Surveillance Video Captures Person Digging up, Taking Flowers

McManis is an accountant and maintenance man for Arctic Circle Enterprises. He takes pride in his work around the building on the corner of Spenard Road and Wyoming Drive in Anchorage.
In the past two weeks, surveillance video captured a woman pulling up and digging up a few of the flowers at the front of the building.
He said 36 hours later, another video captures a man and a woman who appeared to be yelling at one another. The surveillance tape then shows the woman pulling flowers out and throwing them on the ground.
He said on Sunday morning, another woman pulls up and digs up flowers to take with her.

“We’ll have none left if this keeps up,” he said

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Nobody at Zig Forums has covered Ross Perot's death?

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lol as if I would dedicate time to anything like that without getting paid. I was on Jim's payroll for a year, getting money put on my PayPal just to cause disruptions on another board.

I'm surprised you don't realize that you can easily negotiate a paycheck for what you're doing.

AND ?…. the Perot story deserves at least a couple good threads….

His life story was AMAZING, and yesterday we lost a true American hero.

Unlike Trump, Perot wasn't a coward, or a terrible businessman, or a liar, or an adulterer, or an embarrassing illiterate moron.

DALLAS (AP) — H. Ross Perot, the colorful, self-made Texas billionaire who rose from a childhood of Depression-era poverty and twice ran for president as a third-party candidate, has died. He was 89.

Perot, whose 19% of the vote in 1992 stands among the best showings by an independent candidate in the past century, died early Tuesday at his home in Dallas surrounded by his devoted family, family spokesman James Fuller said.

As a boy in Texarkana, Texas, Perot delivered newspapers from the back of a pony. He earned his billions in a more modern way, however — by building Electronic Data Systems Corp., which helped other companies manage their computer networks.

Yet the most famous event in his career didn’t involve sales and earnings; he financed a private commando raid in 1979 to free two EDS employees who were being held in a prison in Iran. The tale was turned into a book and a movie.

Perot first became known to Americans outside of business circles by claiming that the U.S. government left behind hundreds of American soldiers who were missing or imprisoned at the end of the Vietnam War. Perot fanned the issue at home and discussed it privately with Vietnamese officials in the 1980s, angering the Reagan administration, which was formally negotiating with Vietnam’s government.

Perot’s wealth, fame and confident prescription for the nation’s economic ills propelled his 1992 campaign against President George H.W. Bush and Democratic challenger Bill Clinton. Some Republicans blamed him for Bush’s lost to Clinton as Perot garnered the largest percentage of votes for a third-party candidate since former President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1912 bid.

During the campaign, Perot spent $63.5 million of his own money and bought up 30-minute television spots. He used charts and graphs to make his points, summarizing them with a line that became a national catchphrase: “It’s just that simple.”

Perot’s second campaign four years later was far less successful. He was shut out of presidential debates when organizers said he lacked sufficient support. He got just 8% of the vote, and the Reform Party that he founded and hoped to build into a national political force began to fall apart.

However, Perot’s ideas on trade and deficit reduction remained part of the political landscape. He blamed both major parties for running up a huge federal budget deficit and letting American jobs to be sent to other countries. The movement of U.S. jobs to Mexico, he said, created a “giant sucking sound.”

Sounds like he is pushing up daisies now.

what a clever statement

Perot continued to speak out about federal spending for many years. In 2008, he launched a website to highlight the nation’s debt with a ticker that tracked the rising total, a blog and a chart presentation.

Henry Ross Perot was born in Texarkana on June 27, 1930. His father was a cotton broker; his mother a secretary. Perot said his family survived the Depression relatively well through hard work and by managing their money carefully.

Young Perot’s first job was delivering papers in a poor, mostly black part of town from his pony, Miss Bee. Perot said when the newspaper tried to cut his commission, he complained to the publisher — and won. He said he learned to take problems straight to the top.

From Texarkana, Perot went to the U.S. Naval Academy even though he had never been on a ship or seen the ocean. After the Navy, Perot joined International Business Machines in 1955 and quickly became a top salesman. In his last year at IBM, he filled his sales quota for the year in January.

In 1962, with $1,000 from his wife, Margot, Perot founded Electronic Data Systems. Hardware accounted for about 80% of the computer business, Perot said, and IBM wasn’t interested in the other 20%, including services.

Many of the early hires at EDS were former military men, and they had to abide by Perot’s strict dress code — white shirts, ties, no beards or mustaches — and long work days. Many had crew cuts, like Perot.

The company’s big break came in the mid-1960s when the federal government created Medicare and Medicaid, the health programs for seniors, the disabled and the poor. States needed help in running the programs, and EDS won contracts — starting in Texas — to handle the millions of claims.

EDS first sold stock to the public in 1968, and overnight, Perot was worth $350 million. His fortune doubled and tripled as the stock price rose steadily.

In 1984, he sold control of the company to General Motors Corp. for $2.5 billion and received $700 million in a buyout. In 2008, EDS was sold to Hewlett-Packard Co.

