Idaho Defies Correlation Between Gun Ownership and Gun Deaths

Generally, states with a higher rate of gun-ownership see a higher rate of firearm deaths. But Idaho is an outlier.

According to data compiled by CBS, the top five states with the highest rates of gun ownership are:

When compared to data on firearm deaths from the CDC, there is some correlation with gun ownership. Alaska’s firearm death rate in 2017 was 24.3 deaths per 100,000 people, the highest of any state.

But something that sticks out like a sore thumb in the data is Idaho. While Idaho is third in the country for the most gun ownership, it is 16 on the list for firearm-related deaths, according to data from the CDC.

The difference wouldn’t be so glaring if the other states with high gun-ownership weren’t also states with the highest firearm-related deaths. For example, Alaska has both the highest gun-ownership rate and the highest rate of firearm-related deaths.

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Idaho is mostly farmlands and rural communities, some native reservations, a few resort cities like Couer d’Alene, colleges towns, and heavily religious cities like Rexburg. The only populations dense enough to have crime areas are the capital Boise, and a few cities with meth problems from Montana and California such as Twin Falls or Idaho Falls.
Really its a population of people that are peaceful and love the outdoors. Most gun owners are hobbyists or hunters.

It is a % figure. I think it is because of the conservative nature of Idahoans as a whole.
There is not a big drug problem in Idaho either.
Like some of the other states.

remember, alchol addiction is huge problem in native Alaskan people

That is with all Native American populations.
The reason is they are not genetically compatible with alcohol. That is a good thing by the way.
It is good to be an Indian. You don't need to shave, and drinking makes you sick.

this is a complete falsehood

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No "urban market"? No third-world hordes?

Well duh, Gun deaths relate to Urbanisation and how many niggers there are

Now look at what the gun deaths are caused by and in each case who they're caused by.

I think we need to look at the gradient. If there are diinishing returns then the numbers in the article are presented in a way intended to mislead.

they want us to be sitting ducks while one guy takes down 50

we need lazer guns or some shit like on starwars

Recent studies suggest that having electricity in your house increases your risk of electrocution!

It's been proven time and time again.
Thousands of times that the only causal relationship between gun deaths of violence are blacks and … well just blacks.

It is true but it is misleading as the (((people))) who make the statistics also include suicides with a gun as a gun related death.

It's interesting how right-wingers will latch on to a statistic that actually proves the opposite of what they claim.
I'm guessing the other 49 states and the general trend from the stats IS that more guns=more gun deaths. It's not surprising to see a dot on a graph that is an outlier, you'll always have that. The trend is what the statistic is telling you. Actually 16th is not that great a place either, it's in the top third of gun deaths.
Why are you guys latching on to this and pointing at idaho emphatically like it proves something, when all the data actually proves is the correlation between number of guns and gun deaths?
Out of curiosity, what gun-related laws (background checks, waiting periods, cnc, etc) does Idaho have? I'd almost bet they have more sensible laws and education around guns which would account for them being slightly better in the ratio.

Lol I live in Idaho you stupid nigger. The opposite is true from what you assume. Just about everyone owns guns here and everybody is white and conservative. There's the cause of your low crime stats.

Idaho has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the entire country. You do not even need a CCW permit to conceal carry here if you are an adult Idaho resident. As far as I'm aware nothing is banned or restricted. No magazine limits or named guns/accessories which are banned. Full auto funs are A-ok. There are no waiting periods for buying guns and no special background checks beyond the normal boilerplate found everywhere in the USA.
Knife laws are similar in that you can carry literally anything as long as you open carry if its longer than a 4 inch blade
"Gun deaths" metrics are one of the most misleading statistics out there since it usually includes non-criminal deaths as part of the stats, like accidents and suicides which involved a firearm.
Idaho is probably the safest state in the US that I've ever been to.

Ok, good to know. So now that we've established Idaho is an outlier, what's the reason for why the other 49 states generally fall in line with the trend of more guns-more gun deaths? And yes, some are suicides, but murders follow that trend too.

Ok, so since you seem to want to show that one state as an outlier is somehow "proving" a point, then how do you explain Alaska? 37th highest population of blacks, 4.27% of the population, but the highest rate of gun deaths and fairly up there with gun murders, especially when you consider how sparsely populated it is, why are all these non-black people killing each other?
Guns are a problem when you're too immature to handle them. The US is like a retard when it comes guns. Other countries with high gun ownership have FAR fewer gun deaths, both accidental and murder, so what's the REAL problem? The US is just retarded when it comes to guns, too immature to deal with them and too stupid to recognize that sensible gun laws and education save lives as they do in other countries.

