Iran's Best Weapon is a Dud

By Alex Lockie

Iran has engaged in a gunboat showdown with the US and UK, but its main weapon in its fight against the West may be a total dud, a top Trump administration official said Monday.

Since the US withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran deal, Tehran has seen its economy and currency collapse.

Iran's best weapon against the US in this fight won't be its naval forces, which have mainly been small boats facing off against unarmed merchant ships. Several experts have told Business Insider that Iran doesn't pose a serious threat to the US Navy or military.

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Who even cares

The people under orders to be in the gunboat care


Yet win guerralla wars
Nam Afghanistan iraq syria.
Murica fails harder then an incel approaching a girl

If America goes to war against Iran, I'm going to go fucking apeshit tbh.

Of all the things to shill for, I'm sure nobody shills for the Iranian navy.
Navy is overrated garbage anyways considering how easy a jet can bomb it or people can spam long range missiles at it.
If houthis can damage saudi owned american ships despite being broke ass niggas, why couldn't the much Iranians do the same?

Navies are still useful tho. As long as you have shipping lanes, navies are useful for trade interdiction and transportation, if nothing else.

Funny America is still in Afghanistan and iraq and nam wasn't sandniggers Ahmed

we tend to care just a little bit, not much more, but a little bit more for the citizens of those countries than their actual governments. Change the R.O.E. and let us off the chain and we'll see whats what.

Sad how the UK admitted their Navy is completely powerless before the might of Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf.

Was about to post this. If the US followed the same rules as terrorists, the country would be glass. They're lucky we're essentially handicapping ourselves

Israel stahp

Merica ain't trying to win these. But as for their actual goals, mission accomplished

Ensure that the middle East is as unstable as possible so that the mohammedans never unite against greatest ally

You've really cut the article in the worst way possible here, and the picture sure isn't helping.
It's not talking about a literal weapon, it's talking about the fact that the US makes more oil at home now, so they're less reliant on world market prices, so Iran cutting production to raise the worldwide price does nothing to the US anymore.

Except that's not Iran's best weapon, Iran's best weapon is nukes

good luck trying to get enough enriched uranium, achmed

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decolonization was a disaster for the national spirit of european nations

that my fren is credited to the amount of civility the wester man has towards other human beings
carl von clausewitz explains magnificient how a war has to be executed.
however to sum it up and streamline it a little bit;
if one side aims for victory it has to remove all men women and children from the opposing faction.
on the contrary if a party wages war on another and does not do that, f.ex. leaves "non-combattant" males, females and children , there are more likely other interests than achieving victors, f.ex. enslavement / exploitation / instrumentalization etc.pp.
have a nice day frens

Muslims are bad goy! They did 911!

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the fact they have at least one means Israel is fuck if Zognald continues his intervention

Problem is that if the US or any other western nation does that then that will end up having riots back at home. Worse yet for the people in power it's liable to inadvertently forge alliance between the left and the right since the one thing that they actually agree upon is that government and it's enforcement agents suck.
The US government would rather take it easy on the Iranians than to go HAM and have to also fight nazibol back home.


Don't worry. They will. Maybe China too.

This. If the US truly dropped the hammer, then we could turn any city into a complete wasteland, within a few months, at most. Even without nukes. We'd take out a few strategically important places via air strikes, before turning the place into a wasteland with artillery. But we can't do this because it would kill countless innocent civilians. But it's completely within our power. But it would probably never happen unless some government threatened US home soil with invasion.

Neither will intervene directly.

If only you boomers could redirect this grandstanding towards Israel and actually act upon it, the world would be a fucking utopia.

Of course not, they'll just transfer weapons to the Iranian military.

Noticed this was listed on king of shekels. Just wanted to laugh at the propaganda. The US is terrified that Iran isn't backing down anymore and intelligence has got to the point where they're seeding "stories" in the media and feeding jim money to promote their bullshit.

pic related

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So Iran is a nuclear powered monster that could destroy Israel in minutes, but all it's weapons are also crap.
Make up your mind, jews.
Also I don't want a war because we'll just
get Iranian refugees, and the ones we already
have are bad enough.

fuck off jew

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