Ashlee Baracy Calls Out Body Shamers

Former Miss America contestant Ashlee Baracy is used to being judged on her appearance. But Baracy, who is now a TV meteorologist in Ohio, was in no way prepared for what happened after she announced her pregnancy on-air in February.

“It started with comments like, ‘I thought your face looked fuller,’” Baracy told TODAY Style. As the WBNS anchor's pregnancy progressed, the remarks became more vicious. “Someone warned me that I was gaining too much weight and to ‘watch my heart,’ and another said I was covering up temperatures on the weather map during my broadcasts.”

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Poor little weatherthot

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so basically people think she's getting fat, could have just said "im preggers", and instead it's turned into another shitshow?
or is it just angry old femishits who hate the idea that their own vajayjay doesn't work anymore?

Well, more like people thought that her being pregnant meant it was okay to say "oh, you looked like you were putting on weight! That explains why," and didn't realize that pregnant women are extra emotional and sensitive, even when they have an excuse for their appearance (it's irrelevant if the excuse is valid).

don't read your email, disable your twitter, don't have any contact with the 'viewers', don't make yourself the centre of attention if you don't want attention.
not all women become fat pigs when they are pregnant either, but this one treats it as unavoidable.

then why do asians not suffer from this condition?
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If you weren't ashamed of your body you couldn't be shamed about it.

wow this is news- how?

When did whitey become so thin skinned?

fat bitch

it's news because she is a fat bitch that needs moar shaming

she made a career out of receiving compliments based on her looks
and now she expects the people that gave her a job based on looks not to criticize her? that's just plain stupid.


Wasn't aware you get pregnant in your chin and face too. The real problem here is contests like Miss America setting unrealistic examples.

Sounds like this bitch is just mad she's not as fuckable as she used to be and doesn't want to put the effort into actually getting back into shape. If she didn't want to be criticized, why the fuck does she have a job in the TELEVISION NEWS MEDIA? fucking retard level women logic.

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Sayaka Mori a best meteorologist hands down

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Our weather girl got pregnant and no one gave a shit other than going "damn, looks like she's gonna pop soon" when she was getting close to the end. Then again, she was slim and didn't have a double chin like this chick so it was obvious she wasn't just getting fat.

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