Family Ignored Warning Against Border Swim

Mejia had arrived in Matamoros from Honduras with her husband and three children on May 8. They said Wednesday that there were only two families still in line ahead of them to file their asylum applications with the U.S. government. They started out in March from San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in crime-plagued Honduras.

After chatting, the Salvadoran family said they would come back Monday, Mejia said.

"I didn't think they were going to decide to cross the river," she said Wednesday.

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That's a cute photo. Father and Daughter forever together :)

yay natural selection


this may be sad but what is even sadder is all the media figures and political jerks who are weaponizing a man and childs death to help them cling to power.

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Just because you don't care, doesn't mean "people" don't. You are obviously not counted among "people" with your sociopathic views. Sociopaths deserve to get aborted post-birth.

Clearly the moral response is to abolish sovereignty and keep tricking them into coming.


Sleep with the fishes, beaners.

I even hope they re-positioned those dead kids multiple times in order to get the best agenda-pushing shot.

Wow, another 8channer who wants journalists to die.

does Poseidon do rivers or would that be a naiad?

This is what encouraging illegal mass immigration causes.
I hope the left is proud of itself. More deaths on their hands.

Everyone sees it for what it is, a guilt trip to try and force people to be against their own best interests. Her father killed her and he died, dumbass.

kill yourself you stupid brainwashed cretin. the thread is to point out propaganda and the first comments already talking about its purpose and blatancy, yet you have your typical npc emotional reaction just the way you've been programmed to.
Here's a headline for you, to reprogramme your simple npc head-box:

Unfortunately quite likely, given precedent.

Daily reminder that amerilards brought this on themselves by once again trying to screw other people over in the name of quick profits. Daily reminder that you would't have to put up with blacks if your ancestors picked their own cotton. Daily reminder that you wouldn't have to put up with Jews if your ancestors had lived within their means and earned their money through honest labor instead of loan financing.

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If the borders were closed the farm owners would have to pay enough to attract ordinary americans instead of cheap foreign labour.
Food costs might go up by 2% due to having to pay a proper wage. But Americans would have the opporunty to work hard for a wage that you can actually prosper off. That is something their fathers had in plentiful supply.

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Try again chuckle fuck. WHO pays the illegal immigrants? WHO doesn't bother to check if they are legal to work? WHO barely gets fined when ICE shows up and deports them? WHO consistently votes to keep the borders open and defund ICE? Hint; it's not muh jews! It's white American farmers trying to spend the least amount of money to maximize their profits. You faggots are so obsessed with hating other races and circle jerking over your non-existent superiority that you turn a blind eye to the traitors in your midst who time and again sell you out for profits.


Also fucking LOL! Americans have always looked for ways to either outsource hard work or ship in minorities to do it for them. The small handful of whites who actually preform menial labor are reviled and looked down on as white trash. Every white person in america dreams of doing the least amount of work for the most payment and they have never cared what the consequences are as long as they get to live out their fantasy of being an aristocrat.

Just imagine a white middle class teenager whose greatest struggle in life is getting likes on social media trying to throw bales of hay for even a measly 6 hours a day. They'd quit after the first hour because they'd think it was beneath them, when in reality their pampered life has simply never prepared them for work more strenuous than lifting the next can of soda to their lips.

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George Soros. Obviously.

I dont blame the farmers for wanting the cheapest labour any more than I blame the immigrants for wanting to escape their shithole countries.
I just think American politicians should be thinking about the general prosperity of Americans. Like other politicians do for their respective countries.
That obviously means closing the borders. Deportin the illegals and reducing legal immigration to near zero. Maybe even deporting some legal ones too.

But (((who))) brought them in the first place?

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Like fucking clockwork. Sure thing buddy the Jews are literally going around forcing every white American farmer to hire and keep illegal immigrants.

And that is why you will never get anywhere or fix anything. Because even when the evidence is right in front of you, you just can't acknowledge that maybe it's whites themselves who have screwed themselves over. You always need an outside threat because without one you might have to own up to your own shortcomings and GOD FORBID maybe have to pay more for things and do your own hard work for once. But you won't change. Because as much as you hate non-whites you hate the idea of being reduced to their level and doing their work even more. The very thought that you might have to accept a more difficult standard of living as a cost for not dealing with minorities is literally unbearable to you. Keep wallowing in your impotent rage.

They already are dumbass, that's why they import cheap labor so you can sit on your ass writing shitpost after shitpost while buying the next cheap trinket off of amazon.

Who allowed them to be brought in? Who kept them in? Who fought tooth and nail to keep them picking cotton? Was the entire confederacy made up of Jews? Retard.


So basically ,your really angry with me because I buy stuff of amazon but you agree with my points.
I can live with that. I dont actually buy stuff of Amazon but you are welcome to think that.

Depends on the size of the river, the Rio grande is probably on the ocean gods radar.

If you die while doing something you were told not to, it's nobody's fault but your own. This is no different from some retard sneaking onto a construction site and dying because of it.

The atlantic slave trade was 40% jewish.
Now keep in mind that were less jews around than there are now, I'd guess 0.3% of the population. That basically means that nearly every Jewish person was involved in the slave trade.
Now, if we continue the slave trade talk, illegal migrants are valuable to states like California because they actually do affect politics in a way you might not expect. How many state reps a state gets depends on TOTAL population. They count illegals in the population count, in a similar way to how nogs were counted as 3/5 of a person. This means that states with high numbers of illegals have many illegitimate, which in turn basically means illegals are allowed to vote by proxy.

illegitimate reps

Dass right goyim… it is the terrible whites that made you slaves and keep you down.

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Reminder to never give in to these terrorists.