Stats Show AOC Dominating Social Media

Judging by social media metrics, it was a big week for U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The trouble for Democrats is that attention takes away from their candidates for president.

The tracking firm NewsWhip reported Wednesday that AOC had attracted 4.8 million social media interactions about news articles during the week that ended on Sunday. That compares to 6.5 million such interactions for all of the Democrats running for president combined — led by California Sen. Kamala Harris.

AOC and her “squad” rock!

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Wendy Rocks!

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Nice voice

AOC is a trash actress that was hired for that role. I hope she kicks her coffee table and breaks her toe and quits her acting gig. Might be enough to trick the Mexicans in her district but not on a national stage.

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Social Media interactions = translates to nothing in reality.

The majority is echo chambering and the rest is bots and line-toers mindlessly liking and sharing.

She is also a phenomonal idiot and wouldn't last a moment in a debate with anyone worth their salt. I'd love to see her debate Trump but honestly I think she'd refuse out of "principle".

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It's all Russian bots and Arabian follow me, I'll follow you reach arounds. Look at who is on the follower lists.

American thot is better than russian bot

It's also just morons. Stupid people use the internet and are in huge supply.

75% of the world's population has an IQ of 110 or less, that is 5.6 billion people. 5.6 Billion people are more or less dumb as rocks.

And the top ~33% of that 5.6B are between 100-110 on the IQ bell curve, which is about 1.8 Billion people.

So there is about 1.8 Billion with an IQ above 110, of that only 32 million have an IQ above 130 which means between 100-130, which composes the majority of our productive population we have a tonne of smoothbrain idiots.

Above 130 is where most of the substantial and valuable produce comes from and that is, globally, distributed across 32 million people.

I am not one of these, I am a 100~ IQ brainlett at best but I know my place.

I'm not claiming that your numbers are right or have any meaning, but I recall that there are circa 40 million millionaires on this planet.

arn't half of all social media accounts socks or fakes?
and wouldn;t most of those "real" people be phone posters?

Wow so impressive

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Respect brother. That kind of honesty is rare.

I don't like Trump much but the debates would be funny..

In the 2016 election there were thousands of bots that would leave anti-Trump one-liners. When you search up their user name you would find that each one of them were fake accounts that exclusively posted anti-Trump one-liners in political videos and literally did nothing else.

Upon people discovering this Youtube quickly disabled the ability to search up user's posts in search engines.

Are they tracking mentions without noting whether these are in support or condemnation?

What intellect is required to grind in real estate or managing a mcdonald's for a decade? If you work your ass off managing a mcdonald's you will probably eventually be a millionaire.

Most of the people involved are probably eligible to vote, which actually makes this a good strategy. I also hate social media, but a lot of voters love it. Like it or not, it is a significant factor.

Good. Her celebrity decreases her chances of being a successful POTUS for the Democrats after she turns 35 in October of 2024. To win independent voters, the Democrats need political nobodies like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

The sad thing is you trust their numbers and ad driven narrative.


they got fucked so hard they can't even use the word "polls" anymore

good point

AOC IS the democrat party now

Why is her approval rating so low then?

It is the content of her character that makes her ratings so low.

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Move over AOC. Here comes a real woman of color for your seat.

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We gotta deepfake that stupid bitch, if it was up to me she’d work in an opium den

Yeppers and she do business.

I like this lady. She could turn things around in New York.

and what happens in ~12 months time when they find a blacker and more ideologically pure candidate than this new girl?

Cortez is-a quite obviously-a-retarded. I can't say-a-nigger chimp-a-bitch is-a much of an improvement though.
MrAnderson, you still-a sissy bitch-a. What you can't-a take-a the truth from-a-de eye-talian poster?

> (((social media)))
> (((stats)))

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Just because lots of people are talking about someone, or they're getting lots of attention or fake upboats, does not mean that people actually like someone. It's all engineered. it's all fake news. bad publicity, just publicity. Cancer is also extremely commonly talked about, but nobody likes cancer.

Yes because 14% approval rating

She has a 23% approval rating in her OWN DISTRICT, and only 13% would vote for her re-election. No one likes her.

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so "stats" is the new "polls" after the term got raped to death?
did i understand correctly?


Americans are going to vote Alexandra en masse, even more than Obama. She is sweet honey to the bluepilled, which outnumber real people 10 to 1.

Can someone just leak AOC's nudes already

Aye or nay: how many of you believe that AOC is capable of mating with a man and then killing him with no regret?

Your point is? Nothing remotely existing in reality…Those of you that were not born before 1980 have no clue on politics. Reagan reigned for 8 yrs. While he was in office his lackey Bush promised Clinton then governor of AR to be President because of Mena AR. Fast forward to Clinton (8years no matter what scandal) (Waco, Ruby Ridge, Monica L) he still did 8yrs. Bush again again 8, Half Breed Communist father CIA monkey, 8yrs Trump unexpected win due to worthless Hillary (has more skeletons in her closet than Jack Skeleton) will never be President and no female ever will or worthless Zionist Kike! So Trump will do another 4 and then it will be 8 for the Asses (Donkey party eeaw) unless a civil war starts… Learn your repetition. The last brilliant President we had was… even if he had flaws was JFK that was killed by Zionist Juwes and created our endless wars across the globe…

Like the black widow spider?

She is following the path. AOC has been inside the mind of Hitler.
We will see her rise to power. This is the beginning.
What is really interesting as this entire thread doesn't have a picture of the champion of social media on it.

AOC courtesy of
Don't forget us when you are president.

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She is kind of hot. Well, her portrait is anyway way hotter than she actually is. Good job on the hotness factor for AOC.

That site really knows how to stretch reality. Not even an old master would get it that wrong.

twitter has banned a lot of sane people

and infowars employees tho to be fair