“The President Won This One”: House Dem Admits Defeat on Trump’s War With ‘The Squad’

By Paul Joseph Watson

“What the President has done is politically brilliant”.

A House Democrat admitted to CNN that Donald Trump came out on top in his war with ‘the squad’ – acknowledging “the President won this one”.

Trump has been put on blast all week after tweeting that some Democrats, presumably Ilhan Omar – need to go back and fix the problems in their own countries before lecturing America.

This prompted ‘the squad’ to give a press conference denouncing Trump’s behavior as racist and at a subsequent Trump rally his supporters chanted “send her back”.

However, many Democrats are privately frustrated that Trump has pulled off a political masterstroke by making Omar – who has a favorability of 9% amongst swing Dem voters – the face of the party.

Some House Democrats are “quietly expressing” their concerns about how Trump has helped to ensure “far-left progressives have outsized influence in their caucus”.

“The President won this one,” one Dem lawmaker told CNN. “What the President has done is politically brilliant. Pelosi was trying to marginalize these folks, and the President has now identified the entire party with them”.



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Ilhan Omar

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why are these niggrs even in this country?

Of course he did. Even democrats have said "if you dont like USA get out". I've heard this sentiment plenty of times by both parties. Trump wrote something most Americans agree with, and the 4 retards drew more attention to Trump's remark.

Four more retards that can't play Trump 4d chess.

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Jews, user. Jews.

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Trump is a foot note.

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That's not a win, that's a loss.

Lmao. He’s the president of the United States. You’re a nobody user giving your worthless opinion on Zig Forums
Who’s the footnote?

Dudes a joke. Have you ever listened to him talk? Fucking idiot stooge.

Also Ilan has 89% approval from her own constituency. So you very premise is wrong.

Also funny how you say “some democrat” lol fake news.

And that dems say “go back we’re you come from” no, that is the KKK. They put it on billboards across the south. Learn some fucking history you shill monkeys following an idiot while he rips you off.

Unless your a millionaire or a racist, then you are cheering for the right guy.

Omar's approval rate has floundered between 9 and 25%. Even if she has that rate from her constituents, she can't win re-election from them alone. An overwhelming majority of voters do not like her. And yes she's just "some democrat" she hasn't done anything other than stir shit. She has no bills under her name that have made it through to senate.

The KKK has about 4000 members nationwide. I live in New York, and have heard plenty of democrats say "leave if you don't want to be here" or "go back to where you came from if you don't like it". Sorry but Trump won this battle because he said something most Americans have agreed with over the years, only now they hide that agreement because Trump said it.

nice blog, redditor.

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quoting unnamed people is not a news story

tell it to the Jew York Times, redditor.

The spin is strong in this one! Are you sure you don't work for Fox "News?"
That's not what he's being criticized for and you know it. Trump told a bunch of non-white congresswomen to go back to their countries, assuming they were from africa or whatever, when in fact most of them were born in the US. Meaning, Trump is an ignorant racist, the worst kind. He's no better than your typical white trailer-park trash, the only difference is his dad gave him a few hundred million dollars which he grew into a billion and then lost billions. He's the very epitomy of the 86 IQ he represents. Nothing he does is "brilliant" If anything does turn out in his favor, it's by sheer fluke, not because he carefully thought out anything. He doesn't carefully think out anything in his life. You can literally see it in his 4am compulsive tweets.


I am a racist. And yes I am cheering for the best option we have. There are no literally Hitlers running in 2020, at least not yet. Worst thing I can say about Trump is that sometimes he plays the Good Goy role.

That is not what he said. Stop believing CNN. He said "where you came from" which to a congresscritter means "their district". Go fix your district, before you give solutions for the nation. Although that somali bitch needs to go back to somalia.

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2020 is going to be fucking hilarious

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Sounds like a repair department at a conputer store.

… Ok, prepare to get BTFO…
Trump's tweet is below. See where he SPECIFICALLY says "countries"? And distinguishes those countries from the US. Yeah, you're an idiot.
Maybe you SHOULD be watching CNN instead of FOX because I know the truth hurts for republicans but FOX spins EVERYTHING. I guess FOX didn't actually show you trump's tweet and spun it around to some other argument, right?

fake news content: FOX > CNN by a longshot

They're both the same thing you dumb kike.

