"You Can Leave Right Now" -- Donald Trump

Leading Democrats have rounded on Mr Trump, accusing him of racism, while Theresa May described his language as “completely unacceptable”. Far from apologising, the President insisted his tweets had not been racist, declaring that “if you hate our country, if you're complaining all the time, you can leave right now”.


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America, like it or leave it! Classic!

And the fucking idiots keep taking his bait. It's painfully obvious he's doing this to 1) distract them from his attempt to change the asylum laws to stem the wave of third worlders and 2) goad them into pushing the group of loudmouths that everyone fucking hates front and center.

They get to call Trump a meanie-pants and in return a gaggle of loudmouth retard socialists are their face going into election season. But they just can't resist that delicious bait.


I never stopped. He is freaking ridiculously cute and loveable. Best president ever.

He couldn't be talking about this fuglyness could he?

This isn't "if you don't like the new zoning" or "if you don't like the new tax." This is "if you don't like our constitution" (our enabling document so that the country exists as a concept recognized by other world powers as legitimate) then get out.

A leftist got assassinated for that in Germany. Somehow trump avoids it?

Trump is POTUS
Luebke was just what may be comparable to a senator in the U.S. ( prime minister of a single state afaik… )
also his house , and his porch was easily accessible as far as one could see from the crime scene pictures and i dont think that guy had the same level of protection as the president of the estados unidos
being a public figure can sometimes quickly go south
maybe you'll remember the mayor of cologne ( the city where over 1000 immigrants went on a rape spree on a single new years eve ( believe it was 2016 ? cannot remember… ), she suggested women to keep "one arm's length distance to migrants, for avoiding "mishaps". " and who got assaulted by a guy with a rambo knife while she was campaigning …!? )

While I agree with the sentiment, a lot of us are stuck in the country we are born in. The days of free immigration are gone. I'm in Australia, middle aged, not too rich. Unless I wanna go third world, I'm essentially stuck here.

The German leftist was saying native german people should be forced out of their home by migrants and go live somewhere else.
Trump is saying people who think socialism is the best thing ever should live in a socialist country. Hes pointing out their hypocrisy. Where as a person who just wants to live peacefully in some German town and not get overrun by migrants is not a hypocrite for wanting that.

He is not pointing out hypocrisy he is being a hypocrite. Telling people to leave who try to enact change in America… what is he doing? “Make America Great Again” implies that America is not great.

That means he is complaining about America right? Why should he not leave? Because this is not about patriotism. It is about Racism.

Bernie Sanders complains about America more than anyone. Trump never tells him to leave.

Because Racism. Support it or hate it. But Don’t deny it.

Only kikes like yourself want more immigrants.

So Racism then? Yup you make my point. Nice and clear. Racism is the driving force for these feelings. Support racism if you want. But don’t deny it.

Embrace the hate (best palpatine voice)

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Palpatine did nothing wrong.

She should have kept an arm's length away.

the bear in red dress has an enourmous arse..must have a hoist in toilet

Haha pretty based.

He spent a quadrillion billion credits on two superweapons that utterly failed at their express purpose of ending the Rebellion and he couldn't detect that Vader, a man he'd been psychologically torturing for years, was about to throw him to his doom (because his son was in danger of being murdered). Nice dubs though.

The tired hamster, tumbling in its wheel.

Ignore the asylum laws. He said racist thing to YAAS QUEEN

Aoc Is whiter than I am

Just keep on bleating about "muh (nonexistent) racism" while Trump gets work done.

He figured out a long time ago that all of you only care about superficial BS over getting actual work done. Well, you get to point and jeer at him about your connect-the-dot conspiracies while his real work goes unnoticed all the way up until the elections.


Remember when they all said they were going to move to different parts of the world?

But never did.

I noticed none of them mentioned third world hell holes. Even more racist, none of them said they would move to Africa.

Say hello to AOC's congressional distric challenger

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She makes me think of pancake syrup.

You can't say that on this board, which is full of racists jerking off to every racist tip of the hat trump sends their way.

