Ocasio-Cortez Swears Herself in at Capitol, Repeats ‘Toilet Drinking’ Claims

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) testified Friday on Capitol Hill about what she witnessed during her recent tour of Border Patrol immigrant detention centers and volunteered to swear herself in before repeating claims that women migrants were told to drink water from toilets.

Appearing before the House Oversight Committee, the far-left freshman congresswoman asked to be put under oath, prompting a confused panel chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) to remind her the move was not necessary.

“We usually don’t require a swearing-in, but you want to be sworn in?” Cummings asked.

“Yes,” Ocasio-Cortez replied solemnly.

During the course of her testimony, Ocasio-Cortez reiterated many of the allegations she and other Democrats made in recent weeks about the conditions of detention centers and treatment of migrants. Among the claims, the 29-year-old said she still believes border patrol agents told women in one facility to drink toilet water.

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That is the face of a lying bitch.

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The woman is distilled crazy, what were you expecting from her?

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Implying people never lie under oath.

AOC was paid to be in Office .. Figure it out all ready … Here is the asshole who paid for Her..
Wake up people and deal with this.

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"I know, I'll demand to be under oath so that I can lie and everyone will have to believe me…"
This bitch is a sly rat

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Pretty ballsy. Cant wait to see how this plays out



Alright ill cut thr crap how do i vote for her?

As long as somebody with a less ethnic sounding name, doesn't run against her in the 2020 primaries. She will win. The Democrat primary elections are the defacto general elections in her congressional district that covers Brooklyn and some of Queens. She won because of her name.

This is what drinking from a detention center toilet means. She is politicking, just like the photo op of her crying while looking into an empty parking lot.

picture time

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you actually doubt that an inmate told her this?

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People that are lying go thru qualifiers like this to feign credibility. Low IQ dumbfucks see shit like this as valid.

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And what about all the times (((she's))) been caught lying?
Even if this is true, I don't give a fuck. Still cleaner water than in Mexico.

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So the same exact toilet/sink system in millions of jail/prison cells?

Offended he called out anti-American traitor who deserves the punishment treason calls for?

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what the fuck with the crazy eyes and the fucked up teeth?

is there anything about malicious intent, or purposefull misleading in US law?
legalese dealing with con-artist shenanigans could (probably) yield something.

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So…drinking from a sink in the same room as a toilet equals women being "told to drink water from a toilets"? I mean, in the right context, it could make sense. But by itself it's incredibly misleading. Would it not have been far more reasonably descriptive to say they were told to drink water from bathroom sinks?

Yes but democrats are retarded what did you expect? She got raped by the ex border patrol head when it was her turn to question him