Abortion services could be complete banned in Missouri — the first state in 45 years

For over four decades, lawmakers and anti-choice activists have made desperate attempts to ban abortion. Currently, there are six states that have only one abortion clinic left: Mississippi, North and South Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri. Since 2008, four clinics in Missouri have closed due to punitive anti-choice laws passed by the Missouri legislature, some of which have been targeted regulations against abortion providers. Missouri residents may soon lose abortion access, altogether, due to the state’s health department refusing to renew the St. Louis Planned Parenthood’s license, which allows them to provide abortions in the state. As a result, and devastatingly so, Missouri could become the first state in more than 45 years to stop offering abortion services.


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Its a start!

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It's amazing to me that liberals feel that unborn children don't matter, that a woman's freedom to choose is more important than a child. Ironically, if these women don't give birth at least the gene pool of such an unfortunate person will be less likely to live on. This is of course what the Democratic party has been trying to do by targeting the Afro-American community for decades with pro-choice propaganda. I have no idea why they hate black people so much but I fear they have made to much "progress" in the black community.

I don't think you could possibly be more retarded

They aren't "children" before they are born. Particularly not at the stage the vast majority of abortions happen (first trimester)

You mean the 2nd State, Alabama now being the 1st.

You can't take a newly made dividing zygote from human cells and place it inside a sheep's womb and have it mature.

You would be shocked to see such conspiracies do exist out there: >>>Zig Forums783136

tfw delivered via c-section, will never be a human


So what? That doesn't change anything

It means that the cells are human, or will be human, and their natural development creates a human. So at least acknowledge that by removing such you are killing another human.

My opinion on this is that it should be allowed, but only under very specific circumstances.
It shouldn't be like shopping for shoes, where every irresponsible thot who skipped pill day or forgot the condoms on gang-bang evening decides to kill a kid because she didn't think it through.
Incest, Underage, Rape and Defects I can very much understand. It's beneficial for both the mother and the fetus not to have it hard due to complications.
It's simply a law that needs refining across the entire nation, maybe the world. A woman should have a choice, but only if it's a life saver, not a money saver.

Suck it satanists and atheists (i.e. satanists-by-apathy)

They just want to be free…

Abortion should be legal given within the first 3 months.
Abortion however should not be subsidized with taxpayer money
Unless the said abortion happened because of rape or incest abortions should NOT be funded with taxpayers money.

If people don't want to make babies, they need to use condoms or proper birth control. Also lowering the age of consent to 13(like Japan) would help as minors would have access to condoms to avoid costly pregnancies.

human cells != person

The tyranny of semitic Christianity on display.

Condoms are not expensive or hard to get. Making idiots wear them is however hard to do.

So if I obliterate all of your human cells that wouldn't be murder?


t. Missourian

Only blacks and cripples should be aborted
Anything else is the mother just engaging in physical self-harm at risk of death

Minors can already just go to a pharmacy or gas station and get them. It's not aoc that prevents them its their stupidity.

Zig Forumstards are always anti-abortion but what they don't realize is that it's mostly shit skins who get aborted. Honestly a retarded move on their part.

That means more niggers in the human garden. What is it with jungle fever and these guys.

It's nigresses and mudsharks getting abortions.

It's good to see that they've accepted G-d's plan for our country. For too long racist liberal Nazis like Margaret Sangers have gone unopposed in pushing their genocide of African-American babies rather than encourage people to choose life.

"Niggers are weeds in the human garden."
~Margaret Sanger, nigger exterminatrix

This but unironically. It's funny to see Zig Forums and liberals align on abortion. Reality is, scratch a nazi and you find a commie.

There's not much of a difference. Both seek to replace the Word of G-d with the word of man. It's not surprising considering that the Nazis were admitted socialists and Karl Marx a known atheist.

this is a bad. too many retards and unwed parents popping out degenerates. abortion is not baaaddd. it makes america great again!!

Only through following the will of our Lord and Savior will America become great again.

Based. The only thing left now is gather up all the Leftists, negros, Mexicans, thots, white thrash, and non-Christians and use them as guinea pigs for experiments and cannon fodder

Fucking retards.

This was their plan, of course. The christcucks will lap it right up, though.

She already had a choice, she lives in a world where she has access to literal conscious control of her fertility. She also has the choice of tracking her cycle to ensure that she only has sex on days when there's no egg involved and so 0 chance of conception. She also has the choice to just keep her damned legs shut.

Abortion isn't about 'choice' it's about a whiny cunt who made a number of choices and is now upset that choices have consequences. Liberating women was only over about liberating them from the consequences of their actions.

