Top Democrat Activist Shaun King Praises Antifa Terrorist

By Jim Hoft

The man killed in Saturday’s terror attack on an ICE contract detention facility in Tacoma, Washington was identified this weekend as Willem Van Spronsen.
Van Sponsen had a history of attacking police at a protest at the facility a year ago.
Antifa activists are claiming the attacker as one of their own.

In fact, Antifa terrorists cheered the crazed leftist and his attempt to bomb an ICE holding center.

Like many lunatics before a killing spree Willem Van Spronsen left a manifesto after his death.

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Good thing we do not enforce the law on lefties. If the law applied to lefties, this ICE station attack would never have happened because of earlier violence. Our system allows violent leftists to fully develop, blossoming into larger and larger acts of violence.

The next American Civil War cannot come soon enough.

I can't wait to see these Communistnfaggots try to talk their way out of normie-approved death camps by bloviating about bookchin and RW stalling.

Fuck your fascist and bourgeois moralizing, he did nothing wrong but being underprepared.

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These people want to kill themselves to feel special. This isn't about enacting change but about craving attention.

>Have you ever been so fucking retardedly evil that Sean King thought you were a good person?


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You do not speak for every Latino. My family didn't deal with Jim Crow era racism in the south to be part of some Marxist Larpers fanfiction.



Baste and Bluepilled




Violence is the only language these rabid lefties understand and it's the only way they'll get the message.

Moar of this. I wish he had succeeded tbh–then Trump might actually have been prompted into taking action against Antifaggots. Either way, the accelerationism is real. RWDS are a'comin

even the most insincere radical right winger who fully suports the mass shooting of shit skins will still denounce said shooting as evil (even if he doesn't mean it) just for the sake of PR
i alrready knew leftards are stupid, i just didn't think they'll be so arrogant to think this won't come back to bite them in the ass

245149 the only reason you fucks are still breathing is because the men who fight for a living for real still have morals and respect the law and human life. If they played by your rules you'd have to change your black pants to brown to hide the stains.

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