Boris Johnson officially becomes Prime Minister, pledges 'modern Britain' cabinet pro-Brexit tilt

By Lukas Mikelionis

Boris Johnson officially became Britain's Prime Minister after meeting Queen Elizabeth II and will form a “cabinet for modern Britain” with the primary task of finally delivering Brexit.

In his first speech as Britain’s Prime Minister on the steps of Downing Street, Johnson offered an optimistic vision of Britain and his administration that will “crack” the Brexit conundrum and unleash the full potential of the country.

“The British people have had enough of waiting and the time has come to act to give strong leadership. My job is to serve you the people,” he said.

He promised to tackle social problems and improve education, saying he will “take personal responsibility”, adding “the buck stops here.”

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Another win for the Good Guys!

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Hes jewish so im not surprised

You are a Jew, not Boris.

When will you Anglos elect this man to be Prime Minister?

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He was trying to save the Britain, but they wouldn't let him. Why does humanity keep abandoning/betraying/killing all the great figures that want to save them?

based and maybe not even human pilled

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source btw :



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Scotland leaves. No deal Scotland exit. Fuck the vote.

They do. They do. Jews played their part in fucked up hollywood big time, probably the other industries.

He announced an immediate increase in Zogbots, despite controversy around police corruption.

expect more "part and parcels" now I guess. and immediate detention if you look like you are thinking about an object with a point on it.
glad we had a revolution. Sad the last german monarch can't find a bettter reeve for the shire.


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Its because their Jewish masters tell them they are the bad guys

Place your bets here for how fucked the country is going to get.

aristotle talks about this basically a metaphyiscal consideration of good and evil, he says something like the best man will be considered by most to be the worst man and the worst man will be considered by most to be the best man, the reasoning being that what makes the bad man so bad is that everyone thinks hes good and what makes the good man so good is that everyone thinks hes bad.

if someone remembers the reference i think its in the nicomachean ethics

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Based Classicist.

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