Lashana Lynch To Take Over James Bond's Iconic 007 Code Name

Since Daniel Craig announced he was standing down as James Bond, debate has raged whether the next 007 should be a woman, or black.

Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that she will be both – thanks to the intervention of feminist TV writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

In what's been called a 'popcorn-dropping moment', British star Lashana Lynch, will be given Bond's licence to kill in the 25th movie in the franchise, currently being shot in Italy and the UK.

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It’ll do as well as the ghostbusters remake.

This fucking sucks

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Well, i guess it is just time for some new franchises to come out and grab the world by the pussy. They have ruined Ghostbusters. They have ruined Men In Black. They Ruined Doctor Who, and now. I guess 007 time to ruin it.

Between my dissapointments in Fury Road, Ghostbusters, The Terminator franchise, and now this, I'm just going to quit trying to see movies anymore.

People would have taken this runaway slave a lot sooner than a black woman. (((Hollywood))) is really trying to destroy itself or wake people up to finally holocaust them world wide. Can't really tell what there play is right now. It's a schizophrenic as they are.

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watch 1980's the Thing and fall in love with cinema again

The Bond series did well to last 24 films and one unofficial spin-off.

"Do you expect me to talk?"
"No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to relinquish your role so that MI6 can properly reflect the diverse population of Britain."
"You musht be joking?!"

Never Say Nigger Again

Daniel Craig was awful as bond.

why can't she be 008 or something?

they were rotten as soon as they forced mrs. dench as a replacement.
it became politically correct, and they capitalised on that as 'shock' value, while being openly critical of the whole concept.
you likely aren't old enough to remember all the previews being
"you're a dinosaur bond, an outdated sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, hydrophobic, agorophobic, androgynist, relic from the past, from an extinct age as dead as a dodo and you are smelly and ugly and stupid and women are better and you are stupid, and YOU ARE LIKE BABY UGGA UGGA, and you wear stupid suits like an old man from a time before the present when everything was stupid and bad, because now everything is perfect, and all men are rapists, you are a rapist especially, and you will be replaced with a woman soon enough, a diverse and enriching one, and you are like a sabre tooth tiger because you are all dead, but you don't have any teeth because men are weak and women are the real strong ones because we were oppressed all this time and otherwise we would have conquered the universe but never with any violence because only men are violent and women are so strong they don't need violence, or to win, or to do anything, or create anything apart from shitting out a couple of babies that takes no skill or mental effort whatsoever, and women are the real scientists that sent women to the moon, and men just stole all the ideas from women, and periods are good and men should have them smeared on their faces, but not in a sexual way, in a powerful woman way because our period blood is the most important thing in the world"
- Mrs. Dench (playing M in the first james bond she was in and it didn't matter she was a woman it was just normal so they didn't even make a big deal out of it or have a three hour monologue of her talking about her vagina)

because 8 sounds like 88, and those are the foribdden dubs

Bond was destroyed with the first Daniel craig faggotry that lasted way too long.

You're quoting from my favorite Bond film, actually. M says a relic from the Cold War.

are you a woman

No, why do you ask?

look again then,

because mrs. dench as anything to do with bond is a disgrace.
feminist shit had no place in it and ruined the tone.

Go woke go broke

Yes, I get it. I've never been a fan of hers or any other supposed 'friend' who tries to aid Bond on his mission. They are all either simply there for PC points or woefully one dimensional trollops that almost get him killed repeatedly.

women as set-pieces, lures or bedroom assassins is one thing.
having an old lesbian two foot shorter than him making personal insults when before M had only ever been in the film for 30 seconds at the beginning and end was jarring and pointless in regards to the film.
had M's office been detonated a moment after bond left, him having then stood up, gone to see the body and said "Who's extinct now?" and walked off to go about his mission, would have been worthy of her tirade.

The names Bond – Jayyy… nvm

Well that explains it.

hahahahaha, Jesus Christ this has to be a joke, I hope they'll actually do it

Ah, yes, the scottish gentlemen we all expect to play James bond. This movie with do smashingly, gents.

On her majesties stolen bike

The Spy who got food stamps

We wuz Jamez Bond n shiet
Harveywood is just making big budget flops to launder child trafficking money at this point.

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Because progressives are completely unable to create anything, even an obvious and very slight knockoff is too much effort for them. Ontop of that they take intense pleasure from basically pulling a "That thing you like, yeah, we OWN that now".

The fact that 'Get woke, go broke' has been proven time and time again means nothing to these people. They're not here to make films, or games, or tv shows, or books, or anything that matters. They just want to look smug and talk about how "[that thing you used to enjoy] has grown up now! why are you so upset?"

there's peanuts in my shit!

They aren't interested in creating, only destroying. They could have made a seperate black timelord series or a woman timelady series instead of fucking with Doctor Who, but then the evil white males wouldn't be angry, and that wouldn't do, would it?

I did rewatch it, recently. It was wonderful right until the credits when I was suddenly furious that we'll never see its like again.

Then you'll also get rid of the audience
The only thing that sucks alt the gradual dumbing of films is that people still gonna watch something, so these movies still make money.

anyone remember when the movie took a white scene just so that M could nag Bond about being a dinosaur? Thanks, i really needed to pay to have a rich old hag tell me I'm awful.

Movie, television, and music have always been vehicles of kike subversion.

Yep, it's about being anti-White, not pro-shitskin.

shit like this is why I'd rather just play the game than watch the GoldenEye film again

Truly this is iconic British humor. She will be one of the new Bond girls. Then we will get a new hunk for a new Bond generation.
If not, will we have a Bond girl for Miss Lynch, or a Bond boy?

I hate how pandering to political correctness became a substitute for creativity.

I don't even give af if she's a woman, it's taking the same old tired formula and acting like it's awesome just because a minority is playing the main role. ITS FUCKING BORING.