Perot went on to establish another computer-services company, Perot Systems Corp. He retired as CEO in 2000 and was succeeded by his son, Ross Perot Jr. In 2009, Dell Inc. bought Perot Systems.

The problem is nobody knows who Ross Perot is.
He is the guy who got calculators into American schools. He was a good guy.

Lol @ nobody knows


a generation of young faggots who can't get laid because they play videogames and have no testicles don't know

Perot went on to establish another computer-services company, Perot Systems Corp. He retired as CEO in 2000 and was succeeded by his son, Ross Perot Jr. In 2009, Dell Inc. bought Perot Systems.

In September 2011, Forbes magazine estimated Perot’s wealth at $3.5 billion and ranked him No. 91 on its list of richest Americans.

Perot was not immune to mistakes in business. His biggest might have been a 1971 investment in duPont Glore Forgan, then one of the biggest brokerage houses on Wall Street. The administration of President Richard Nixon asked Perot to save the company to head off an investor panic, and he also poured money into another troubled brokerage, Walston & Co., but wound up losing much of his $100 million investment.

It was during the Nixon administration that Perot became involved in the issue of U.S. prisoners of war in Southeast Asia. Perot said Secretary of State Henry Kissinger asked him to lead a campaign to improve treatment of POWs held in North Vietnam. Perot chartered two jets to fly medical supplies and the wives of POWs to Southeast Asia. They were not allowed into North Vietnam, but the trip attracted enormous media attention.

After their release in 1973, some prisoners said conditions in the camps had improved after the failed missions.

In 1979, the Iranian government jailed two EDS executives and Perot vowed to win their release.

“Ross came to the prison one day and said, ‘We’re going to get you out,'” one of the men, Paul Chiapparone, told The Associated Press. “How many CEOs would do that today?”

Perot recruited retired U.S. Army Special Forces Col. Arthur “Bull” Simons to lead a commando raid on the prison. A few days later, the EDS executives walked free after the shah’s regime fell and mobs stormed the prison. Simons’ men sneaked the executives out of the country and into Turkey. The adventure was recalled in Ken Follett’s best-selling book “On Wings of Eagles” and a TV miniseries.

In later years, Perot pushed the Veterans Affairs Department to study neurological causes of Gulf War syndrome, a mysterious illness reported by many soldiers who served in the 1991 Persian Gulf war. He scoffed at officials who blamed the illnesses on stress — “as if they are wimps” — and paid for additional research.

Perot received a special award from the VA for his support of veterans and the military in 2009.

In Texas, Perot led commissions on education reform and crime. He was given many honorary degrees and awards for business success and patriotism.

While he worked at Perot Systems in suburban Dallas, entire hallways were filled with memorabilia from soldiers and POWs that Perot had helped. His personal office was dominated by large paintings of his wife and five children and bronze sculptures by Frederic Remington.

Several original Norman Rockwell paintings hung in the waiting area, and Perot once told a visiting reporter that he tried to live by Rockwell’s ethics of hard, honest work and family.

that's THE weakest thread you could've possibly copied and pasted

i want honorary degrees, and an honorary doctorate too.
then my life wouldn't be so fucked up

Perot was a 5 foot tall BADASS who wasn't afraid of anything

He was a military hero who joined while underage, and single-handedly saved a platoon by carrying his wounded fellow warriors to safety while under fire, but he wanted no medals or recognition.

When he got out of the service, he married his high school sweetheart, and borrowed $10,000 from her father, and turned it into 3.5 BILLION.

Perot was everything Trump isn't…..

Perot was brave as shit, smart as fuck, a war hero, a devoted husband and father, a business genius, a Maverick, and a true American hero

Yesterday, we lost the last of his kind

you can kiss his ass all you want….. he's not gonna give you any of his money

Ross Perot got a job at IBM and became their top salesman. One day, he approached the president of IBM and offered a suggestion:

He told him that everybody could have their own personal computer…..

The president of IBM replied, "there are 5 computers on earth, and that's 4 more than we need"

So Ross Perot told him, "Well, I quit!"

and he started his own corporation.

Congratulations on the 'being SUCH AN UNEDUCATED IDIOT that you thought Ross Perot was involved with Texas Instruments' thing.

He had NOTHING to do with pocket calculators

So, i guess you've made it very clear that you are uneducated AND broke……..

how 'unexpected'

Who would've ever thought a child with a videogame controller in his hands would have become a lonely adult male with no girlfriend, uneducated, and broke, sitting on his ass in a homo imageboard, unemployed, and complaining about not having money?

At least this worthless thread about flowers wasn't a complete waste after all……..

At least today you learned something…..

and YES…… you read it correctly……

Ross Perot was the first one to pitch the PERSONAL COMPUTER

Yesterday, we lost A REAL-LIFE AMERICAN HERO

If Ross Perot were alive today, he'd take one quick glance at you, squint his eye, and out of the corner of his mouth in his legendary Texas twang, he'd tell you what an effeminate, lazy, sedentary slob you are, that you're a sorry excuse for a man, and that you created all of your own problems because you're too much of a pussy to fight for something, and you have no dedication too hard work or family.