Alaska is also full of alcoholic subhuman Native Americans who kill each other and cause much of the crime there

Haha this is a woman. Why don't you stop forming all your political viewpoints from the feelings that come out of your vagina? Use reason and your mind while ignoring petty emotions for once in your life

More people are electrocuted in homes with electricity. That is why paleo-life is safer.

1. It's clear that they are not counting the out-of-control shootings perpetrated by a certain minority.

2. The large majority of deaths they are counting are suicides.

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Idaho (north of Boise anyway) is almost nigger free.

What about spic free?

I'm a man with a penis (rather large, almost certainly larger than yours btw)
That's what I asked you to do, but you apparently have no arguments to explain your position, or to answer my question. I win.

It's mostly suicides, you are more likely to get murdered with a kitchen knife.

"Sensible" gun laws would stop non-whites from owning guns, you traitorous faggot.

are you aware that many pro-gun people are so because they believe in life and liberty, right to defend oneself?

And that self preservation is a libertarian concept and thus perforates left-wing, right-wing, (all else entirely), ideologies?

You should be thankful that you’re a citizen of a state that grants it’s citizens such power; where I am, I’m unable to defend myself

Alaska gun deaths are probably all hunting accidents and suicides. It’s a lonely place with no women and grizzlies wandering the streets.

He is a pussy that expects (((big brother))) to protect him.

I see nothing wrong with anyone not being able to get a gun if they have a violent criminal past, or are actually mentally retarded. You know made an executive order that allowed mentally retarded people to own guns, right?

Trump didn't even look at the bill, he just saw obama's name on it and decided immediately to undo it. STABLE GENIUS HE IS! Looking out for his fellow retards as well as trumptards.

the alaska MURDER rate is among the highest, not just gun deaths in general

>(((sensible gun laws)))
Only: nonwhites can't have guns is sensible.

they have no fermentation besides tanning?

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This is why.

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The forced (((diversity))) programmes that they are running will fix that.
Can't have a "too-white" state messing up the statistics.

So what? That is irrelevant to what I said but anyhow those are terrible ideas because it gives excuses for vague and further gun laws and confiscation. Because fucks like you are so slimy you always prop up excuses for gun bans instead of dealing directly with "violent criminals."

When you say "Kill Yourself Faggot" which is common on Zig Forums. In Alaska they all have guns and are all alone and naive. They might take you serious.

I think guns are just the most convenient tool for violence. If they weren’t around we’d be trying to get rid of knives or acid or pipe bombs or whatever else was convenient and we’d keep ignoring root causes like always.

are you retarded? I said the MURDER rate was among the highest. Alaska is the state with sixth-highest murder rate as well.

So your solution is no solution, because you think any solution will result in bad solutions.
Also, you don't believe that any of the mass shooters of workplaces, schools, music festivals, etc. had any sort of mental illness. Good to know… that you're an idiot of the highest order. Right up there with trump, who thinks its a good idea to allow retards to arm themselves. STABLE GENIUS!!!!

Omg woman. “I win” no cock bearing human would ever boast like that. I can almost hear the raspberry’s your feminine face blew after saying it.

Boast was not needed, as it was already obvious that I won the argument when you replied without any answer to my challenge, instead going with juvenile insults, but you know, idiots sometimes need things explained to them.
FYI, I just want to explain (in case you still don't get it) that you still didn't give any explanations to support your claim or refute mine, so yeah, I'm still the reigning champ!

Its because Idaho doesn't have niggers, doesn't have gangs. Its one of, if not the whitest states in the union.

Why don't they look at the real statistic, the link between number of drug crimes and firearms deaths. You'll find your correlation right there.

Alaska is all suicides because of the light patterns.

It is not because of the HARP program?

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What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For..
Full HAARP Documentary

I won't assume that she is going to join Jew for the preservation of firearms ownership anytime soon.

Take out justified homicides and suicides and suddenly these rates go down even more

Idaho is probably the most empty state in the USA bar Alaska. I knew a guy when I was young, who lived in a small town; he had to ride a bus for FOUR FUCKING HOURS to get to the nearest high school, every day.