Many missing as migrant boat sinks off Tunisia

At least 80 migrants are feared dead after a boat capsized off the coast of Tunisia.

Four people were rescued from the inflatable vessel - which sank in waters near the town of Zarzis - but one died later in hospital, reports said.

The three Malians who were rescued said that they had set out from Zuwara in Libya.

The country is the main departure point for migrants hoping to reach Europe.

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This is a joyous occasion! I will light many fireworks in celebration!

In what way is that sort of thinking not just an elaborate form of suicide?


Additionally, most of them are almost certainly unable to swim. Hmm. Maybe we all should get to Europe and make sure these boats are 'sufficiently seaworthy'.

Oh no, that sucks!

Finally some good news.

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Thanks, Neptune!

Are they really missed though?

I'm sure Soros is throwing a fit, demanding gibs for 'search and rescue'.


Soros is founding a new think tank with the brothers Koch, called the Quincy institute, nominally to oppose wars.

What a shame.

Hey they have a black little mermaid now. Maybe she can help

Do we really "fear" that they are dead? Nah.

lets all start an NGO that sends rafts that after a few hours dissolve in salt water to these countries. 'cause we all want to help