The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Quietly Undermining Global Climate Talks

Fossil fuel industry giants such as ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell are maintaining an outsized presence at global climate discussions, working to undermine scientific consensus and slow policy progress, according to findings released Wednesday by an environmental monitoring organization.

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this imply it's with nefarious intent.
the truth is that climate change conspiracists have been busting our balls with non sense for decades.
in the 80's they swore we would all drown by 2000
in the 90's they swore we would all drown by 2010
etc, etc, etc
this is retarded also, because if ice were to melt, the whole thing would occupy the place that is Under the fleeting line.
you know, the archimede principle, middle school stuff.
Just happen those fucking retards would have to be piling TP rolls in a supermarket if they were not sucking up money from those "climatologist" "jobs".

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If oil company control is responsible for lack of climate legislation then what is responsible for climate proposals never including China?

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Wait till the Kiddies realize the Planet makes oil and the Dino Oil is a scam.. and of course it is . just think about it.

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That would be the US wanting to ensure that 'cheap plastic crap (TM)' doesn't get more expensive.

This scare was because of the widespread use of CFCs (also what was putting the "hole" in the ozone layer), not burning of fossil fuels.

At the request of scientists, CFC usage was phased out and the ozone layer recovered. It also ended the momentary cooling trend. But the Greenhouse Effect is something that's been known since 1900; it's only recently that denials of its effects have been widespread. Your problem is that you don't know about anything that happened before you were born, so you don't know about how climate legislation was almost passed in the 70's. You just spout the things that you're told, like a good little boy.

You must watch this:

The was a cooling microtrend in the 70's. But overall temperatures have been increasing since the turn of the century. Scientists and governments have been aware of greenhouse gas emission impact on climate since at least the 1950's, it's nothing new. The ice age scare was the product of the media misconstruing the claims of specific scientists.

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Also worth noting that global cooling was aminority opinion in the 1970's, and the majority of climate scientists were of the opinion that greenhouse gas emissions would result in global warming.

This is a perfect example of what hapens when pop culture, with its poor ability to interpret scientific research, misframes an issue; in this case, presenting global cooling as being the consensus opinion on global climate change, when in fact the very opposite was true, with most scientists predicting global warming.

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global warming is not real

This would be upsetting if all the western strategies to tackle climate change are allowing poor countries to go on burning coal while northern countries use more solar cells, pay compensations on top of other hand-outs, and take more immigrants in.

Let this whole shit burn! It's true. It much worse than you think. It's very sad, because of the corals and biodiversity. And nothing should be done about it!

I've made my peace with it. Biodiversity will come back in some million years, but there is at least a chance that there will be no SJW shitshow, and white people will be the majority on the planet.

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Oh, embarrassing. Corection:

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climatologists are not scientists.
ice doesn't expand when you melt it.
even middle grade school children know that.

Wat? Ice floats, or is above water when there is land underneath, or not? When it melts then it becomes _.
Also it's about 900 different effects not raising sea levels, dependent on the region. You know nothing.

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And this is why no one takes you seriously. Because you aren't concerned with truth or exposing secrets, you are promoting an agenda. You parrot carefully made propaganda from others and think yourself an enlightened freethinker. You are weak, just another sheep following a different shepherd.

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You answered your own question.
Ice floats in water because its less dense than water.

Water, is most dense at 4 degrees due to the polar nature of its Hydrogen bond structure. Heat it up or cool it down from there and it becomes less dense.
For most substances, the solid will sink in the liquid.

Ah yes another day of life is professional wrestling. What a bunch of bullshit.

Petra was abandoned due to climate change.

It was a rhetorical question…