hmmm… It's almost as if most medical procedures have some inherent risk involved and there's no way to always be 100% certain that something unexpected might go wrong.

Maybe this is also the reason people consider antivaxxers retarded because they find the one in a million example of something going wrong and tout it as the norm.

Except you have to stitch them ass-to-ass instead.

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"First he gets tthier sons heart then he gets his wife's pusssssy"

I'm resisting drugs and I want to be swallowed and digested alive by a large snake or crocodile. Sure they'll turn me into fecal matter but that sounds more exciting than being transplanted with a tree in Washington state.

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I prefer probiotics

the weak should die anyway
all this coddling is making us fatter and dumber

Surely some kind of probiotic solution would be superior. Why not isolate the healthy bacteria from the poop and introduce them exclusively?

go get a shit transplant.

It works amazingly well, better than probiotics.

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