Woman loses custody of daughter in Saudi Arabia after bikini photos shown to judge

Bethany Vierra did not think she was asking for much.

First, she wanted a divorce from a husband she described as abusive. Then she wanted to secure custody of her 4-year-old daughter, Zeina. Then she wanted a court order to receive child support from her ex-husband, a businessman.


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Can we please stop with the anti Islam stuff? It is a religion of peace and equality, deal with it

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Reported for Islamophobia, you bigot.

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Converting to islam is starting to look appealing. That or catholic.

That's funny, here it's the reverse.

That's what she gets for being a whore.

I am disappointed.

She wasn't a whore. She divorced him because he is a drug addict and was very abusive toward his daughter and ex-wife. She and he lost the custody of his daughter. The court reward the full custody of his daughter to his parent because she and he is not fit to be parent.

She got exactly what she should have expected

She should have stopped while she was ahead. But the greed got the best of her.

We all know islam is a cancer on the world.

yea its totally the husband who is abusive my fellow feminist

who cares, she's a race traitor either way


Why aren't the feminists screeching over this?

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I was wondering where the smell of Taqqiya and bullshit was coming from.

Sometimes the smelly hajis get things right. Unlike here in the land of freedumb where the courts make insane decisions that destroy the wellbeing of the kids theyre supposed to protect. The US jewdicial system is a joke.

Because feminists love them.

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they are stupid enough to believe Muslims when they say mohammad was a feminist


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Yes we are Westerners, you Boomer degenerate.

Maybe if you're born in a very secular land like Albania or Tunisia or something, but opinions will differ if you ask most Saudi's what they think about the Qur'An and Women's Rights.

The Gulf is ruled by extremists, populated by extremists, and enforced by extremists. Which is why most who manage to move out permanently immediately convert to Atheism.

Wrong. What you call extreme we call moderate.

Which is why (if you support it to the fullest extent) I hope you rot in hell you Raggedy Ann too-good-for-his-own-opinion Retarded Sand Crawler.

You call that Peace? I'd hate to see what Chaos looks like compared to that.

Sound mad inshallah

Sluts don't deserve to raise their children, let alone should they have the right to reproduce. There should be a law that tracks and requires women who are 5+ partners deep to get fixed. Whores don't deserve custody or reproductive rights.

The only reason Saudi Arabia isn't a shit hole, along with most other Middle Eastern countries is because they have many oil reserves. Without those they'd be less than worthless. And probably uninhabited at this point.

They'll say they are blessed by Allah or whatever bullshit. But their only true blessing is being born in a country rich in oil.

Good. She would only become a degenerate whore like her mother if they had not intervened.

But if you agree with the premise that Allah created the world and is omniscient, then the two are one and the same

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Bitch tried for 18 years of free cash from her ex to whore it up on his dime, disguised as "child support"…

…and then loses custody, so no child for her to support.

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