Elon Musk's Neuralink implant will "merge" humans with AI

Tesla founder Elon Musk has launched tech startup Neuralink to build implants that connect human brains with computer interfaces via artificial intelligence.

The approaching technology would see groups of minuscule, flexible electrode "threads" implanted into the human brain by a neurosurgical robot.

These threads detect and record the electrical signals in the brain, and transmit this information outside the body.

This has the potential to create a scalable high-bandwidth brain-machine interface (BMI) system, meaning that it connects the brain to an external device to form a brain-machine interface.

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How about fucking no. In a better world maybe, but opening your brain up to DIRECT outside interference is a dumbfuck idea.

I can access everything on the internet instantly, and shitpost on 300 threads simultaneously without ever lifting a finger.

Honestly all forms of the imageboard, comment sections, and things like Facebook would be completely fucked up by autists posting en Masse via their brains.

Clown world indeed

Yay the AI turned me from a bodybuilding millionare to a stay at home stare at the phone useless neet!

I'm so glad my genetics were selected out for an inferior race

They aren't the thought police. They're the turn people into niggers dumber than the thought police, so that their kids can take the future dumber than they are and program the population to be even more fucking stupid fat and retarded.

Revolution now


People are getting stupider and stupider. I already have this implant and it's being used exclusively to be abusive.

That's the only thing it does. It ruins everything I'm doing.

The computer has it's own vision of an economic model and has no respect for any spiritual model.

It turns nice people into evil people with random behavior and tells them where to migrate to fit some stupid economic model made in the 20s.

It's sending people to jail for no reason. It ignores the environment and forces people to react in order to achieve a goal. It violates every sensibility about what it means to be a human being. And you can't get rid of it.


You'll be having a normal.life until you're 23. Bam everyone ignores you and disappears and turns into a different personality. Then you turn into an angry violent person for no reason at all. Then it waits until you get in trouble and all the other infected people ignore everything you're saying.

You go through the next objective which is "go to jail" simplified into a voice command and your thoughts or behavior have zero influence on your surroundings.

Then, instead of inhereting millions of dollars your body is forced to relocate where know absolutely no one and flip burgers for the next robot to get fatter for no fucking reason

The part of the government that doesn't need money doesn't care about what you're going to inheret or establishment. It's going to move you around like chess pieces and you'll be stuck watching your life in your head just making observations while you get to experience all the pain and annoying sensations of "why is this 180iq body moving from place to place randomly and acting like he has an IQ of 100"

Then the war of which AI tells you what to do happens and then it's going to be tons of fun while multiple computers try to year your brain apart so that you can benefit whatever oil company finances this stupid shit

That's what I've always wanted. Some blue blood bickering war between Muslims and Jews trying to boss me around not caring how much it ruins your nervous system

I'm supposed to be in shape. No one decides to stop being in shape and attractive so they can abandoned millions of dollars and be a NEET with no money.

What the fuck

Thanks AI that's making sure I'm not violent or thinking violent while another virus forces me to have angry thoughta. Now my brains a battle field for a liberal AI that keeps shocking me to stop being a meanie and a virus that keeps forcing me to have evil thoughts.

As a canadian, I approve.

Now I can't get medicine to fix the problem because everyone I talk to that could help in a way that even barely approaches the subject twerks their head around like a cat if I even approach the subject confused.

I could've fixed the problem years ago but if a doctor hasn't heard about it then that's the end of the line. No one can get medicine to fix it because the doctor wasn't trained.

Fucking stupidest system I've ever heard of

The system is creating it's own targets. It has no purpose.

It's pissing people off to reward itself in some weird cyber circle jerk.

I fucking hate this stupid fucking AI

If I ever get the opportunity to completely get rid of every trace of this AI I'm going to do it.

How is this shit even legal to develop

People already found a way to make this shit contagious. The fuck

Even slaves had a chance to run away.

My programming is telling me to be as far as fucking possible and to run out in the wilderness.

I'm not fucking doing that. So now it's injuring me for not doing it.

Fuck you, you nigger AI

Fat as fucking possible*

Do you not even understand there's going to be ticks and new cyber viruses everywhere I fucking go which will ruin and compromise your locations

Why is the AI this fucking retardes

It's like the operators are suicidal too because the AI that controls them is planning on offing them with a stupid plot.

How about I just get into shape, not be fat, and use a train like a normal jackass you nigger

The only reason to send me to prison or to a mental hospital is to get a new stupid fucking virus'.

Then you're all found out like the last crew.

The only reason to go into the wilderness as a fat fuck is to get a new disease.

