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Simplistic, but engaging…

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You forgot to mention uninteresting

Lol @ you may upload up to 300 banners

There haven't been 300 collective replies to ALL of the combined threads in Zig Forums in the past 5 months

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That's SIX so far…….

294 more to go………

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yeah i keked

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Okay, here's my REAL banner contest entry

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I'm voting for

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on second thought, I'm voting for

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28 so far

only 272 more to go

have i won the 'big contest' yet?

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There is a certain kind of personality flaw that specific people manifest as they become adults…

These particular people suffer from overwhelming low self-esteem and a self perception as having a lack of relevance, and the feeling that people overlook their opinions….

These people compensate by always wanting to 'be the first one to tell you the latest news'…..

They never actually investigate news themselves, because they're not actually reporters or journalists….

They're people just like you and me, who get their news from the regular sources, from the television or from the radio or from the internet or from the newspaper….

But they spend their lives walking around trying to be the first one to break the news to people…

"Did you hear about the airplane crash?"

"Have you heard what Trump said today?"

"did you know about the police beating last night?"

It's important to them that they think they are perceived as being 'knowledgeable', and they desire to be one of those "I told you so" people…

One of those "you heard it here first" losers….

But they saw the news stories on TV, and they're simply a consumer of news, just like everybody else…..

They have no qualifications as journalists or reporters….

They're just lonely dickwads, who want to feel important…..

And that's exactly who you'll find creating threads in here…..

There is no need for this board or any other news board, because none of these boards are actually creating journalism or investigating new stories….

All of these stories can be found pre-existing all over the internet…..

Copying and pasting doesn't qualify as journalism.

If we wanted to keep up with the news, we would go to a legitimate news source, not this superfluous redundant boring copy and paste spectacle….

That's why the board operator and the mods and the contributors to these stupid news boards VOLUNTEER to continue 'contributing'….

Thinking that they are being perceived as 'knowledgeable' is SO important to them, that they are quite literally willing to donate a percentage of their life (if not a majority) to endlessly copying and pasting other people's journalism….

That's how desperate they are to be perceived as 'the first one to tell you about something'…..

That's how desperate they are to convince themselves that they matter…..

the day one of these copy and paste geniuses actually finds a newsworthy event, investigates it using the protocols of journalistic integrity, prepares a story in their own words, and manages to 'break the news to the world' is the day I will eat my hat……

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i get all my news from here cuz i never leave 8ch

Reading news articles in ear is kind of like having an annoying guy humming top 40 radio songs in my ear, and having him pat himself on the back, thinking he's convinced me that he's a songwriter.

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not 'ear'

Apparently my speech to text doesn't give a fuck about this board either

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Reporters get PAID, because they actually DO SOMETHING

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36 so far

………..only 264 more to go……….

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My 2nd submission (first one up there at the beginning was mine (simplistic, but engaging)).

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Sage because I likey da Sage Wine and Sage Derby Cheese.
Imitation cheese, however, flatters no one.
One can only assume your banner contest will work out the same way Zig Forums's did. or are you even aware of how all that was orchestrated, and by whom? Are you even sure that any of this was (You)r idea? Perhaps Johnny Neptune was paid to manipulate you into this banner contest. Ever think of that? Of course this is all in good fun… Right?

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3rd submission…

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