Prince Harry’s call on banning Fortnite shocks game producers as they fight back

Prince Harry said the popular video game, which has 200 million registered players, “should not be allowed”, arguing it is highly addictive for children and teenagers. These remarks were not welcomed by Epic Games, the company developing the world-famous video game. Speaking in front of MPs part of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee meeting, Epic Games’s General Counsel Canon Pence said: “The statements made could not be further from the truth in our designs and philosophy and multi-decade approach to developing a long-term and sustainable relationship with our audience.”

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Shouldn’t he ban apex legends its so good

Prince Harry is an asshole!

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Leave and never come back

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ugh its like the current year i mean hellooo

i hope they do

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Nigger what

And this is how the United States was born.

the lack of self-awareness combined with some of that sweet sweet [current year]

The only thing this inbred ginger fuck got right so far.

why fortnite why not pubg ?
is uk backing china in new world order

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it's probable because he isn't good at games. it's the ultimate rage quit.

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Plot twist: the Prince loves Apex and wants Forknife to die faster

Yeah, probably.

Prince Harry is a fucking faggot, not even a real prince

I hate any and all royalty, but this and the planned porn ban (delayed, but still in the works) are needed to finally pull the entire country put of it’s own arse, and back in to the world of rationality.

Brits might finally realise that they are about as worthless and lazy as the colonies they plundered and raped. And that something needs to change.


Do you think he's right or wrong?

I'm not against Harry by saying this but if he does manage to get fortnite banned so many people will very dislike him…

You think he cares? People go to jail for nearly a decade just for making pictures of him online.

Fucking for real?

As much as Fortnight is gay, that racemixer has no place to judge. Sad that Brits haven't revolted, although I guess that's a bit harder to do without guns, but honestly there is no real excuse when you see Palestinians even throwing rocks at the Israeli army.

The British monarchy has no real political power only influence and no more than celebrities.

Also British people did revolt against that government. They call themselves Americans now.