Viral 'Storm Area 51' Facebook Group Created by Bakersfield College Student

By Lezla Gooden

Millions of people have said they plan to storm Area 51 in Nevada in September after a viral Facebook group incited curiosity about what mysteries lurk inside the secretive military base.

Matty Roberts, 20, of Bakersfield is the creator of "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us." He told KERO-TV he made the group for fun on June 27, and after three days, it had over one million interested attendees.

Now, the college student says he plans to provide an "out of this world" experience for the people that decide to show up.

"We are now going to do something cool out there, now that we have a whole bunch of people," he said. "I want to make it like a festival of some sort and have a bunch of musical artists."

"I don't want anyone to get hurt. This came up as a pure struck of imagination it was meant to be funny," he said.

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psyop to help promote the ""aliens"" which are just human animal hybrids or genetic designs. Ronald Reagan gave his speech a bit early. But maybe if it was more recent it would seem too obvious.

They plan the long con. There is no proof of modern humans leaving the dome. They need another "muh ebil nazis" and they won't find it on the maps so they have to create it. D.U.M.B.S were created to seed their society.

(Remember, they're going to have to somehow trick the alien human hybrid species into wanting to fight us so they first need some semblance of society)

Probably started around the 50s and so we have about 3 generations of these underground people living and being told god knows what about us. Maybe they have their own douche making a facebook group so they storm it from the inside out)

Either way, these types of facebook groups don't organically grow to millions

The Jews cut a deal with our alien overlords. They sold out our planet for their own gain. A retarded Gay frog told me so. ;-)

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really hope theytry this and get shot en masse by the Troops.

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No way

Did they brief uor cousin on Phil Schneider?

Thisnonanonfag claims he got his hand blown off killing aliens for USA, and his dad was a nazi

Also says he was a geologist instrumental in building and tunneling the deep underground underground militarys bases (DUMBs) @ area51 and s-4 undernearth groom lake

He was found murdered strangled to death with his catheter wrapped around his throat theres gross pictures of his body online somewherr

Why would you hope for that?
Do you think it's good for US army to kill US civilians for trespassing?

play stupid games win stupid prizes… i love to see commie faggots die!!

If people do show up, storm the facility and get hurt, this guy gets nailed to the wall for inciting a mob. Bet you some guys in black suits showed up at his door, laid this future before him, and told him that he's going to be the figurehead of some bread and circus distraction to keep whoever shows up pacified.

If people do storm area 51 the military probably has some sonic weapons ready. In this day it would just be bad PR to set up a gatling gun and mow them down.

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it wouldnt be bad PR by me…

Assuming that pic is real they were briefed on naruto running because of pic related.

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They underestimate the autism… They're expecting the Naruto running and will stop all of them, but they cant stop all of me… Shadow clone jutsu.

The Military would just lock the bunker doors and let the idiots raid the surface of the compound.

Obviously, 99% of area 51 is under ground and sealed with many layers of blast doors.

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Why in the fuck would anyone need to know what Naruto running is?

If 1 million people showed up and all held hands together, they could form a human circle with almost 950 mile circumfrence and an 300 mile diameter .

Hell the entire us military alone is barely a
1 million people. I think the record # of ppl holding hands at the same time is 6 mill

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Who gives a flying fuck about aliens? It's alien TECH that I want

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I have Gang Stalkers Teleporting into my Apartment and fucking with my stuff. Either that shit stops immediately, or I'm gonna be the one shooting guards. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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No I dont, expound.

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i dont wanna eat any alien bacteria but i would donate sperm

I hope they don't because they'd be shooting a bunch of their own which shows who they really serve and it ain't those they hypocritically swore to protect. A country is nothing without its people.

Ha, as you accept it like a commie would.

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A country is nothing without it's Job Creators and Troops… the "people" don't matter, lol…

They already do that, bootlicker.

fuck off boomer. you are not "in on it" and never will be.

The human race is the only race that masters

My thoughts too, they’re clearly trying to hide something important.