You should care, bond is a male space, and here we are again with females forcing themselves into the last remaining few. Whats left now, is mission impossible going to replace cruise with an mexican woman…id list some more but we are all outta male spaces in film

The funny thing is, that line in Goldeneye was actually a subversion. M's point was to claim that Bond was no longer needed because the spy business had become more complex, but as the film showed, his bombastic macho style WAS still required to get the job done at the end of the day. And without saying so, she admitted this by letting Bond stay on as an agent and continue doing things his way. It was less "look at this strong woman" and more "look at this new boss who just doesn't get it".

I'm curious about this as well. Will we have a movie where she rides the carousel? I'm still not sure if that's empowering or not anymore

Forced Diversity strikes again.

At least Dr. Who made it sensical by already establishing he can become anyone (and Jodie Whittaker does a good job honestly). But this! This is just a pathetic way of shouting: “Look! We’re Not Racist Misogynists! Britain is no longer Racist Misogynists! Everybody’s Welcome!”

If they made her 008 or something, that would at least make sense. I’m not sure if Ian Fleming would approve if he was still alive.

If this was made by someone with a single ounce of tact, talent or vision is would actually be good.
Instead we have

I hope everyone involved dies in a catastrophic accident while filming.

Calling it now, they're going to still keep Bond as a womaniser. Which equals female, black, (let's be real, she looks like a fucking man; so androgenous) lesbain as Bond.
I hate being a bong at times. Wish the cunts in the souf would just leave me be. Give the norf a bad fucking name they do; not to mention they steal all the fucking moneys for themselves.

Let's not forget that this also breaks all established canon that 007/'Bond' is not a role for a person, as much as it is a person for a role. If the service needed a stongarmed, jocky womaniser on the case, they'd get a 007 in on the job (hence why multiple actors have played the role with no lore conflict; since they're in-universe just different agents who have fit the 007 bill) whereas if they needed a more shifty, merc-y, assassin dude they'd get a 006 on the case and so on so forth.
As much as one wants to fling shit (and rightfully so), fucking Nigdris Elbow would have been a more logical pick to at least keep the internal canon somewhat consistant (I mean, hey, if you've got a fucking female M then a Nog Bond isn't as much of a stretch) but this bitch literally does not fit the role for who a 007 can be. She could have been a 009 for all anyone cares, (not like they're gonna watch her movie anyways) but this just throws an unneeded spanner in the works of the entire canon before it because muh diversity.
Niggers really do ruin everything.

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BFD Hollywood is killing itself !

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There is some kind of really weird cohencidence going on where every white character is being replaced by non-whites.

Why not make her 008 or 004?

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Dr Who is ruined…also I just can't watch these films full of niggers anymore. I am never going to believe niggers invented the jet engine and the internet.

This is the first Bond film produced by Universal Pictures and the new director is a mostly unheard of mixed-race/Japenese guy who probably doesn't have a cultural identity of his own. Also, the president of Universal Pictures is Jewish.


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Originality is lost.
We are caught in a limbo of everlasting recycling. Only a new vision; a new dream can free us.
Be the change, user.


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What the fuck does it matter you spastic niggers who actually watches the bond films there retarded action romps. Oh woman black bad sure but talk about something fucking interesting you cucks


Because they don't simply want to have things… they want to DEPRIVE YOU of things.

The ultimate insult.

Only 6 people will watch it… The same 6 people who lurk this board.

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get woke, go broke like the turbo THOT that you feminasty fuckwits are.

Fuck, I hate niggers.

Exactly. All of the current pack of cunts in charge of comics, games, and movies got in there with the sole purpose of wrecking things that we enjoy. However, they will regret it soon. "No beer and no tv make Homer something-something" wasn't just a Simpsons gag. When we are deprived of our escape from our misery, it has nowhere to go but out on everyone else, including the authors of our pain.

Hate them all you like, but don't forget (((who))) is using them as ignorant expendable catspaws againt us.

Spider armed tranny nigger

Phoebe Waller-Bridge looks like a fuckin tranny too.
What an absolute Transfers!
Would of preferred Idris Ebola to this..
"Me neems Bond beeby… Dexta Bond"


They did that. It was called Torchwood and it did great. It even had a faggot as a main character. He was not a cross dressing mutilated freek so it was not pc enough. He was a tough guy. Screw the BBC for fucking with doctor who.

Cap'n Jack was an absolute cockslut, but Torchwood: Children of Earth was kino. I don't feel horror deep in my bones that often, but that miniseries got me three different times. Fucking hairs on my neck standing straight up when:
>the sperm-inhaler sold those kids and then sacrificed his grandson
>it was revealed that the sold orphans spent 70 fucking years strapped to abominations that used their brain chemicals as narcotics
>Capaldi shot his family and himself to spare them the lottery instead of shooting his smarmy fucking superior
At least Ianto died. What kind of a cuck takes it up the ass from a time-travelling immortal while still claiming to be straight?

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This should make at least as much money as Ghostbusters reboot, and the franchise will go broke.

Ghostbusters 2016 net? (-)$350 Million

This is what multiculturalism will do for us

He passive-aggressively hated the Bond character so he started sabotaging it?

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wonder how awkward her interactions with Moneypenny are going to be

Literally who.
If it has to be a roody-poo, maybe I'd watch Samuel L. Jackson or Idris Elba.
But I don't know this moon-faced hottentott woman from a hole in the ground

And this is why the only people who still go to movies are boomers, feminists and black people.

Why the fuck is this here? Get the fuck out nigger

Kek'd good

Are you saying it got NEGATIVE 350 mill profit?

The End of the Evil Empire known as Hollywood Ca is near. They have it coming too.
If you are good then get out , Then end is soon!

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