Please Don’t Be That Toxic Hate Account on Social Media

Most trolls probably didn’t start out that way, according to this Cornell research.
They developed into it—provoked by other trolls, empowered by the intoxicating power of anonymity that social media provides. (“If they’re being assholes on the internet then so will I!”) If you’re not careful, you might get sucked into the cycle of hate, so we’re leaving some tips here to lessen the bad juju online.

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Fuck you! I will be toxic whenever I god damn well feel like it!

You ignorant reddit poster! Go get legit pozzed by a muzzie rape gang.

This fool knows nothing about the popular history of the net


Hate is as real as Love, and there are those who would argue that love does not exist. How the fuck can anyone base a rational choice on irrational, subjunctive, folly? Any system of philosophy that operates on the basis of either love or hate is irrevocably irrational.

Therefore, any position either against or in favor of hate speech, "Toxic Hate Accounts" is insanity.

Surely, a rational adult can simply disregard or block a "Toxic" social media account without it effecting the integrity of their psyche.

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CIS was an inside job

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Couldn't the same be said for virtue signaling? One day you are donating time walking dogs at the shelter, the next day you are hosting ISIS refugees. And so forth.

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Virtue signaling is worse.

Doing good things is only virtue signalling if you try to turn it into social commodity, i.e. post about it a lot on social media and attract attention to how much of a good person you are. However, under information capitalism everything is commodified, so it's hard to do anything nice without it seeming like virtue signalling. Although people who post about activism a lot might also legitimately be trying to raise awareness about a social ail they dislike, and want others to join them in combatting.

You people realise that they're releasing viruses that literally pick on a few people, harm no one else, and turn them into raging maniac?

What lead you to the conclusion that the people calling for this were rational adults?

Facebook just announced that they're okay with people making death threats so long as the target is someone Facebbok doesn't like.

They've updated the language since the time of archive. But they OK'd violence against people even ACCUSED of certain crimes.

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Why do they tolerate threats of low-severity violence?
Are these people that fucking stupid to make a policy that makes no sense at all.

They think in this mindset because they hate whom they can't control.

By the msm even

I've always been a sporting troll. I've often pointed out to my opponent that he's arguing with a man who is literally trying to make him angry for the fun of it and the only way to stop me is to just ignore me until I get bored. Only one person has ever followed my advice. The rest keep trying to win a debate I don't actually care about.

Please, don't be such pussies.

This was never about toxic hate or white supremacisy. This is about our freedom to express our selves the way we want to. To make jokes how we want to and play video games how we like them. We will defend to the death our right to do so and if this makes you butt hurt because this means I say uncomfortable truths and curse.aybe instead of you telling us not to hate maybe you should grow up and respect my freedoms because I am ready to fight for them.

How is it not hateful to call someone an asshole? Isn't this chauvinism?

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hit piece article on anonymity and freedom of speech.

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it's about shutting down free speech

I hope you at least argue honestly by using facts, and possibly admit they won if they're right. That's the best sporting. Trolling someone with the truth until you or them win, making everyone smarter (including yourselves) in the process.

This gave me ptsd flashbacks to all my teachers in school who all behaved exactly like social justice warriors. Their motto was