25 Least Livable Cities for Minimum Wage Earners

Many people have dreams of dropping everything and moving to a big city. Reality, however, is here to remind you of the odds of you making it.

Six Texas locations made the list of 25 cities where the minimum wage and living wage were not even close, according to Move.org.


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Oh no, minimum wage can't support me? Guess I should look for a skill like welding or apprenticeships in similar high demand job fields WAIT I KNOW JUST MAKE IT HIGHER!

Capitalism is zero sum, you fucking idiot. Not everyone can have a high paying job.

I don't think you know what that term means

great. so what's your response to muh high skilled immigration. what's point of getting trained if a pajeet or chink can just undercut you?

in Canada they told us you must have secondary education to get a good job, so people went into debt thinking they could pay it off. Oops now we need to diversify our employees, while the fucking invaders don't need pay nearly as much on education.

Do try to keep in mind that poos and gooks only get jobs because their in group members get it for them. They also have a tenacity for ruining the companies they inhabit. Just another way of destroying the white man.

You DO understand the concept of capitalism, right?

It's impossible to make a profit if you're spending more money than you make, but value cannot be created, only transferred. This means that SOMEWHERE in the cost equation the owner of the means of production has to insert extra value, which is money. This money is created by "stealing" value from somewhere else. The easiest way is to take stuff for free from your environment and use it far faster than it was created. Energy trapped for million sof years in an oil well is used up in a few decades, or a tree than grew for years is burned in minutes. Failing that, you can use the energy from human labor, aka: slavery. But we don't have slavery anymore; we have workers/employees. However, if you take a moment to think about it, you'll realize that it's impossible for the employer to make a profit if he pays the worker at a rate equal or greater than the value their labor provides. So all employees will ALWAYS be selling their labor for LESS THAN IT IS WORTH. That is where the employer gains their profit margin. And that REQUIRES a system where the employer gains more money than the employees. Without that, the system doesn't exist.

Capitalism only functions if there is inequality. Someone has to be on the bottom of the fucking totem pole, and the only reason you're upset is because it's no longer slaves or blacks or migrants or women, it's YOU.

Buy lumber from home depot. Use tools and skills to construct table. Sell table to willing customer for more than the price of the raw lumber. Your labor, using your own practiced skills and craftsmanship, have created value. Christ, this is not a complicated concept.

Reread above paragraph.

Or you can use a small amount of money to buy raw materials, apply your own labor and skill to improve those raw materials in a way that is useful to people, and then sell the resulting product for more money than you bought the raw material for.
Another option is to use your skills and labor to start that chain, and harvest the raw materials yourself and sell them.

Slavery is forcing someone to work without compensation for their skills and labor. If you don't want to use slavery, you can just pay people to do work for you.

No, employees get paid for their labor exactly what their labor is worth. That is how their worth is defined. The end product is sold for whatever the product is worth to the consumer. The difference between those two values will be the profit. None of this is complicated.

Sure. That's an unnecessary statement though; there's no such thing as equality. No one is truly equal to another. Height, weight, intelligence, work ethic, upbringing, skills practiced, hours practiced, none of them will ever be identical between two people because every person is an individual, not some sort of extension from a single hivemind. It's one of the things that makes humanity beautiful.

I'm not the user you're responding to, but I strongly suspect that anyone as upset as you are about the natural order of things is actually the one on the bottom of the pecking order.

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yeah hes prob a fucking tranny

bioleninism does the ol switcharoo but instead of economic classes, its the weakest, most degenerate and naturally nonfunctioning members of society that are thrust upward at the expense of the middle. it is an unholy alliance between the top and the bottom, against the middle.

As some one who actually is a member of a union let me just say your are beyond retarded if you think it's actually that simple and straight forward in this clown world

Learn what words mean. Secondary education means high school and that's free.

Ah, that's right, because you guys beat the living shit out of anyone who tries to make a living without shmoozing up to your union bosses first or deny apprenticeships and increase 'certification' programs any fucking chance you can get, isn't that right?

Someone has to be at the bottom but chances are YOU don’t have to be there. Look around at all the lazy unmotivated people making it work. You can do better than some of them at least.

Sorry, I didn't catch what the value was? It sounds like the wood store is now down wood (where did they even get that wood from anyway?) and now all we have is some shitty table?

Capitalism has never created value and it never will, but feel free to wear yourself out trying

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Sounds like your shitty advice will just earn him a bunch of tools and a shitty table he can't sell.

Mate aprenticeships are fucking hard to deal with since you get paid so fucking low
t. apprentice in his 3rd year

Fuck off you anti worker desk jockey shit cunt who claims to represent the proles, go fuck yourself with your pious dildo

Anons, it's an example demonstrating how skills and labor can create value by producing things that people want from raw materials that people don't want. It isn't life advice to be followed to the letter.
You have had enough schooling to understand abstractions, right?

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Oh boy, now that liberals destroyed their children's prospects for jobs they make lists of where to send their spawn to vote the same way they did and create new unlivable hellholes.

Don't bother, you're talking to someone who wants things handed to him. My father was an orphan on the streets, today he runs his own business making 150 grand salary doing something he loves. The American Dream is real, it's just not for lazy and unimaginative idiots like the guy you're responding to.

You forgot one very important one
Thank you for making self employment equal to million and billion dollar corporations. Can't have those self employed goy becoming wealthy.

litterally the entirity of new york state is unlivable with the property taxes

So, sit there and whine about your lack of skills, motivation and/or creativity.

Rembrandt was a capitalist. So was Van Gogh. So was DaVinci. So was Stickley… and on and on and on. But, none of them were jealous, envious little incels who bitched and cried for other people to give up their work and labor, to become SLAVES to pay for their gimmedats.

It's not just the property taxes.

How can apprenticeships work in a society that requires job market flexibility? Are you basically stuck in that as a career because of the timesink you have to put into it (e.g., some states I've noticed that it's longer to become a master electrician than it is to get a PhD in electrical engineering)? How do you even get an apprenticeship?