4chan /r9k/ ‘Killer decapitated Instagram star “ex” 17, then shared photo of her body’

A killer decapitated a popular Instagrammer he said was his girlfriend then shared photos of her dismembered corpse, it was claimed. Brandon Clark, 21, is accused of killing 17 year-old Bianca Devins, at her home in Utica, upstate New York, on Sunday. Bianca was a popular Instagrammer, who amassed over 35,000 followers across two profiles, the most popular of which was @escty. She was also an active and prolific user of the 4Chan image sharing site. After killing her Clark, described by police as a ‘person of interest’ in the case, reportedly said to have then shared images of Devin’s body on his Instagram page with the caption ‘I’m sorry Bianca.’ Police say they have authenticated images of Bianca’s remains, but not a video purporting to show her murdered body.


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fucking soylet trannies le sad girl le sad boy fucking gut them all die faggot normal niggers

lol wut? He didn't decapitate her. He cut her throat, but her head was still attached. Stupid dishonest journalists

4chan did something right for once even if it was a bit half-assed.

disdain for plebs

gore pics where? I am disappoint.

Give that man an award.

Progress, but it will never be over

The crusade must continue


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a hero amongst robots

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I see a lot of "women don't owe you sex"

I don't owe bianca two fucks then.

Ok new rule. You're no longer meat computers.

God I hate this place. Pro tip to anyone not living in upstate New York. Don't live in upstate New York. This isn't even close to the most fucked up thing to come out of here. It's all insane trailer trash and failures who couldn't make it in the city.

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Man who knew that being an unmitigated attention whore on the internet would create attention from literal Psychopathic murderers?

It's almost as if normal people are out living their lives while dangerous lunatics fritter theirs away on the cyber safe space hug box.

The fate of all non trad woman.
This tbh.

tried to kill himself by stabbing his neck (failed). dont have pic, but you should see this kid. definitely trench coat mafia- -why-dont-you-love-me-I'm-a-gamer material

Here you go, don't do what she did.

all of you disgust me…
just let the girl RIP please
my fullest condolences

She ain't no fucking beyblade, ain't gunna let her ass rip


Some people actually care about others

I don't though lol

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My black metal song to sjw trash that try to lie and saint'ify cunts.
Disclaimer:This is not an advocation of violence or a threat of violence. Just my opinion.

Manipulative bitch dies.
Everybody cries.
Thirdwavers lie.
Girl is a cunt…
…but She's saint'ified.
The man is so evil.
He kills all their people.
That's what they claim…
…after dishing out pain.
The message is clear…
…to all of you queers.
Act like a slitch…
…you get your throat slit.
This was so tragic.
Drug addicted whore.
Lost her life.
Yet we lose more.
Vampire girl.
Such a drain.
She gets the glory.
We get the pain.
Lesson be learned.
Whore and her men.
Stables of cocks…
…are never just friends.

nice song

Not my best, but it fits the situation well.

Lol my girlfriend is from upstate New York. She liked living there but said the people suck. Mindless idiots and jocks, robots essentially

Tried to move to Horseheads for work. Last one year in Elmira heights before I had to flee that shithole. The racial makeup of the area is violent blacks/spics and every other white person is a genetic degenerate that should have been aborted
Just the worst possible place

The biggest tragedy in all this? He didn't go after Zombie Unicorn, instead.

no one supports this. You can't just fill every thread with a vibe youre trying to program into us. Its so obvious. VINTA Violence is never the answer

also known as


Violence is the answer of the dumb nigger jews

Does anybody have the bianca davis pic?