Toddler who fell 150ft to her death from cruise ship ‘after grandfather lost balance and dropped her

This is the 18 month-old girl who fell to her death from her grandfather’s arms as they stood on the 11th deck of a huge cruise ship. Chloe Wiegand was remembered by mother Kimberly Schultz Wiegand on Facebook after she fell 150 feet to her death from the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship onto a concrete dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico Sunday afternoon. Another picture on Wiegand’s Facebook page shows the 18 month-old, who was from South Bend in Indiana, being held by an older boy in front of a Freedom of the Seas banner.

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I can't even imagine facing my kid after doing something like that.

Boomers are not even hiding it anymore

This is truly awful but not a news story.

This is WAY faster than boomers usually take to kill their descendants - usually they like to live off their taxes for a while, first.

Piece of shit boomer won't even have the decency to kill himself. I hope Shaniqua slowly starves him to death in the nursing home.

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That sucks. Imagine being that grandfather. How do you look the father and mother in the eyes after this?

"whoopsie, butterfingers"


It is pretty bad. But a lot of women choose to have their child killed while its still inside her. That must be far worse than accidentally killing a kid thats not inside you.

Incompetence or carlessness is preferable to maliciousness, I agree.

A fetus is not a child

"grandpa" is probably a nigger and deserves the noose

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What the grandpa dropped, and what thots have killed on purpose on an industrial scale both seem to match the definition of a child to me.

"Boomer"… anecdotal accident is exceptionally anecdotal

Props to E. Michael Jones. Great guy.

Well, at least no more second thoughts on who gets his inheritance.


It would have grown up to support the regime and be a nigger and Jew lover

planned parenthood is population control and…..don't trust old shaky people with alzheimer's to carry a baby you lazy twits save time money and eugenics costs….

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Kill yourself roastie whore bitch

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Fuck off with your D&C bullshit, it's so obvious it's retarded. Of course you may be the one idiot that actually thinks generalizing an entire group of their own race is a legitimately good idea, what with Jews having used the exact D&C tactic to collapse western society and all. You literally glow in the dark. Fuck off!!

Wow snowniggers are busy today. This entire thread is to D&C against white people in the 1950s. The moment I see this many attacks on boomers I know its a fed thread and it's time to leave. I will NOT attack an entire subset of my own people. Snowniggers.

The kid was being held up by the grandfather on a glassed-in observation deck and reached out to bang on the window like babies do. Then she fell, and he fell forward as well, as the two of them realized they happened to be standing in front of the only missing window panel on that deck. He just happened to be tall enough to be standing on the floor and not topple out after her. There's a picture of the missing window in the linked article. Other sources explain this a little more thoroughly.

Yes, it must have been pretty stupid of him not to realize he was looking into an empty hole instead of a pane of glass but maybe not… I've been in skyscrapers where it really looks like there's no glass in the hole and they probably couldn't feel the sea air because of all the nasty tourist funk that was hotboxing that observation deck.

An awfully sad news story. It's small scale news - nukes and wars are big time news. This is still news, but small scale news, even though it's very tragic.


Actually the baby landed on concrete instead of water if you read the story.

Damn I came off rude. Wasn't intentional.

A cluster of cells is NOT a child
It may as well be getting rid of a jellyfish

Once again, this proves babies don’t float.

Hard to float (or sink for that matter) on solid concrete. The baby was not dropped on water.

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I smell a lawsuit incoming.

After a fall of 150 feet, whether it was water or concrete makes absolutely no difference other than whether or not the corpse gets wet.

If you look at humans in a reductive way we are all just a cluster of cells.

Honestly, if it was me, I would throw all of the dinner plates and glass from the funeral at him dare he step one foot in there while yelling: “Get Out of my life before I shoot you and fuck your hell-bound corpse! Get Out Now!!!”

I’d make sure he dies alone for killing my kid. The only way you can drop him from a boat is if you’re an irresponsible dick-choking cunt.

I didn't, a dead baby isn't a story.
Also, a hundred and fifty foot onto concrete?
yeah, that kid went splosh.
There was probably splashback.

This is a cops family. Fuck snitches that whole bloodline is a bunch rats. The baby was going to be a police supporter so fuck it.

Id stomp that infant knowing it belonged to a cop if i could get away with it.

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There is a reason for the recall.