Because your POS ancestors shipped them here by the boat load to be slaves.

Of it weren’t for greedy capitalistic white pigs wanting free labor there would hardly be any Africans in America.

So instead of bitching about them being here go spit on your great great great grandparents graves for bringing them here.

You need diesel to burn when you stir your shit.

What fucking racist says "go back to where you came from…..and then come back" ? You fucking idiot.

and the sting is to wait for everyone to cry themselves out and look at the tweet that trumpo was reffing. hmm, is israel a bad thing like omar says or is trump right and irsael is good.
brains melt out thier ears

"And then come back."

Dems are retarded….

you're fucking retarded faggot. Trumps only mistake was making the statement plural. Those other bitches can still go back to wherever their parents or grand parents are from for all I care. He also tild them to come back. worst fucking racist ever, faggot.

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That's the point, trumptard. Trump's a dumb racist fuck who thinks anyone that's not white was not born here. He has the mental capacity of moronic child. He thinks and behaves like one in everything he does.

There would be no US if everyone's parents and grandparents went back to where they came from. This country was built by immigrants.

like I said, you got BTFO lol! You don't even read trump's tweets, just regurgitate whatever FOX tells you. (they specifically spun the story and neglected to actually broadcast anything about his idiotic tweet. Can't have their guy looking like an idiot on TV, or else they'll be the next target of his scorn, like they have been in the past whenever one of their anchors gives any tiniest bit of criticism of trump. He's like the worst combination of moron, racist, blatant liar (even when his lies are easily shown as such, he just doubles down and pretends he's not an idiot) and precious snowflake. He cares so much of what people think of him, you'd think he'd try to make himself a better person, but no, he's just the worst of the worst.

you're brainwashed if you think CNN and FOX are even close to the same thing. One does actual news, the other does damage control for Trump.
I've mentioned it before as well, FOX news is the only news broadcaster that fought in court for the right to broadcast ENTIRELY fictional "news" stories. (they won, on account of their argument that they are an "entertainment" company)

This country for Whites, by Whites, of Whites. Always was intended for Whites. Negros were meant to stay slaves. Chugs stay on the Rez.
Everyone else GTFO….


if you realize you are a nobody its time to become somebody

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What sort of npc is still discussing the merit of fox or cnn? You’re so lost, you actually debate over how you like your bullshit seasoned rather than refusing to eat it.

A trumptard. He's the one that argued trump never said to go back to their "countries" and that I should stop watching CNN. I then quoted his tweet directly where he wrote "countries" and pointed out CNN does facts (aka news) while the reason he didn't realize trump said "countries" (like an idiot, not realizing all but one of them was from the US) was because FOX omitted that info because they are not real news, just spin and damage control for trump.
People think CNN is somehow anti-trump, but they do what all journalism does, which is hold government to account. It may surprise trumptards to know that when Obama was president, every day was filled with analysis and criticism of Obama's policy decisions. The only reason it SEEMs like it's different with trump is quite frankly because trump's a god damn idiot and deserves all the criticism and scorn heaped upon him for his daily idiotic decisions and tweets.

so once again, TLDR: cnn = news, fox = made-up bs

It's anti semitic to talk about his ancestors like that

Hey reddit

settlers are different than immigrants, legal immigrants are different than illegal immigrants, and immigration TODAY is much different than immigration a 50 - 100 years ago. "nAtIoN oF iMmIgRaNtS" shut the fuck up you dumbass faggot. The only thing you BTFO is your mom chafed titty from your excessive suckling.

Didn't CNN try to blackmail somebody who made a mean gif about them a year ago?

You realize that CNN is hardly any less fake than FOX, right? Ok, CNN is not as bad as FOX, but not nearly that far from being as shitty like you believe. Just look at how CNN lies and cherry picks with a subject like gun control and gun violence. Wait, NVM, that’s probably a subject that you’re brainwashed on as well. You’re just as dumb and brainwashed as any Trumptard, the only difference is that you’re blue. Same idiot, different color. Sheeple gonna sheeple.

These just aren’t news.
You may not be a bigot or a “trumptard”, but you’re the most useful sort of fool.

The combination of

“he is not a racist stop believing CNN!”


“Yes I am racist and I love him!”

Is very telling. Someone is confused about what side they are on.