Is Chronic Pain a Reason for Medical Marijuana?

The Medical Marijuana Program Board of Physicians made five additions last month to the list of eligible conditions,
but put off a decision on chronic pain.

Board member Deepak Cyril D'Souza, a psychiatry professor at Yale University School of Medicine, opposes adding chronic pain, calling it a "very broad and poorly defined clinical entity."

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stoners were all abused and fucked up neglected teens, makes sense they would all have chronic pain

Just legalize it already

I can't figure out if legalized weed would help me make more money or less. Also, chronic pain is a blanket bs term.

chronic pain is any pain that lasts more than 3 months after injury or surgery, pretty much.
It's broad for a reason because it's supposed to be broad and as for treating it with marijuana, often it's more effective than regular painkillers. Sometimes nerve pain is treated with certain anticonvulsants too.

It creates jobs and boosts the economy and weed isn't really harmful unless you smoke heavily when under 22 when your brain is still developing.

chronic pain seems probably linked to your diet. Also I question the effects of early weed use before 21. How would you even study that?

no it's not, it's just stoner piece of shits being their piece of shit selves.
there is literally no eeason to use that crap for any "reason" when much better/stronger alternative exists, but those don't give you the kind of whoozie those slacking pieces of shit are looking for.
just beat the shit out of stonners, whenever one make the mistake of getting caught in your radar, when they are under influence, they have no reflexes, no coordination to speak off, and probably can't even be considered a reliable witness in their own defense.

put a cap in every junkie and their apologists.
worked wonder in the philippines.

I didn't know Pfizer shilled here.

CDB is the chemical in weed that is used for treating pain and it doesn't get you high. you can get it in it's pure form.
THC is the chemical that gets you stoned.

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Partially true. CBD doesn't get you stoned but is also much less effective at treating pain. Like maybe 30% of THC.

t. Multiple spinal fractures.

The plant has a wide range of symptoms;

Finding a mental baseline after a long work day.

A tendency to get a good night sleep even in users with insomnia
Increased appetite.

Withdrawal relief.

Reducing nausea and headache.

Relieving muscle pain and soreness after a workout or from an existing injury.

Clears up general anxiety with regular use.

Helps tune out little children and partners while still being able to function.

Activation of the endo-canninnoid receptors in the brain.
The same receptors that usually take up to an hour to trigger with continuous jogging; allowing for a smooth and enjoyable work out session.

It can also be used recreationally as;
A potent aphrodisiac.
A celebratory item.
A communal tradition.
A lame-ass hallucinogen.
A booster to any other drug.

Only negative side effects which are typically a result of over use especially in regards to new users;
Varying levels of dizziness; which may lead to temporary nausea and vomiting.
Confusion or forgetfulness and short term memory loss.
A slower reaction speed and slugglish movements.
A lack of appetite.

However all negative symptoms are observed in other sedatives too a far greater extent then in marijuana in my experience.

I don't think I need to explain all the commercial applications or that they are typically of a higher value when compared to other less competitive resources with the same applications in the market.

Marijuana is a good reason to smoke marijuana. Next

Oh, look. One of the million einsteins who speaks with authority from only his anecdotal experience with no evidence or verifiable credentials. Welcome to 8ch is everyone

Don't treat your pain with mary jane, use our (((opioids)))!

It a good stand in for nothing but come on now, it wouldn't even help you get over a sun burn

I guess yes, it should be legalized for medical purposes only! Marijuana is a proven treatment for a variety of medical conditions. It helps sleeping diorders, stress, it relieves pain from chemotherapy. More info by link

Pot isn’t a good fix for chronic pain. I have a service related back injury that affects me 24/7. Painkillers make it much more tolerable to live with. Weed makes a lot of things more enjoyable, even when I’m in pain, but it doesn’t make the pain go away. It also isn’t tolerated by my employer or (for now) the cops and it costs a lot more than Vicodin, which my doctor is a pussy about because he thinks I’m going to OD or sell it on the street.

I’m all for researching medical weed as long as it isn’t a distraction to fixing the opiate problem, because opiates work and weed is just weed. But I am sure there are plenty of people for whom it’s an effective alternative.

Fucking thank you. Not only is it more effective but it's not nearly as harmful as opiates and shit.

Under negatives your forgot "reduces motivation/competitiveness" and "increases tolerance of bullshit"

Only faggots use weed as a crutch to not be motivated or do anything productive.

It will make the pain go away as long as you’re willing to become dependent on a narcotic like some nigger

If you know nothing about marijuana maybe don’t weigh in with your technical opinions regarding its use.

CBD opens up more potential for THC to have its effects, so both are vital for the pain relieving experience that weed produces. CBD alone only provides general muscle relaxation.

I'm a scaffolder with a blown out back. I've had a failed surgery. Medical marijuana keeps me swinging a hammer. It keeps me swinging a hammer without opiates or pain killers which wreck my stomach forcing me to take stomach medication too.
I can still do incredibly heavy work. I can do it while keeping nerve pain managed as a blown back comes with nerve damage.
I'm a dual passport holder of Australia and Canada. Canada allows me to manage pain without being a junkie. Australia will make me a criminal……
Medical marijuana kept me in my trade. Now I own my own business.
Thank god for marijuana. I can keep a roof over my head and feed my family.

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Perhaps you need to explore the medMJ options more fully. I do agree that it doesn't take pin away as fully as other options. Those other options created more negative side effects than MedMJ.

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I lift heavy steel all day long. Chances are I'd break you in half.

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Have you tried gabapentin or lyrica? 2 or 3 grams of gabapentin with weed is one of the best highs ever and its ability to kill pain is stunning. In high enough doses you whole body gets numb.

Do yourself a favor. Go find someone who’s addicted to heroin, meth, or cocaine; and ask them what the words “addiction” and “dependency” mean. Find someone for whom a drug is more important than dignity or survival, who thinks about their next score more than anything else in life.

You will not be able to have this discussion with a “pot addict.”

weed is psychologically addctive and makes you ignore parts of your life that you should confront
t. stoner

I wish, because of opioids being sold by drug dealers the only way to get on opioids for more than 2 months *IS* drug dealers.

Addicts of any kind are still addicts. Coffee and sugar addicts are just as degenerate as heroin and meth fags

Yeah you don’t know shit. You’re basing your opinions of what you imaginf the world is and not by what you can see and hear and touch.

Your opinions are as useless to us as facts are to you.

Try harder kiddo

I don’t know. Maybe read some medical journals or Wikipedia pages. Or ask practically anyone on the street whether it's more difficult to quit cigarettes or pot? Or just generally open your eyes?

but why would everyone be in pain?

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It doesn't actually help with pain. It dissociates you, so you just care less about the pain.

Would your average coffee drinker start searching garbage cans for half-finished cups of coffee when they're jonesing? Would your average sugar addict suck a dozen cocks for a Snickers?

Yes its-a good-a reason, right?
It's-a not-a-gonna work-a MrAnderson

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