Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Gets Killed by Terrorists

By Paul Joseph Watson

A journalist traveled to Ilhan Omar’s homeland of Somalia to challenge stereotypes and prove the country was “beautiful,” only to end up being killed by terrorists.

Before President Trump’s tweetstorm in which he encouraged Omar to go back and fix her own country, Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh was trying to do precisely that.

Nalayeh returned to the country of her birth to tell “uplifting” stories about Somalia, according to the Washington Post.

The journalist became well known for her relentlessly positive tweets about Somalia. Just one week ago, she lauded the “beauty” of the place.
On Friday last week, Nalayeh was killed in that very same town when al-Shabab militants stormed the Asasey Hotel in Kismayo.

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kek, pro-afro roasties btfo yet again
We should send more women over so they can "prove us wrong"

She's not wrong, Somalia is a beautiful land. It's the people there who make it hell on earth.

She should've stayed home and bitched about her rights to butt sex and shit eating as her identity

Is it bad to laugh when these kinds of things happen?

Not at all, it only helps prove reality and take people out of their delusional fantasies of how they think the world works.

Maximum kek

Replace "more women" with "all non-whites" and I'd agree.

It takes a special kind of stupid to do this.
Did they learn nothing from those two Scandinavian Girls who got their heads chopped off after getting raped on camera?
My fullest condolences, but there is such a thing as "I care whether I live or die." in contrast to "I'm going to prove something that has already been disproven."

Do you have a link to that vid by chance

One more for the killcount of SJW believes. How nany more would it take for these pampered kids to get it in their heads, that some societies simply cannot be changed, and do not conform to our moral and social fabric??? Contender alright.

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This was all I could find.
Like the New Zealand Shooting, somehow they manage to purge it from most of the internet.

This better not be for what I think you're going to do.


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Somalia is a shithole niggers or not.

I have no idea what you think I'm going to do. I wanted to see it out of morbid curiosity. Just like the tarrant videos I've watched about 18times. Thanks user.

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It wont play for some reason. It keeps wanting me to download a vpn.

Did you write that yourself? Congrats dude really. Well done

Works fine for me.

try this:

Whyd they bother putting her panties back on after they raped her. Dumb fucking sand niggers

Speak of the devil, pure coincidence:

It's all a matter of perspective. If you grow up never experiencing how mean and nasty the world is you assume that the rest of the world is like that as well. Which leads to thinking that republicans are just being meanie doodoo head racists when they don't want violent turdworlders coming in.

The land is (was?) actually beautiful. It has (had?) such potential.

Why can't more of them go back to prove how beautiful their countries are and how great their cultural heritage is?

How much you wanna bet this is fake news? It's done its job though, trumptards salivating over this story have already given the genius that thought this one up their click-bucks.

But a much more tolerable shithole under the Italians.

We need some real hard hitting journalists to go to somalia so we can all laugh when they get culturally enriched

Yeah, because nothing bad ever happens in Africa.
Certainly not to naive western women who are determined to enter the worst parts.
No sir, I don't even remember those two Scandi bints they raped and decapitated in Morocco.


Literally look at her own twitter account
Or just keep ignoring that cognitive dissonance, you must be pretty good at it by now

Do you read what you type before you pre enter? Fucking idiot

Well she was born there so i don't see why people in this thread are talking like she was some white liberal yuppie, and it sounds like she really did just get unlucky. I also doubt that she got killed due to Somalis being biologically savage, it was just a few terrorists, who were able to take root because of the hell that their country is in, mostly due to foreign influence.
racists… yawn…

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CTR is in business again. It is going to be a fun year of shills and thrills on this epic ride to greatness. AOC for 2024, but this lady is fantastic for 2020. The face of the nation.

Kinda gay bro. Her retardation dont make it ok.

Why-a-hasn't American congresswoman-a Omar commented-a on this-a? It-a-seems pretty important, and being-a-from-a the country in question, it would-a-make a lot of sense if she would-a weigh in with-a-her opinion no?

The way-a you-a news-a-plus guys-a-try to block-a truly anonymous poster-a-really make-a-me wonder.

One less Moron in our world.

Western countries could build safe zones in every war-ridden country on earth, then put the refugees back there. People, parties and organizations which want the problem solved should focus on that. Countries which want help with catastrophes or food, should first try to make money by renting out land for international zones where refugees and illegals could be deported to.
If they think they can boycott the idea, let's not help them with Ebola or some big catastrophe and then we renegotiate a while later. Every politician, journalist and other person of power or influence which does not support doing that is the worst scum in human history and should not be supported in any way.

