Ilhan Omar Calls President Trump a Pro-Fascist

Democratic progressive 'Squad' member Congresswoman Ilhan Omar doubles down on her criticism of the president; reaction and analysis on 'Outnumbered.'

The 'Squad' is striking again. "When I said I was the President's nightmare, well you're watching it now." Ilhan Omar said with a megaphone blast.

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She's calling him a fascist while she herself is calling for literal jihad against America and Israel… I mean, Israel has it coming, but still. Hypocrite much?

Let's teach them how we use gas in America anons

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All children calling each other names and sticking thier tongues out at each other in a playground. Our leaders everyone.

Thats how you strip a word of any meaning it once had

What is Sharia?

It was never meaningful.

You mean pouring it into your subpar automobile so you can go down to the local Walmart then to McDonald's?

This is the state of the West. A Somalian Muslim woman is lecturing the President of the United States, in the United States; as member of congress. Let that sink in. Welcome to the ripening of subversion.

Trump has successfully forced the Democrats to wear their least popular team members as a mask crafted from albatross.

As well she should. I posted about this in another thread. You see, trump pontificated saying she should go back to her own country and fix that shithole before she comes telling the US how to do things. Turns out that even if you ONLY counted murders committed by white people, the US would STILL be way more violent than Somalia, about 18th in the world compared to 123rd for Somalia, a nation made up of almost exclusively black africans.
So it turns out she has every right to tell Trump how to fix this shithole country, considering that it's full of more violence and crime than her birthplace of Somalia.

tldr: americans get redpilled about violence in "white" countries vs. "black" countries

tldr of tldr: actually, the US is the shithole.

Well done, kid, you failed statistics. Based on your logic, if you compared Somalia to the rest of the world as one unit, Somalis is the safer location.

I’m giving you a 3/10, because you baited me into actually looking up the data to find out how full of shit you were.

It's CY+4 and she still thinks even normies find that as an insult?

I'm dubious of (((your))) entire post nigger.

Here, I'll do it for you because I'm bored as fuck;

maybe you should learn to comprehend the stats of your own sources. The FBI source for murder by race clearly shows that whites are slightly more than half of all murderers. IT was also from 2013, and since then whites have gone on more mass-murder killing sprees, shooting up schools and music festivals and workplaces because… I don't know why, but they have. You're looking at the wrong column. You have to look at the offenders, not the race of the victims.

The number of murders per million in the US is 42, Somalia is 15, which means the US is placed at 99th, while Somalia is not as bad at 147th. And again, since whites make up slightly more than half of all those murders, even if you removed all the black murderers, you'd still have a rate of over 20 murders per million, which would make an all-white america worse than an all-black Somalia.
Again, if trump thinks her country is one of those "shitholes" that has a problem with crime and violence, what does that make the US?

tldr: americans can't stats, teh US is still a violent shithole, and an all-white america is more violent than an all-black somalia. who knew?
(that sound you're hearing… it is the sound of white brains imploding on 8ch)

For that single year, yes.
The 52% was from a range of time. Maybe (((you))) should learn how to read.
Ignoring the rest of your post because of the pilpul.

Do YOU have a source for that 52%? Because I know the history of the crime stats and while blacks are disproportionate to their population, the numbers of whites committing pretty much all the crimes are always a greater number than blacks.
Even if the number was 52%, that still would mean somalia made up of all blacks is safer than an america with no blacks.

fixed that for you.

Please go there to prove to us how wrong we are. Oh wait

Jesus leftybro, where do I begin?

> ignoring that Somalia and Somaliland literally have no meaningful laws regarding rape.

I'll concede that she has a basic constitutional right to be a retard, but at the same time I feel obligated to point out that literally nobody is attempting to illegally immigrate to "Racist" Somalia, so that they can get placed in "concentration camps" in the hopes of living the Somalian dream.

I personally think that Ilhan Omar is a disgusting stank nigger and should be beaten publicly by white males.

Nice shifting of the goal posts, I guess you have no further arguments. The US is a violent shithole, even worse than some african countries.

Do you understand what "per capita" means? It doesn't look like it. The US has 42 murders PER million people, Somalia has 15, which is almost 3x as much. If the US population was the same size as Somalia's, it would still have almost 3x as many murders. That's what per capita means. The number of murders per person.

Somalia and Somaliland are two separate countries. Now I have a new job for you. Check the rape stats for the US and Somalia, per capita, and report back with what you find.
I'll give you a hint. The US is consistently among the top countries for rapes per capita. And side note, a large majority of rapes are committed by white men, much more than they commit murder.

You're just digging yourself deeper into the shithole. I would just stop arguing if I were you. All the 8channers reading this are choking on so much redpill right now.

Again, you're very welcome to go back to that shithole of Somalia if you love it so much, nigger

Muslim are hilarious. They like mind games they also like to lie like no other. I personally don't listen to them.

Yeah, I'm sure they accurately record every single murder in an anarchic feudal state with constant warring factions. Retard.

You're also wrong, US is 89th in the world in murders.

I said it was 99th in murders per capita. Thanks for letting me know it's an even worse shithole than even I realized!

Spoken like a true loser who has just been BTFO and has no further responses to things like truth and facts. Go drown your sorrow in a big mac and large coke, my friend, for that is what americans do best.

I fucking wish