Sentencing looms in Charlottesville attack; man seeks mercy

The avowed white supremacist who plowed his car into counterdemonstrators opposing a white nationalist rally in Virginia two years ago, killing one person and injuring dozens, has asked a judge for mercy and a sentence shorter than life in prison.

Lawyers for James Alex Fields Jr., 22, said in a sentencing memo submitted in court documents Friday that the defendant should not spend his entire life in prison because of his age, a traumatic childhood and a history of mental illness. Fields pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes in March and are set to be sentenced on June 28.

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why isn't he pushing self defense? I saw the video and they were hitting his car and attacking him.

Shit lawyer


He got a female lawyer.
AKA: an incompetent lawyer.
I bet the fact that he was chased with a gun will never be brought up. Bitch died of a heartattack and now people are trying to charge him with murder. Basically the whole court show like usual is sensational and really just there to humiliate Fields or anyone else that could be of possible dissent to the state.

Yeah, but Fields is still a neo-Nazi retard
who deserves to be euthanized, regardless.

controlled op tbh


sage negated

Hey that nazi got his car whacked with baseball bats. I saw the video.
I bet he wished he had never taken on atifa.

Such scary, much afraid!

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You mean to tell me he viciously heart-attacked this woman to death!?

>man gets blamed for it by the (((media)))

Come on, everybody knows that the evil members of the altrightneonazihategroups are trained in ancient patriarchal martial arts that allow them to inflict heart attacks on perfectly healthy (at any size) women at a distance. It is also rumoured that true masters of these ancient techniques can rape a woman without touching or even being close to her. It may sound ridiculous but respected feminist scholars are increasingly finding evidence that telepathic rape may be a frequent or even constant event in the lives of women all over the world.

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His life was threatened. He did not actually kill anybody. For a non white male that would be a maximum 1 to 2 year sentence with parole after 3 months. An alien would not serve any jail time.

This is not justice. Many judges are not concerned with the law. Do not trust the judicial system. Do not play their games.

Gone are the days when you can allow your self to be arrested with the expectation you will receive fair treatment and justice under the law.

His personal lawyer was replaced by court order with an antifa goon who was pushing to have the statue removed.

No, he delicately rammed his car into her and a crowd of people out of pure desperation, please, understand, he dindu nuffin.


You mean (((Trotskyist))) terrorists opposing a lawful and permitted protests of the demolition of Confederate monuments.

Is there any actual proof other than these testemonials i keep reading about in the jewish articles he was begging for mercy?
None of the other neo nazis that have been arrested over the years had articles written about them begging for mercy.

kike D&C

That lawyer railroaded the case. You have to pay to get justice in america. He could not afford a good enough kike lawyer, so he gets no justice.

If he had a real jewey kike with some connections in the courts( aka has been throwing low level cases to the dogs for years) then he might have had a chance.

I look forward to watching you take your place near the front of the line on day of the rope, subhuman.

If you watch the video some dude mounts the car and basically gets his leg chopped off as the panicked driver reverses.
Nobody talks about that guy. Some chainsmoking hamplanet in the general vicinity has a heart attack in all the comotion and that steals all his limelight.
How often to big fat women have heart attacks in murrica it must be a lot?