Black Community Leader Points To NFL Millionaires To Prove Slavery Reparations Idea Is 'Fools Gold'

Woodson Center founder and president Bob Woodson criticized the concept of slavery reparations, calling it “fools gold” that will do nothing to help the black community in the long run.

During a Friday night appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Woodson bolstered his point by bringing up an uncomfortable fact about once-rich NFL players, that the vast majority are broke within three years after ending their football careers.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson began the segment by pointing to several Democratic presidential candidates this Spring falling over themselves to pander to Al Sharpton at his National Action Network (NAN) conference.

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I think the white man already paid more than enough reparations with the civil war, welfare, affirmative action, etc.

Besides, we could give every nigger in America $1 million dollars tax free and they'd still bitch about racism and oppression before finding the next "injustice" to be outraged about.

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My ancestors have never owned slaves nor have I. The modern nigger and his parents and grandparents have never been slaves either.

I shouldn't have to pay for some lazy niggers welfare out of my taxes.

If I'm going to pay for reparations they better let me own slaves first so I can get something out of it.

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This is nothing new. Look up studies about windfall gains. People who are bad with money will always be bad with money

reparation advocates will simply say its not about the effectiveness but about the thought. its the thought of black people getting money for their slavery than whether niggers are smart enough to use it

can we Irish get some money too then? Plenty of potato eaters were slaves too

but your white and your pain doesnt deserve reparations because your pain wasn't because of your skin color as we all no there is no pain like being called a nigger for being black

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If the thought is what counts then they shouldn't complain when their reparations amount to a hand written greeting card with best wishes and no money inside.
This is still more than any one of them is owed by any man alive today.

Some user did the math a few years ago. Around $2 trillion per year is the cost of niggers.
Not even sure israel is that much.

Don't be racist honey.

Niggers want to sit on their lazy ass and cash in by using the slavery history from centuries ago as a way to guilt trip stupid whites into giving them money as 'reparations'. They can suck my dick as reparations for all i care.

You've got men like this guy and Thomas Sowell pointing this shit out for decades. They coincidentally also prove, by existing, that not all black people are stupid niggers. It almost makes me wonder sometimes who complex African society was before it was actually torn apart by tribalism. Like west Africa actually did have tradesman at one point - to the point that there were books written on the subject of breaking West African slaves as they were notoriously strong willed.

That said it makes me wonder if they didn't sow the seeds of their own destruction in a way. Did they maybe have a strict caste society where intelligence and/or capacity in some fields was selectively bred for? WE know for damn certain the colonialists found some peoples in the region more easy to reason with. Maybe they straight up did have Kangz who were decently capable human beings but they were literally incapable of dealing with the hordes of mouth breathing fuck tarded "gib me dats" and were simply crushed underfoot and sold into slavery - all their competence lost to the continent as it was literally exported for short term gain.

It's actually really fascinating the sort of diversity in behaviours Africans and their descendants are disposed to. That is so with any other ethnic group to I will add, not just putting the negroid on a pedestal. It's a shame we're never really allowed to examine these things more closely as "everyone is human" somehow has to also mean everyone is literally the same and so looking for any sort of reasons for behaviour outside of environment of upbringing is entirely racist bad think unworthy of even the merit of mere consideration.

Ever read Things Fall Apart? It's supposed to be a tragedy that misfortune strikes Okonkwo, but he's a prick and his village isn't much better.

I think about this all the time and it bothers me greatly. Humanity has to rise to some higher level where we collectively understand and accept that distributions exist… And if we can't do that then it seems that smart and dumb will be forever trapped in these cycles of trying to genocide each other. It's all very complicated, but the few who can actually understand it are dwarfed by the retarded masses and the greedy masters. I sometimes wonder if intelligence wasnt simply a mistake. It seems to be incompatible with the sort of eusocial society that we all dream of.

I say we give the bastards all the reparations they could possibly want.

The catch is?

They'd have to go over to Africa to get them as well stay there as we'd once again build up a huge viable civilization for them with functional everything.

Which they would once again ruin in no time at all, the jungle swallowing up everything that we built for them as it always inevitably does.

This would happen even if we let all the libtard volunteers that wanted to stay and try and help keep things running.

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He's completely right. Niggers are so retarded that they would blow all the money without a second thought on completely frivolous high dollar bullshit like expensive clothes and alcohol. So they can pretend to be rich for a month, then immediately go back to living in squalor again.

They already tried this with Liberia.

Not enough whites would be dumb enough to stay. Leftist yuppies are always the first to flee when a city gets nogged.

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But what about Detroit? It is a thriving Metropolis now. It is proof that this could work.

It's probably heavily segregated, unofficially.

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He's right on. I don't want your money, I want my money back. Don't nigger me, I won't whitey you. "Go do whatever you're supposed to be doing, I'm doing something, y'know?" Colonialism is stupid and egotistical, those "niggers" have a real point. "Niggers" intelligence is intuition, that's why they'll beat the shit out of most of the weird ugly neckbeards that hate them in private. Say what you will, I'm a beaner, but of the two of you I hate you both, and I hate your archetypes in my neighborhood too. Just go fucking read a book or start a garden "mang," because fucking with people like Jamal will get you raped and left for dead. Bonus points for anyone who disagrees with this sentiment to do it in Spanish, or basically any language besides English. Just saying, how long did "niggers" run the world without fucking it up this bad, anyway? 'Cause whites a pretty small minority and some of you guys are retarded, look how well they did Zig Forums.
In summation, while young white guys are going "MGTOW," us dumb beans are populating the most fertile part of the planet with like 14 kids a piece, that's winning the original war, maybe it's a good way to do it.

reparations demand means that black people's worth really is determined by white people. It's hot horrible, as blacks really are incapable of making it on their own.