Radical Democrats Demonize Border Patrol and ICE

"Another day, another pathetic Democrat clown show on Capital Hill."
The left plays politics at House Oversight Committee on immigration; reaction from immigration attorney Gunther Sanabria, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik and Republican Congressman Sean Duffy.


The fun never stops at the Radical Democrat Clown Show. Some people are scared of clowns, but these clowns are just something to look at and ponder.

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Isn't it true that something like half the border agents were part of a facebook group full of racist postings and photoshop images making fun of killing and raping (raping AOC)
If yes, then NO, this is not "demonizing" they're calling out idiots who don't deserve to hold any kind of professional position, especially not one in government. Then again, trump has shown that you can be a whiny man-child with not a hint of professionalism so I guess everyone else thinks its ok. If I was part of a facebook group with co-workers that was full of the kind of stuff the border agents were posting, we would be instantly fired.

Probably not.
In the past every time people get 'outed' by the legacy media for being in some evil racist facebook group, its always just boomers telling 'dad jokes' that the journalists take completely out of context.

Did you see any proof of that or did you just listen and believe?

You're have brain damage if you believed even a word of that.

Dam I love shill parties

Typical trumptard, whose lives have no basis in truth. The DHS secretary admitted all of that and they're investigating and have already taken action against dozens of agents.

None of you actually watched any of it, did you, but felt the need to post about it. I guess if Fox news doesn't air it, it never happened. Fox is the fakest of all the fake news though, since they're the only news network that sued in court and won the right to broadcast pure fiction as "news" because they argued they're an "entertainment" company.

Pogs are pigs are pigs. Enjoy your shoe leather.


Can you explain to me why a law you do not like should not be enforced at all while a regulation which currently serves you, but which isn't law and in fact may be illegal, should be enforced withoyg mercy?


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The Last Flight (The Twilight Zone)
Original air date: February 5, 1960

“ Dialog from a play, Hamlet to Horatio: There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Dialog from a play written long before men took to the sky:

There are more things in heaven and earth and in the sky than perhaps can be dreamt of. And somewhere in between heaven, the sky, and the earth, lies QAnon. ”

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Is it possible to lock every Zig Forums IP into only being able to post in Zig Forums? This special kind of retarded needs to be contained.

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50 Decades since the Moon Landing Humanity has made Titanic Leaps in Science:

Enter Project Genesis…


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They shouldn't be investigated at all for such posts. They should be investigated when instances occur of them not doing their jobs, aiding and abetting the enemy; and generally being a bunch of subversive, sanctimonious, treacherous cunts; which seems to be the default position of many in the so called American government.

Ok, so you thought that something was "fake" until I pointed out what was actually said at the committee, which you didn't even watch, but if you did you would see it was not "fake"…
and because you got told the truth, you got butthurt and want some mod to make someone stop posting the truth here? You must be some kind of really special snowflake.

Of course they should be investigated. They work for the government. If someone is making sick photoshops of their bosses, sorry, but that's a fire-able offense.
Aside from that, if I knew ANYONE that made fun of kids dying, I'd can their ass in an instant. I would never want an asshole with that kind of mindset working for me. It just doesn't translate into a good worker or co-worker.


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muh diversity

You haven't pointed out what was actually said, all you did was post more accusations about what was apparently according to people with an agenda.

The guy who makes fun of dying kids is likely 100x more capable at getting shit done than any of the other faggot man children living in delusion.

Mind of the rich democrat:

Do you see the greentext in that shows the actual testimony given by the DHS secretary? Are you stupid?
If you keep watching FOX "news" you'll never actually be redpilled because they simply don't broadcast anything that would put trump in a bad light.

really, so why is it that the assholes who have no moral compass are the ones who are on drugs and in jail? Your claim is an outright lie and you're just making arguments to be contrarian. People that are sick in the head are the ones that get nowhere in life, so please don't try to tell me about how successful such a person would be, because that's a lie.
Tell me, have you ever used the word "nigger" to describe a group of people and do you consider those people to be moral or immoral, right in the head or wrong in the head and successful or not successful?

since you were too lazy to look this up - No.

Also, half of border patrol agents are latino/south or central american in origin. So what’s the deal, do you think they’re more racist towards other south and central americans than whites would be?


since you were too lazy to read further down the thread - Yes.

The testimony already came out and the DHS confirmed it.

checkmated by this line.