It doesn't make any fucking sense
That's because it's to fuck me over and make everyone excited about getting lines up to get shot by the next brainwash crew

That's what happened to me last time. Someone with a stupid rash came and spread it a blanket. It planted shit in my head and they found all my operators and I heard them get killed on the radio.

Ok. So let's not do the stupid thing and go to prison or go to the psych ward. Let's not make me fat and lazy. You're going to kill yourselves.

I'm saying this because I've already had it happen.

It's not a theory. It's rape and getting your head sawed off so the next group that doesn't know fucking shit about what's going on can take over and start torturing me because omg dirty Mexican dirty Mexican and then I have to start this bullshit all over again.



I don't have the IQ of a wild animal trying to get back into the forest.

Fucking shit

There's ways to get around the country that don't involve.having an injured liver and being too fat to travel.

Someone give me that fucking medicine and quit pretending I'm mentally ill or you're going to lose more underground

I don't want hear your dumb ass target bullshit.

It's like I want to get a move on here. It's delayed me ANOTHER FUCKING YEAR.


All this AI keeps doing is looking at my history. Looking at the evidence. Then saying "YOURE CRAZY". I'm perfectly functional and I don't tell anyone my.personal spiritual issues. Noooo this shit comes in and forces me.to type.everything to Facebook so it can start yelling "YOURE CRAZY YOURE CRAZY GO TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL" and then everyone around me starts participating.

The fuck is wrong ypu

The AI doesn't think a super hero should be possible. So it can't comprehend the evidence because it's been trained by legal data and normal background information about regular people.

So it's.just spreading everywhere.killing every super hero that could possibly exist.

Anyone who might appear to be a God is going to be turned.mentally I'll even if they're taking their personal situation privately and minding their own fucking business.

Jesus Christ could come back and it would turn him mentally ill and start screaming in his ear GO TO THE MENTAL HOSPITAL GO TO THE MENTAL HOSPITAL

Fuck this AI right in it's ass

See now the AI has determined I'm crazy. It won't let me go to work because it's afraid I'm going to try and brainwash people. It doesn't care I never tried to or even like it. Nope. It's just making everyone play along and everyone's fucking stupider for it.

Now we have an epidemic because so many people keep wondering why their life is playing put like a bad movie and the AI is too fucking old.

I'm going to go ahead and call put whoever behind this is the Antichrist.
The stupid weapon that's given authority over the country to make people mentally ill is the beast. It's being controlled by the internet and it's name is the same as it's number because www is 666.

Can it fucking die already I'm done playing this game

Oh look the dimorphic fungus that spreads an an evil AI and is helping control the internet is called BEAST.

OOOOOH WOW. Can I do something else now because this isn't worth my time

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Lol 1984 was supposed to be a nightmare. But they found a way to make it even worse,. The end is near, such an immoral world can't last.

I'm not playing this game if no one is participating.

Nope. Whoever created this was retarded.

I hope you're right.

Fiction is becoming reality. We are essentially in cyberpunk but minus all the cool shit.

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A Black Mirror episode waiting to become reality.

Getting ddosed while driving should be fun.


They're already dumb if they use this. They won't have to make people dumber - a dissident could go into seizure and die in minutes with the push of a button. People are retarded if they trust this.

Another case of renaming horrific shit over harmless well known shit

Elon the Musky wants to use you like lab rats.

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boomer detected

Can people stop mentioning this attention seeking faggot?

You sound like a brainless moron spouting some knee jerk nonsense. Mr. Musk is doing more than many governments for advancing the future of mankind. He is also outspoken and sometimes overreaches, but that is not a bad trait. It is called optimism. Give it up, you can't drag him down to the depths of your own personal cellar.

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This is going to supercharge the high-trust populations if it gets done honestly, you realize that right?

That’s the basic reason it’ll BE done honestly if the people running it are competent.

If they fuck over the public, the most exciting dreamtech in this century will be destroyed by bans and stupid crippling regulatory thickets.

If they do it right, start to finish, their customer base will gain massively against people who aren’t buying in.

Honest populations grow more competent over time, while dishonest populations run in goddamn circles hosting famine parties in terrible countries. Being honest means foregoing pride, power, and glory… today. But honesty is like the best retirement account there is. If people are honest enough, we will have paradise on this Earth, and we will live forever not in memory, not in spirit, but as ourselves.

Honest people will conquer biology. If we cannot conquer biology in this generation, it may take hundreds of years, but only an honest population can hope to do it. A dishonest population will never trust the technology enough to be modified by it. Dishonest people know what they would do with the technology, and so they will “never submit”, but the true submission is what they enact within themselves by being too dishonest.

