Woman fires gun inside McDonald’s for receiving COLD fries

As cold as the fries! A Georgia woman is reportedly in custody for firing inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Garden City, Ga. after she received cold fries. According to Daily Mail, the woman had ordered food from the restaurant and left, but returned to complain about the cold fries while wielding a gun.


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First world problems

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Can you even imagine being such a stupid fucking animal that you'd shoot the floor of a restaurant because of an argument over cold fries?

weird how you can guess the race from a headline isnt it? J/K we are all the same diversity makes us stronger

Next you'll be telling me that the Jews are truly our greatest ally, and they never did anything wrong?

I think she's completely justified. Not being able to get fast food right should be punishable by death. It's that fucking simple. The manager should have marched the fry cook out, blindfolded him/her, and shot the employee on the spot.

McDonalds is the cheapest shit fast food you can possibly buy. Who could possibly imagine the mostly subhuman staff of such a place fucking up an order?

A black person does this almost weekly if you pay attention to the news.

Yes. I am aware that they are violent subhumans who frequently chimp out.

I know. I still wanted to emphasize that fact.

Petty move by someone who dislikes her, giving cold fries like that. No wonder she lost her cool. Smh.

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Don't give people Cold Fries .. Its really very simple!

On today’s episode of When Keepin’ it Real Goes Wrong, Lilly is about to learn why revenge is a dish best served like her fries:

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I am supposed to be surprised by this

It's like being a detective with no skill or having high lore to identify items.

This is the most American story I've read today.

I blame the belgians, for the congo raep and making pomme frites

Why are we employing subhumans rather than eliminating them and solving the world population problem?


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The felony charges against Tarver include aggravated assault, armed robbery, attempting to elude police and firearm possession, jail records show. She also faces a battery charge and six driving citations.

Surprising absolutely no one.