12 Year Old Illegal Migrant Tells Story of Border Patrol Station Abuse

For almost two weeks, a 12-year-old migrant girl said she and her 6-year-old sister were held inside a Border Patrol station in Texas where they slept on the floor and some children were locked away when they cried for their parents.

She was one of hundreds of migrant children who have been held this year in holding cells at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection station near El Paso that has come under fire for holding children in squalid and unsanitary conditions.

In a video obtained by The Associated Press, the girl — speaking in Spanish — tells her Minnesota-based attorney Alison Griffith children were "treated badly" and were not allowed to play or bathe.
The girl's face is not visible on the video to protect her privacy and not jeopardize her immigration case.


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Go back to Mexico and you can play and bathe as much as you want.
Stop breaking the law and legally immigrate.

while I agree for adults it's not like the kids have a choice

Probably fake

in other words, instead of "damn you border patrol", the moral is "damn you illegal parents".

Yeah this is the result of awful, irresponsible parenting. To take any kids to a border.
People here lose all grip on reality when they have kids. Sounds like its the same in shithole land.

They should have big signs up on the migrant route saying that in the US, if you bring your kids with you when you do a crime they will have to be detaned when you get caught.
I thought this would be obvious but I guess they dont tell the people in shithole countries about that.

Regardless, they should still treat people like human beings, especially kids who are helpless. If you are literally justifying the way these kids are being treated, you are unironically a piece of shit and should kill yourself. All they want are basic sanitary conditions, these are basic human rights. They are children. Wtf is your problem?

As I said people develop collective insanty when they have kids. And often they dont treat their kids like human beings. Putting them in severe danger and stuff like that.

I do welcome the medias exageration of this issue though. Hopefully that will make some of these spastics see sense and give up.
After the idiot family drowned we had the El Salvador Prime minister coming out telling people to try and improve their own country rather than following a false dream of escaping to a non shithole.

Stop fucking coming here. Problem solved.


Should have put a cactus up to her pussy and kicked it.

Every person complaining about the border patrol and not the coyotes should be deported to Guatemala even if they're a US citizen.


Somewhere between your white paradise and Darfur there is definitely a line where it's OK for children to try to cross a border to escape a shitty life.

Based and redpilled.

Fuck you, legit kill yourself.

Mexicans don't want to come here. The people crossing the border are from El Salvador Honduras and Guatemala you retard.

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are you saying that "kids should be treated the same as adults", and that 12 year old girls should be forced to work to support their stay in temporary detention centres until they are sent back.
as a guard in one of those centres, I agree with you.
seems a waste to have them lying around unused.

all the mexicans are already in the US.
30 million legal, 30+ million illegal.

Good. Stay in your own country and fix it rather than ruining another country.

It's closer to 60million illegals.

Some people, it turns out, are illegal.

that's what I said, 90 million illegal immigrants.


I feel sorry for the kids that their parents are shitty enough to risk something like this.
I bet you 20 bucks the kids started raping each other for entertainment in those facilities.
My condolences and best wishes to those who keep their sanity.


This but unironically.