Abortions shouldn't be funded by taxpayers. It should be illegal by default to abort children anyway, even while conceived in a criminal act (which accounts for an extreme minority according to Pew research and should be disregarded in discussions). We've verifiable research that confirms the correlation of abortion illegality lowering promiscuity, which in turns stops degenerate acts like the cock carousel feminists of the 21st Century. This in turn, strengthens families as female promiscuity has resulted in dysfunctional relationships mostly ending in divorce leading to single mother families, which in turn, results in criminal behaviour budding in children due to the lack of Fatherhood (majority of criminals come from single mother families).
Fact, before the Sexual Liberation of 1970s, Afro-Americans were functioning members of society and often a benefit to their wider communities. They had jobs, integrated well, and held high positions due to accomplishing their education on their own merits. Today, you can scarcely find a young black politician. The Sexual Liberation of the 1970s destroyed all semblance of familial cohesion by normalizing promiscuity, nudity, pornography, and same-sex relationships; The effects which are visibly felt in the modern era with queer propaganda taught in Grade schools through exposure to sexuality brainwashing by paedophile drag queens. It also created modern "Black Culture" where they're disincentived to accomplish as it is easier to blame "Institutionalized Racism" for their faults, resulting in Common Core Mathematics, and seeking reparations and benefits through diversity quotas.
This is why we need to illegalise abortion outside of a medical complication. The insidious nature of denying sexual responsibility can never be fully comprehended, but its consequences is clearly felt today.

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Just a reminder that beyond the trampling of basic human rights here, Black women have far more abortions than White chicks, so any kinda abortion ban or restrictions will only result in more niggers on welfare that your tax dollars will pay for.

Rightwingers are being suckered by politicians with this contrived “pro-life” movement just as Leftists are being suckered with “gun control”, as banning either is a fundamentally bad idea for a bunch of reasons and is being promoted solely to balkanize the American people and distract them from actually important problems, such as the incestous alliance between corporate shekel-shufflers and government apparatchiks.

Y’all are a bunch of fucking morons. You’re not going to end up with a q.t. barefoot and pregnant waifu because abortion is banned, you’ll remain kiss-less virgins who will now have to pick up the chick for all those pickaninnies blasting hip-hop at 3:00am and stealing shit out of your garage.

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I'm mixed on this
On one hand if you abort what would naturally have concluded with a living being then you're destroying a life that could have been.
On the other, abortion is overwhelmingly used by niggers and undesirable parents, so it's a net benefit in that regard.

On the bleak side, the rates of crime committed by Black People, correlated with their rise in the population of Missouri, will increase quadratically over the course of 15 years from this date.

I predict that, in the mid 2030's: Missouri and the states in its immediate vicinity will resemble sub-Saharan Africa.

It's not about hatred of blacks, it's about hatred of whites. The black community is being used as a small-scale testbed by the Jews where they try out various tactics first on a smaller scale with lower-IQ test subjects. Once it is shown to work, it is then forced onto the rest of the population. This is also why the Jews always try to incite fighting between the races. Zig Forumstards cheer when a sheboon has her 20th abortion, but they fail to see that this is exactly what the Jews have planned for white women as well.

Good news, Wisconsin avoids similar stupidity thanks to the Governor


You really are fucking retarded lmfao

So instead we should let the useless unwanted piece of shit into the world purely to mooch off child benefits for multiple decades? Yeah, that totally wouldn't cost more money.

Fucking moron.

Why? Because you think so?

Can't even be arsed reading the rest of this paragraph of bullshit, hope you get killed on your way home. Fucking moron.


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it's just leftist buzz
for once i agree with lefties, more dead niggers is allways a good thing.
however they should pay for it.
and suppress welfare, which retards like seem to see incorrectly as implicitely locked in a either/or situation.

in a totally unrelated manner, what is malicious truthfullness?
drugs are bad, i most defenetely wouldn't want lefties to do them.
i mean, it's not like lefties were a bunch of antagonistic little faggots or anything and would be contrarians for the sake of it?
and then go around pretend that "no, it's those mean nazis" or anything, right?

nah, however through the systematical extermination of fags, jews and the sort, yes.
i really like how you tards are allways so super-duper discreet.

They support subsidized abortions against the degenerates and niggers so you are wrong.

The real problem is that you cannot teach them with just banning abortion, you have to re-educate your entire population on it. By banning abortions you would only achieve more home abortions and other unhealthy shady clinics working around the slums.
People won't stop aborting just because its banned. Not in the world full of sluts, whores, and public education brainwashing the young that they should fight for pro-choice because all teachers are liberal.
Real issue is ignored here, and its demoralization. We need to improve family values, and those are at constant attack by progressives. You cannot get rid of abortions in society of adulterers, homos and whores.