THEN, as always, he would pat you on the back and give you a reassurance that you weren't necessarily a bad person, and that you CAN turn your life around, but you're going to have to get off your ass first.

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In 1992, Perot warned America about ALL of the bad things that were about to happen….

and they all DID happen……………

He was our last chance to get our shit together, to eliminate the national debt, to stop being dependent on OPEC oil, to restore our economy, to fix our societal problems, to stop the lobbyist system in Washington, to put the pharmaceutical industry in check, to get rid of all of them Washington fat cats and their pork barrel deals, insider hustling and trading, to stop pretending like we are the world's Police department, and to fix our problems here at home…..

Ross Perot never wanted to be president.

The entire thing started when he was being interviewed on the Larry King show about his life story (which is nothing short of amazing)

A viewer called in, and asked Ross Perot why doesn't he run for president… Perot laughed it off.

Then the next caller said the same thing, and the next caller, and the next caller, and finally at the end of the show he looked in the camera and said he didn't want to be president, but if the American people wanted him to run, they could start the grassroots movement and show they were serious, and then he WOULD run, for them…..

As an independent candidate, when he reached 39% in the polls (he was leading) the political system machine realized what a serious threat he was to their corruption…..

That's when the CIA and the government began smearing him and brainwashing the masses with planted blurbs on TV about how 'he was crazy', and how voting for Ross Perot would be a wasted vote….

The American public were so stupid, that this technique actually worked…..

He had truly Maverick ideas…..

He proposed going through the housing projects across America, door to door, and having law enforcement sweep all of the apartments for drugs and guns, and arrest everybody who was in violation of the law, effectively cutting off the bloods and crips and gangster disciples at their ankles.

When Democrats and Republicans tried to capitalize on it by saying it was unconstitutional to do sweeps on ghetto public housing, he correctly explained that there was nothing illegal about it because the ghetto public housing is paid for by the American taxpayer, and it's property of the United States government….

I can actually understand why Trump voters thought they were doing the right thing by voting for Trump…..

It's because most of them were too young and too stupid to remember Ross Perot…..

They actually thought Donald Trump represented the same thing that Ross Perot represented…..

But Donald Trump is a coward, who was too afraid to serve his country in the military, too stupid to gain a real Education (Trump's lawyers threatened legal action if any of his schools showed his grades) and Donald Trump is a SHITTY businessman, who never actually operated an honestly successful business, and was flat broke when Mark Burnett pitched The Apprentice to him. Trump has never put in a single day of hard work in his entire life.

And unlike Trump, Ross Perot wasn't an illiterate loudmouth showboat, and he wasn't an unfaithful husband and distant father.

In fact, Perot said Trump is the stupidest, most embarrassing unknowledgeable excuse for a president this country has ever had

In 1979 the Iranians took hundreds of Americans hostage.

While the American government and military dragged their feet, Ross Perot put together a team of ex-special forces mercenaries, and he said he would never ask those men to do emission that he wasn't willing to do himself, so he also suited up in tactical gear, and they flew helicopters into the compound, raided the facility, located and rescued the hostages who worked for his company, and escaped from the compound without a single person being injured or killed on either side….

And hours later, he stood on the tarmac of an airport in Turkey, where he had flown the family members in to reunite with their husbands and fathers…..

Can you imagine fat slob Donald Trump suiting up in tactical gear and going along for the mission to rescue men from an Iranian revolutionary guard prison?

That would be almost as embarrassing as watching Steven seagal pretend like he was a badass….



Its fair to say that if you can watch Perot, and you're not fascinated by his bravery, honesty, directness, politeness, knowledge, experience and professionalism… then you're a fucking idiot.

Thanks for the info/clips Johnny! I've been learning a lot about Ross all morning getting ready for work. In that Al Gore debate it was cool to see him using all those visual aids to help prove his point.

Perot was really quite a shining example of self-control, dedication, fearlessness and good old fashioned common sense.

He was like a grandfather who comes out on the back porch to break up a squabble between his two grandkids…

And instead of whipping their hides with a switch, he teaches them about fairness and unity, then takes them camping for the weekend.

I salute you, Mr. Perot

and have a good day at work, sir !!

one of my favorite Ross Perot moments was during the presidential debates, where he stood onstage, looked Bill Clinton directly in the eyes, and said "why don't you tell them about all the ampules of methamphetamine you've been having delivered to your personal physician in the [Arkansas] Governor's Mansion?"

Bill Clinton got dead quiet, and the moderator quickly tried to deflect the moment by switching questions.

Perot would have never asked such a direct specific question if he didn't KNOW FOR A FACT that it was true.

Guess which one WASN'T a lying piece of shit?

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Hey man if you can find a clip of that I'd love to see it, I searched for it but couldn't find anything.

How come you don't post on here much anymore? The threads are boring without you.

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?? For you Ross!??
We will spread your truth all the further

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