Japan Goes Back To Hunting Whales For First Time In 31 Years

The Japanese began whaling again Monday, with five whaling boats returning to the port of Kushiro with their first catch in 31 years.

Workers in blue overalls celebrated with sake as two minke whales were lifted from boats by crane and placed on the back of a truck to transport them to a portside factory for processing, The Associated Press reported.


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grorious nippon
never ever soy again


Fuck Whales.
I'm a dietary Vegan, and I say, "FUCK WHALES."
They do NOTHING besides looking cool and shit in the ocean.
Useless fucks.

Where can I order whale meat online?

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good. whales are the reason game are shitty. fucking loot boxes


Good, I'll have some whale bacon next time I'm there. It tastes great.
Go fuck yourself Greenpeace, you can munch on vegetables yourself.

This isn't a positive development. Whales are more important than Japanese culture.


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Worry more about nigger rapefugees raping and killing your own people ffs.

BS they've been legally whaling for years, they just had restrictions on the amount they could catch and as to where they could whale.

Nah, they did that under 'scientific research', while still pretending to follow regulations.

In this case they just said fuck it and revealed their power level.

Probably not the best idea to hunt K-type reproductive animals. Also, at that level of trophic placement there's bound to be a fuckload of mercury in their fatty tissue with how screwed the ocean is.

Considering how much shit China is dumping into the Pacific Oceans it's no wonder Japs are becoming infertile.

Hunt for it yourself, faggot

What the fuck does any of that have to do with whaling?

Why do Americans take pride in being retarded on painful and cringe-inducing levels? Why don't you have something that exists like, I dunno, a WHALE STEAK?

Both are infinitely more important than a PETA bitchboy/roastie like you

How fucking new are you, homo?

Hopefully the Japs realize this and start whaling for sport

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Fucking chinks

Whale bacon exists in Japan and I've eaten it before. Note the katakana saying Bacon. The hiragana part says kujira, whale.

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Goddamn that's a super specific specific term.
So Japs be like "real bacon" made from unesu.
unesu = (ridged whale meat used to make whale bacon)

lol that's what you think but whales are the 'bees' of the ocean.
without them, all the fishes and creatures from the abyss over the top will fucking die.
just like bees since bees are the pollinators on top of food chain (producers) and without them again, everyone down the food chain starves to death except marine shit.
what whales do is dive deep into the ocean since they're marine mammals they have the lungs and the fat to do that easily, carrying with them plankton that are rich with solar energy and other creatures.
and when they dive upward and do that water sprinkly shit they're also spreading plankton caught the other areas and also they're like the thing that makes your fishtank liveable but they carry with them nutrients/oxygen etc to spread all over the ocean.

now question yourself why they get shit like earthquake maybe the deities got angry so they need the shake, careful now nipponshits, going all out whaling again? not on a deities watch.

fuck you whale haters.

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Citation needed

Wait they stopped? Don't get me wrong, I just don't care for the whole "research" BS. It's food and profit. Nothing wrong with that, Nippon needs to eat too.

That sucks, whales are intelligent creatures with interesting social practices.
But I suppose it's "cool" to kill things as long as someone you don't like gets offended.

So they've decided to call it whaling again. Good for them. I expect Sea Shepherd to mobilize a response though. If I had money I'd chip in.

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Of course not. They just had to rebrand the operation as a "research" mission. Sure, as long as it's done sustainably. And with all those whales choking on plastic, washing up along the pacific coast, I'm going out on a limb and stating that it's probably not.

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