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Abortion is more about population control rather than "fuck blacks" or "fuck whites." Be as promiscuous and fuck and sleep around all you like. An abortion will fix everything! See goy? Don't you feel better?
The reality is a lot of women who do go through with the abortion end up with a lot of psychological problems. That's the part these pro choice people won't tell you. "My body my choice!" Lol like you fuckers ever had any decision over what you do with your body to begin with. They have no idea the psychological reprogramming that has gone on in their own heads but its okay it's "their choice" after all!

Nice rebuttal champ

reporter eh?
I want to Share With You what a White Nationalist thinks about the subject.

Ask Your Audience, Does Anybody know a Woman Without access to Medical care?
Please Find out.

Abortion Clinics are Pure Politics Whites Never had these Problems that these Abortion Clinics and the Hormones and Drugs they put into our Body's.

This abortion Clinic Crapp is all about Divide and Conquor. Are You Against abortion Racist?
Are You in Favor of Abortion Clinics? Murderer!

Whites Never Had these Problems, We always Had and will always Have Politicians. But Diversity… Brings more Problems then Solutions.

How About This.
Take a Picture of the Queen of England and Photoshop a Nigger and Make it look like a Husband.
Are You Shocked at My Open and Unapologetic Racism?
You have to tell the Masses the News, You have to Make it Child Friendly. Me No.

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You could've been aborted yourself, how do you feel about that?

You seem more dumb to me tbh

Abortion = Murder , Figure it out already !

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Most people can. But these are like less than 1% of all instances of abortion. The overwhelming majority is due to unchecked thottery. Half of all abortions are done to women who have already had at least one in the past. A third to women who have already had at least two. Whores already had their choice. They chose who to sleep with and what (if any) contraception to use. They choose poorly and should have to live with the results of that choice.

The thread above is truth ..
Wake people

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I'm glad that abortionists oust themselves as racists every time. Please Zig Forums, you're doing the pro-life cause wonders.

It's hilarious that full-grown men who have a problem with full-grown black men are such fucking pussies that instead of fighting the black men, they'd rather go after their babies. What fucking pussy do you have to be to choose a baby as your equivalent adversary?

Black women plan their lives around having bastards that the government subsidizes.

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you dorty pedo-a fillapino-a Jimbo!
and yor-a son-a from-a da coreean whore-a

It was a dumb-a move by clueless-a people though, as Zig Forums was always a containtment-a board for the lokes[sic] of me

i'm {sac} of this shit and aint gonna take it no more——a

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and then take it away again haha……heee

That's me
I am a kray…….zeee…….-a


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man, Hawley can keep the seat.

the black man in the first picture on the right and the black man in the second picture are the same black man.
what's missing in the second picture is his hopes and dreams of space-flight.

Why are you Americans so into this? The biggest group of unplanned teenage pregnancies are even from black people. And this whole nonsense spreads to other parts of the world like Europe, and messes up the reputation of otherwise electable parties. Also your politicians stopped abortions and birth control in Africa. Are. You. Insane?

Now we have to kill 7-10 billion people, at least 100 times more than the whole WK-incident. Thanks.

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1. They are not children. They are fetuses.
2. Children you can't care about are not the children you want to have.
3. They might have some children later.
4. There are a lot of black children in Africa if you don't have enough of them. Also other brown people in other places.
5. The Dems know at least that unplanned children keep people poor.

A woman’s right to choose actually should be very bottom on the priority list for civilization. A majority of women choose to divorce after marriage. They also choose to waste tons of money on stupid majors in college like gender studies or liberal arts. They don’t care about family they just want to keep monkey branching higher and higher in life at any cost even at the cost of their own family and children because they are inconvenient.
Well guess what whores! Family doesn’t come into your life for YOUR convenience.
And yea I am ethically against abortion 100% not sure about legally… because it’s tough to control. Women will DEFINITELY go back to dumping children in dumpsters and wiping hands clean and hopping back on the cock carousel. Or use the coat hangar risking their pathetic lives and sacrificing their child’s life to absolve themselves of their past poor decisions.
Some say “well yea Serves me right that’s how it should be we need dead roasties”
But I don’t know if I want to see a rise in crude abortions(wtf am I saying it’s all crude and shitty) that don’t involve anesthetizing the innocent victim in the womb before they are dismembered and have their entrails pulled out. I also don’t want to see more whores just dumping baby’s out or murdering them or stuffing them in the oven(yes fucking whores do this shit they literally will bake their children alive)