You also can't say that. What has he done? Have you heard his campaign promise for 2020? He's going to get rid of "obamacare" and make an all-new health care plan that's the best ever!
He's also saying he's going to build a wall! He's also going to make america great again, with tariffs that are making industries move out of the US. Don't worry though, his tax cut was the best thing he's done so far. It's been the biggest tax cut corporations and the richest 10% ever got while everyone else got a few hundred bucks that they will all be paying back in higher taxes a few years down the road because now the deficit has grown to record levels.
This was of course planned for him by the goldman-sachs bankers he put in charge of the economy. He also put oil execs in charge of the environment (EPA) and telecom execs in charge of the FCC.

Trump's greatest accomplishment so far has been to fill that swamp to never-seen-before levels. At least that's one promise he made that had some kind of movement (in the wrong direction tho)
So go ahead and vote for this genius. His true genius is that he knows he's gotten shit-all done, but as long as he keeps saying racist-type things, racist-types are inspired to keep supporting his presidency that's produced nothing.
Don't even get me started on his support of pedos and sexual deviants like Roy Moore, Kavanaugh, Epstein, et. al and the women that have come forward about his disgusting behaviors. All this epstein news but even the MSM doesn't want to remind everyone that a 13 year old girl filed rape charges against Trump and ultimately dropped them because her and her family's lives were threatened.
(Expect this thread to get nuked just because I mentioned that, like other threads in the past)

Happened at a Trump-Epstein party btw, and she had two other witnesses that corroborated her story. You especially won't find any mention of the Trump-Epstein friendship on fox news. They're just deflecting by only mentioning Clinton's ties.
So yeah, basically there's a huge conspiracy around that guy, the underage girls, sex trafficking and prostitution. You wanna know the REAL reason trump is happy with caging migrants at the border, separating children from their families and having racist border agents conveniently losing track of where the kids went?
I'll let you figure that one out…

What has that got to do with syrup you are just trying to slide us into some anti trump stuff.
The fact is American syrup is better than Cananadian syrup.

Honestly, I prefer honey on my waffles.
Are those Eggos?

He is trying to enact change because he loves America and knows it can be better if the country is allowed to function as it should.
His opponents seem to dislike America and want to change it into something else entirely or destroy it.

How's racism a bad thing? I'd rather live in a racist country like Israel than a multicultural shithole

he has a point, whatever happened to those fucking celebrities that made it clear they would move if he gets elected. oh wait they realised how shit it is outside of america and chose to stay

Because trump is all about keeping immigrants out, and america first, but when it comes to himself, he marries an immigrant who was working here illegally, he hires illegal aliens at mar-a-lago so he can save money at his golf resort, he brings over illegals as models with his trump modeling agency and has them working without visas stealing jobs from beautiful american girls, and he wants to kick out illegals, unless they are girls aged 13 and under, then he separates them from their families and has the border agents "mysteriously" lose track of where they went. His buddy Epstein was charged with sex trafficking. Need I say more? I could, if you want me to. Or just get the mods to delete this thread already.

You're right. Jews do stick together.

holy shit this kike is retarded and mad. no yous for jews but trumps maga phrase is stating "we were great, we changed, enough of that bullshit, keep your change we want america back"
as for the "racism" thing, if you werent subverting culture and trying to ruin everything, everyone would just see you as weird white people. sadly youre too fucking stupid to even understand that, or you do and dont deserve sympathy either way.
the blacks and hispanics are very comfy with their gibs, even the white trash useless fucks can be sated with gibs. only one group of people of many races want the whole pie and cant stand anyone who would stand in their way.

All hell would break loose here if that happened. Also Trump has some friend in high places, so some powerful sides would clash, and money doesn't want to fight with money, so to speak.


All of this is true. Trump is the biggest hypocrite as he tells others what to do to MAGA, but does the opposite himself. Don't forget he called China an enemy and told people to make stuff in the USA instead, meanwhile, he was getting his Trump brand ties made in China. Just one MORE example of his hypocrisy. Also, Ivanka was getting all her clothing lines made NOT in the USA.
Also, Trump probably did rape a 13 year-old girl with Epstein and is sex trafficking all those illegal kids that went "missing" at the border prisons.

TRUMP 2020

I love the constitution I'm gonna move next door to you

Why the fuck wouldn't you get them made in China

Have fun where that country is headed