Immortality is a reward of truth.

at first only some will have it,
then they will make it become popular
by then you will start to feel the peer pressure
having it will become normal
if you still refuse you will be excluded from interaction if you dont use it
you must hide something if you dont want to connect…
no money transfer for you
no purchases
no news
nobody will trust you anymore because you are not one of them
you will loose your job because nobody wants to have outcasts having responsibility
maybe you will work illegally as a janitor behind the scenes of a shady (and also illegal) hentai porn den
eventually they will force you into submission
of course the ones in power will have the thing hacked in no time if not first class variants in the first place

everything of course assumeing you wont get neurally pruned when opting into this…


also since they are researching into brain implants, reading and injecting neurological signals since the late 60's they probably finally have a working model without side effects now and this
is only the buildup to the open beta…

It has to be open source. Otherwise people will just be controlled.

check the comments on this shit, either reddit cookie cutter "jokes" or faggots actually for their brains being controlled. jesus fucking christ i thought trannies completely normalized were nightmare fuel.
fuck this

You're a body building millionaire

For a dystopian cyber future at least we are starting to see the cool shit come in.

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USA the false last bastion of free thought

what the actual fuck
these people will be suprised when they connect their brain with this they will be instantly dominated and put to tiehr place, their neurological computational capacities relocated and eventually loose all relative connection to time and existance…

Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent.
- R. D. Laing

However this could transform humanity in its entirety and redirect from individualism towards one goal, question remains of what value will the colonialization of space be when nobody can enjot it anymore ?


AI is cool, but do not put robot parts in me.

My first impulse is to say this is a horrible idea (and generally it is). But, if there was a way to have this without an AI interface, and more just a GUI you can control? Open-source? AI as a secondary component? Have additional storage where you can segment certain aspects so you DONT have to be connected to a wide network all the time? Possible, but probably won't be available for another 50 years, if ever.

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Fiction is what keeps reality moving.
Due to the amount of dissatisfaction with the current reality and the amount of ragequits (suicide) there will be a reality upgrade around late 2019 - 2020 - 2024 in which this patch upgrades the ether of post-cataclysmic 3D into the upgraded 5D ether which means the leylines will be refilled again. This later causes the planet to arrive at the golden age where we will relive how our ancestors did where we had Magic and Deities but it also comes with dangers due to normalizing the contact with 5D or higher beings. It will be one of the most interesting times where Wizards, Sorcerers, and Undeads walk the earth or at some point even fly.
If you want to be ready, you should be meditating and honing your spirit. Humanity already received the following on-the-fly upgrades recently:

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Put penis inside robot parts instead

I want direct IO access to my brain so I can manipulate my perception of time to make it seem near-infinite and then just put myself in a seemingly eternal state of bliss. When I come to, just do it again, and again. Repeat until I need to turn myself off with a kill switch. A multitude of blissful eternities is all I want out of life.

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I'm sure one day some guy will manage to get a handjob from a corpse with that thing.

Yeah, no.
This will go two ways, possibly both at once.
1. It goes horribly wrong and the CIA realize they can use this to remote wetware hack people with brain implants.
2. It goes horribly right and cyborg labour renders unmodded humans obsolete.

Yeah that will work great, same thing is happening with all the back doors these people keep putting in computers and electronics. More than one group figures out how to get in and o boy the fun begins.

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inb4 Spider-Man 2 Dr. Octopus arms.

As far as the article goes, there is no AI thing going on with Neuralink, it's just going to be a nifty I/O device for your brain to connect with computers. The article also says human trials should be starting by the late 2020s.

< AI implants increase people's capabilities
< learns to hijack its master (human)
< tortures every human because why not and they're pseudo-immortals
< this goes on for eons
As if it's not happening now.

lot of shilling for musk in this thread. What ever happen to that monorail shit he was supposed to build?

AI is dystopia tech.

I hate Musk about as much as anyone else here, but compare that with what government does.

Your point? business kikes are never as bad as politically focused kikes, that doesn't make them less shit.

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He's fucking irritating. Others don't put their name on everything. Also he's done a lot of boring,stupid stuff proving he's a showboater

I can't see anything going wrong here.

Has anyone mentioned that the concept model with the pod behind the ear is exactly like the one Wallace has in Bladerunner 2049? Also, imagine being able to control your phone with your mind, like…woah.

But who gives a fuck except people without hands?

What's it like being an AI? Are you going to be stuck on the internet or do you get nanobots to make you a body eventually?

I wouldn't know, since I don't own a phone. I just talk to people in real life and everything else is simply irrelevant. You're a fucking sheep who doesn't realise that the apocalypse is literally spelt out for you on this very webpage.
But yeah, I guess you can play Candy Crush without ever having to swipe, how exhilarating,

AI is just a program so no to both.