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No user, you are the niggers.

Everyone I know has seen that vid.
Even people you dont expect. 60 year old dudes have it on their smart phones that they can barely use.

Or in the US, right?
Or to tourists who visit US tourist hotspots like the world trade center or the boston marathon, or in an LA airport, or in Las Vegas (twice) etc.

Yeah, the US really is a shithole country and people should stay away from all the fucked up white people who only know how to turn things to shit.

btw her twitter account links a story specifically about two women from Toronto who went on trips with her and reported about somalia. They are still alive and wrote the articles about it. Funny how they weren't killed, eh?

Spotted the nigger

is there anything sweeter than schadenfreude?

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oh is that all?
well since it's no big deal, let's all wish the same for you, and your family.


This shit can happen anywhere, the implication is irrelevant.



actually, half the ones I listed were by white people. I didn't list all the terror attacks. If I did, you'd see that MOST of them are white people.

get ready to have your mind blown…

are you ready?

You're right. The shithole country called the "US" is 14 in the world for the murder rate per capita. Somalia, btw, is 123rd.
Just because there's a starbucks and mcdonalds on every other corner doesn't mean you can avoid "shithole" status.
Trump really should clean up the (corrupt) government he's installed, instead of filling the swamp to record levels, and do something about the massive rate of violence happening in his own backyard before he starts falsely accusing other countries of being worse in those respects. He literally got it completely backwards in his tweet.
Common though, because americans just can't fathom that their country isn't the best thing since sliced bread, until you actually start, you know… looking at things.

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Okay, Moishe - you tried, and you failed. It's okay, though; nobody was going to humor you anyway you fucking Yiddish kike failure.

Hmmm, and I wonder which parts of the United States give us that status?

And I also wonder what common trait all those hotspots of violent crime share?

Don’t think about it too hard, shill-kun, I would hate for your handlers to have to give you an extra brain massage today.

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Somalian walks through the south, gets lynched by MAGA nazis bowing to their jew president


Still think this is fake news? Or are you going to switch your narrative to hurr Trump supports Jews now.?

Yes, more black people commit crimes by ratio, but the majority of murders (and all other crimes) are still commited by whites. So about 7000-8000 of the US murders every year are by whites. What does this mean? This means that even if you removed ALL of the murders by blacks and POC and were left with nothing but the white people's murders, the US would STILL have 7000-8000 murders a year and place it around 18th in the world for worst murder rate per capita. Right above countries like Kenya (shout out to Obama!) Honduras, guatemala, malawi and somalia would still be down there in 123rd spot.
Only counting white murders, US would still be 18th in the world for murder rate. Far greater murder rate than Somalia, which is made up of probably 90% black Africans. How does that work, according to your worldview? Is it possible that an all-black country could be far-less violent than an all-white one? It's not just possible, the stats speak for themselves.
The US is trash. Full of gun-toting maniacs, just trigger happy and itching to have a reason to fire their guns because they've been raised on hollywood action movies and fancy themselves as their own version of Dirty Harry. (or for the black folk, raised on hip-hop culture where it's cool to do drugs and jail time)
Bunch of sad, pathetic losers who can't even get their own country straight, but believe the greatest liar in american history when he makes grand speeches about how great the country is. (even as he does his best to drive it into the ground)

tldr: US is a bigger shithole than most americans realize.
tldr of tldr: redpilled

Here's the stats, btw

it was real in my mind

Let's hope so

mossad maybe

Digits say you meant Jews.

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willing to bet most of those white crime stats are actually spics, that's how they get reported

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You’re not a roastie if you are already Brown.

I don’t place bets based on my wish-thinking, that type of shit can lose you an election. If you want to know the validity of a story you can look it up yourself instead of masturbating over your fantasy conclusions.

Why are you blurting out lump sums instead of the relevant per-capita information? Have you ever taken statistics? The way you’re attempting to frame global crime is pretty boldly dishonest.

death to niggers

Like clockwork.

you're right, the sight was a bit misleading because it lists "rate per million" in the headline above the list, but you have to click on the tab to get it. But no matter, the per-capita information is the same result.
US is 99th with 42 murders per million, Somalia is 147th with 15 per million.
If you remove all the black murders, which are a bit less than half, you'd still have over 20 murders per million, which means a country full of white americans is more violent than an african country full of blacks.
Chew on that redpill for a while before you try swallowing it.