A Man Stole a Car with Kids Inside, so The Dad and Bystanders Beat Him to Death, Cops Say

If not for heavy traffic, 54-year-old Eric Hood might have gotten away with a carjacking Thursday night.

Around 9 p.m., a mother of three pulled up outside of a Philadelphia pizza shop. She left the car running with her 7-month-old and 1- and 5-year-old children still inside while she went to see their father, who works at the restaurant.

Police told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Hood stole the Hyundai, prompting the couple to take off running behind it. Crowded roads allowed mom and dad to chase down the car and yank him from the driver’s seat.

Hood escaped their wrath, but not for long. He only got about a half block away before dad ran him down again.

The father began beating Hood. Onlookers saw what was happening and joined in.


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man NAMED "HOOD" stealing a car. dude.

He should have beaten the mother to death instead for leaving kids in the car.

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Can't blame him for being pissed, his kids almost got kidnapped.

Nothing of value was lost.

Kikes may try to charge them with murder, though. Even though their actions were completely acceptable. Can't have Goyim taking the law into their own hands, after all.

let this be a lesson. if you want justice, you need to serve that yourself. judges only prevent justice.

He should have actually checked the car first, then thrown the kids out

Damn-a that-a racist "Heavy traffic." If-a-not-a for de bigoted-a-traffic, good-a-boi "Hood" could have-a got away with-a-de car and-a-da kids.

Correct. After all one of the most powerful judges in America is a rapist drunk.

Sometimes I wish it was legal to kill people vandalizing my shit.

If hood was a jew then I'm calling pizzagate

Absolutely correct, unfortunately. The system is a fucking joke.

the digits witnesseth thyne true statement

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Finally some real justice in this jew corrupted hellhole. Learn form this humanity…KILL THE CRIMINALS!

I dunno man. Maybe stop when hes unconscious not when he's not breathing. Monkeys can't control their rage.

i dunno man maybe check the article, not just the headline

Whites can't-a-control their rage either. Take-a-note.


That’s philly for you

ITT vigilantism and lynching are legal, apparently.

Should have beaten the kids to death for bullying their parents into stopping for pizza.

Cops are kikes. Real justice comes from natural consequences.

I think he wanted the kids. No way you steal a car like that and dont notice.

Mob rule seems to generate more justice than the legal system nowadays.

Lol nice one, lefty. Niggers are still going to get slaughtered en masse, and you'll be going alongside them


You wouldn't know real justice if it hit you in the face. The courts exercise the LAW, not justice. The law is rarely fair.

In most of the USA lethal force is justified if you witness a crime that threatens someone’s life. Even property in some cases. In Philadelphia it’s not beyond reasonable doubt that someone stealing your car with your kids in it might do something horrible to the kids.

It kinda is legal.


While the suspect had what was coming, who the fuck leaves their kids in a running vehicle beside Maddie's?

Isn't it great going from a cohesive, high-trust society where you can have nice things, to one in which having your kids or property unattended for 30 seconds attracts third-world sociopaths?

Look to South Africa, Rhodesia, or Brazil for our future. A checklist of preventative measures before every trip out of your compound, to avoid being #diversified.

Reactionary and fascist movements are doomed from their outset, I only pity you, I don't fear you. It's especially telling that your comment is said in defense of a jewish overlord rapist, who you hilariously find yourself compelled to defend because of his bourgeois-ness.

Quick, name a stable communist, socialist, or even "social democracy" state.

Plot twist: you immediately thought of cohesive, high-trust ethnostates, and are therefore a racist.

Good riddance. The people who kicked that criminal to death are heroes

Justice is nothing but a meme. It's just revenge in a nice suit. There is nothing even handed or fair about murdering a man who stole your car and children after you've retrieved your property. I'm sure it felt great though. After all, bad man do bad thing, bad man deserve get punched and kicked to die. Kill all bad man. Grr, me hate bad man. Me smash.

people now don't realise what it was like just a few decades ago, and what it would still be like now if civilisation hadn't been flooded with third world savages.

is this a larp
you cultist freaks all sound identical, as in your posts sound like you are reading from a cult manual.
seriously, are you even aware of it.
how long have you been like this.

Except the fact you have prevented the criminal from repeating his criminal act on another innocent person.

If you steal a car, that's already enough for you to be beaten to death with a barbed bat. With kids inside? This guy got off easy. Should've locked him up for child abduction and have his ass raped every day in prison.

What color was the criminal?

and what color was the "mob?"

I suspect they were both black; because black people don't suffer niggers easily like white people do.

Vigilantism is not acceptable. Make a citizens arrest, don't beat people to death. You sound like an angry feminist.

Fucking hilarious how much you guys project. I would expect nothing less from a group of troglodytes who spend their days canvassing social media to promote economic policies equivalent to sucking billionaire oligarch cock just because they think that’s the only way to preserve white Christian culture. Pathetic.

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change your tampon dude

this pasta posting is everywhere. lame, cringe and gay

You must be such a nice person!

You're wrong, kidnapping children is definitely worth being beaten to death by a mob. You don't know what fair justice is.

Just about everyplace you go the mob is going to beat them to death. Peopel are always going to beat them up.

It was an entirely legitimate citizen's arrest. Followed by a citizen's court, jury discussion, sentencing and execution. All legal, you filthy yid.


natural and right, I hope no-one goes to prison industrial complex

he dindu nuffin

Anybody complaining about this man's death is probably a bandito themselves.

Man was caught red handed abducting a child.

Anybody that stupid might as well die; the act itself forfeited any rightful protection.

Hope he died slowly, they say you can repent on your death-bed if you're quick.