62 Border Employees under internal Investigation Amid Posts

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Monday that 62 current and eight former Border Patrol employees are under internal investigation following revelations of a secret Facebook group that mocked lawmakers and migrants.

Most are under investigation for posts that surfaced in a secret group called "I'm 10-15," where messages questioned the authenticity of images of a migrant father and child dead on the banks of the Rio Grande River, and depicted crude, doctored images of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., purporting to perform a sex act on President Donald Trump.

There were posts in at least one other closed group under investigation, he said.

"Messages posted on a private page that are discriminatory or harassing are not protected and violate standards of conduct," said Matthew Klein, assistant commissioner of the agency's Office of Professional Responsibility.


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If this were a decent world all the members of the group would be selected for promotions.

>Matthew (((Klein)))

Why do they care what people do in their fucking free time?

Because they make prying into your personal life their business, so they can try to shame and control you.
Same old dirty authoritarian Leftie shit.

Why is there this agency needed?

Professional responsibility is inherent you fucking Supreme Court faggot judges.

"Duh why shouldn't people be able to talk about committing crimes in their free time and abusing their position of power… I don't get it Duh?"

What crime was committed?

You will notice that this is an "internal" investigation as in by their employer not by law enforcement. Criminal isn't relevant. What is relevant is if they have been acting on their words while on the job as their posts seem to indicate. That will determine if they get fired.

So you make a wild claim without proof and then won't even answer the question when asked to explain what you mean? You've just demonstrated to everyone that you are a liar, who refuses to argue in good faith. Do you think there is a single person on this website who can't see right through you?

It's been said already but


Discussing abusing immigrants is the crime they joked about. But whatever you are only interested in being right. You don’t really care.

You are still refusing to argue in good faith. Stop lying.

>implying that anyone or group is recognized (((legally))) as subhuman

SCOTUS has determined that there is no such thing as "citizens' rights". Rights apply to everyone on American soil.

Leftist terrorists and illegal aliens can do whatever they want but god forbid working men gripe about work.

That doesn't make any sense. That's the logic of the French surrendering in WWII.

only a very specific form of anti-governmental speech is not covered by the 1st, and that's exactly what jew bundist is engaging in.
For reference:
Gitlow vs NY, 1925.

this user is correct.

should stop talking about the holocaust then i guess

Legislating from the bench is not and has not ever been a power afforded to the SCOTUS, in fact it's the main thing they are forbidden to ever do. That claim is also fully in violation of the Constitution. Are you saying, then, that every SCOTUS Justice is illegitimate and that their positions are bunk? Because if that is what you're intending to imply, you'd be surprised how much I agree with you on that one point.

lmao someone post it

Exactly what crime are they committing?

Exactly where in the constitution does it say immigrants and asylees can bypass legal ports of entry and illegally enter the nation?

Where exactly is their right to due process being violated?

imagine being investigated for posting memes online

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If only they spent as much effort on doing their job. The Protection are riddled with Latinos and Latino sympathizers.

Because everyone projects themselves onto the world they see. The people responsible for that office are irresponsible, know that they are irresponsible, and only behave like a human being because the rules force them to - and they assume that me & thee are just as fucked up as they are.

'Aggravated Disagreeing With A Leftie', possibly with some connected 'Acts Annoying A Journalist', at least three counts by the sound of it. I think both of those carry a mandatory life sentence in a lot of jurisdictions now.

Something, something, something … shut up bigot.
…….. Das Raciss

this. Makes me think its all part of the show. this is non news. Not a crime not an issue.

Im sure they'll be shocked to learn what male teachers talk about at their poker games too.

Crime? What crime? Thinking AOC is an actress who sucked dick for her role? is that a crime?

That would be nothing short of tyranny.

And here we have a 60IQ emotional child who cannot read.

I even hear that these bastards are using their authority to coerce spicy latinas to perform sexual favors or be sent to concentration camps. They even have the audacity to post their sex videos on the internet! They act like it's a joke. I'm literally shaking right now. If AOC was president, she'd fix things. I wonder if she knows about these Border Patrol sex videos. :^)

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Kek. You realize I wasn't the poster you were responding to right? I just felt I needed to point out that getting fired is completely different from going to jail/prison. You don't have to break the law to get fired and you don't have to break a law to be criticized. "B-but it's not illegal" isn't a moral justifications it's just an appeal to authority. If you think people shouldn't have their personal lives snooped on by their employer that is perfectly reasonable. That would fall into the category of anti authoritarian, but if you appeal to big daddy government to justify your stance so you just come off as a cherry picking asshole who would give up liberty as long as it forces people to act more like you. Almost like a libtard… really activates your almonds.

^^^^^^ you sound like a self-righteous faggot.

What the fuck are you even talking about, you dumb nigger? That's an awful lot of assumptions made out of thin air. Nobody said anything even remotely about criticism being wrong, or morals for that matter. The state need not exist at all for inconsequential nonsense like this "news" to be inconsequential. Also, please point out where I cherrypicked anything since you don't seem to know what ther word even means, and point out where I tried to force anyone to conform to any pattern of behaviour.

What is wrong in your brain to make you such a dishonest faggot?

You used an appeal to authority to criticize the use of authority. You did not use any other arguments aside from "the government says so" belying that you think other people should listen to authority simply because it is an authority. Yet at the same time you are critical of an authority (border patrol) acting as an authority (investigating the actions of their employees). Saying we should listen to authority simply becauseit is an authority, but only when you agree with it is by definition cherry picking. If we should respect authority because it is an authority then that shouldn't change whenever the pendulum swings the other way. You boomers and libtards are two sides of the same coin.

Look at this person, conserving literal corruption. Bet this one’s a pedofascist.

The border patrol interacts directly with immigrants. If they don’t respect immigrants, they’re unfit for that job, and demonstrating a substantial dishonesty. Furthermore, contrary to YOUR lies, it is VERY authoritarian to install into government broken liars who haven’t enough pride to live honestly.

Could you try to run that by me with less of a strawman the second time? Nothing that I said implied support of the government or any of its functions or actions, and the fact that you can't provide an example shows this. The claim made was that crimes were being committed, I refuted that claim. The concept of crime does not require a state or governance to exist at all. Crime is any unjustified action by a person that causes measurable harm to another. Is murder suddenly okay if there are no police around? No, and you'd have to be retarded to think that is somehow the case. Jokes are not a crime, and "boomer" is not an argument, you underage cuckchanneler.

1. But I never said that.
2. No, it isn't, that's not what that term means. To cherrypick is to omit data to a limited set in order to force statistics to support your position. It's a form of intellectual dishonesty, and intellectual dishonesty is the behaviour you've exhibited in every post since your first one.

We shouldn't and I didn't say we should. You're not even reading my posts, you're just talking past them.

Great! Now get back to sharing crude images of Trump and friends and leave AOC alone!

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If I'm being honest, there is not a job I've had where I haven't done this.

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