Britons believe far-right groups a greater threat to society than Islamist extremism, poll says

The British public now sees far-right groups as a greater threat to public order than Islamist extremists, a new poll has revealed.

For the first time in recent years, a regular poll for the campaign group Hope Not Hate (HNH) found that more people named the nationalist and anti-immigrant groups of the far right as their biggest public order worry.

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Idiots can see the threat that has been stabbing them and throwing acid in their faces… actually that makes sense, they have all been blinded.

London has fallen. Until you take back your country, it will only get worse and you have no one but yourselves to blame for allowing it happen. For fuck sake, grow a pair and be the fucking men that you are!


Literal sections of their capitol, London, that they are unable to visit if they're the wrong color, gender, or religion.

> But alternative opinions are (((more))) dangerous.

lol,probably a pol filled in by their members

Of course Muslims wouldn't see Islam as a problem

The fact that the perceived threat of Islamic violence has dropped by 35% in a year(meaning, at some point, over 50% of the public was concerned about this) stinks of dishonest statistics.

Poll from a lefty pro islam pro immigration group. Sure, seems credible. Commies are known for their honesty and math akills, right?


Fuck off kike.

Brits = cucks

They deserve to loose there country for been so fucking stupid


For everyone who doesn't understand how newspapers, parties, NGOs and other groups keep coming up with this sort of survey watch vid related then consider how many people will tell an energetic young pollster an unpopular opinion that could potentially land you in front of a judge. Then remember all of the polling that took place before the UK's Brexit referendum (that showed a certain and overwhelming Remain victory) and all the polling before the last US election (that showed '99.99999999% certainty of a huge Hillary Clinton win').

Now that's a load of shit.


People have no idea how much presenting like that goes on. It even starts with their jewish root religions.

The fog is rolling in over Cambridgeshire today. I'll be out killing Paki hookers soon. Tomorrow there will come reports of tanned little bin bag covered bodies washing up on the banks of the river Bure in Norfolk tbh.

These faggots are the equivalent of the SPLC. Ignore it.

This is what happens when you ban free speech and have heavily propagandized state media.


Polls are basically just propaganda (as overused as that word is) at this point.

We've seen from 2015 how much rigging the lying media does with polls.


Ah, now it all makes sense.
Ask any ENGLISHMAN and he'll say that shitskins need to fuck off or be killed by the millions.

There are 5-10% muslim terrorists in England, it doesn't take 50% to walk into a ghetto with a clipboard.

NZ event happened, npcs were brainwashed into "RIGHT WING BAD".

It's bullshit plain and simple, you can tell the organization is in favor of immigration. >let's just hope the masses will be persuaded by this poll and fight our enemy!
Don't they realize the last hope for the west turning east was killary and she lost, too bad for them the NWO won't happen because people aren't as stupid as they thought

Something is wrong with our countries, our media, politicians, bureaucracies, …

Yea, it's the jews.

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May as well poll Reddit since you'd get the same result.

Hope Not Hate aren't going to be impartial, this poll should just be ignored.

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