FTC Slaps Facebook With $5 Billion Fine, Forces New Privacy Controls

By: Michael Nuñez

“The $5 billion penalties against Facebook is the largest ever imposed on any company for violating consumers’ privacy and almost 20 times greater than the largest privacy or data security penalty ever imposed worldwide,” the FTC said in a statement. “It is one of the largest penalties ever assessed by the U.S. government for any violation.”

The 20-year agreement orders Facebook to restructure the way it handles user privacy—including changes at the board level and in the way the company will handle relationships with third-party developers. The settlement also establishes new guidelines for how the company will be held accountable for future privacy violations.


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They probably did it as a calculated approach. What they're doing was seen as more important than the 5-20 billion dollar hit.

Think about that for a while. It's not like they weren't aware of what they were doing or thatd they would get caught. They have way too many resources and way too little avenues of communication.

They're selling as much data as possible to all sorts of groups. You need to watch out for them blaming this on Donald trump.

The company that was responsible is tied into this giant fiasco of manipulating the elections when Facebook was responsible for making sure they're remodeling the political landscape.

If you read about the company tied to the privacy violation on Wikipedia you'll see they're already trying to tie this to trump since they were immediately disbanded.

It's already been planned out so let's stomp it out before they have a chance. Tired of silicon valley deciding who my friends are and aren't.

Oh and whoever disabled the voices in my Xbox in my game. Please turn it back on. It's not even connected to the internet.

You're forcing me to read subtitles which is going to force everyone to think stupid shit.

Stop it.

You're abusing my powers and making me unlikeable. You're forcing me to thinking 'child pornography' when I'm in the middle of a doctor's appointment and it startles the doctor and they stop what their working on.

Tired of your AIs bullshit

Really? Wetlands?

There's also a chocobo forest.

You can thank Facebook.

Now were talking!

Further west lies the cleignie region

Thanks Facebook for your stupid bullshit and your AI that keeps disabling my electronics because you're pissing everyone off

The voices keep telling me I'm delusional but I can point to someone and make them jump whenever I command it.

Stop making me read out loud. No one wants it.

It's not even a power I like to use. The stupid AI keeps forcing me.to use it to ruin everyone's life around me.

but Facebook can use the 5 billion towards donations to charities…..which are all run or owned by Faceberg partners. If Zucker is worth 100 billion, how much are the actual owners worth. This is all (((misdiirection)))

Hey. I don't need an AI trying to force me to make people think about child porno while it disables my video games when I go home.

This is getting stupid

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I hate it and the AI forces me to use it in an evil way.

Stupid facebook

Do you understand why trying to make me mentally ill is a very bad idea?

The consequences of making me mentally ill are making your children mentally ill.

Daily life with AI harassment: AI disables all sound on video game. It makes forum dedicated to same problem. Simulates the conversation and says it's normal. You ask anyone else and they look it up on Google and self affirm that it's normal.

It never happened once before 2012 so let's not try and act smart about this



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Stupid Facebook AI sabotage

Stop video when you hear super fighting robot