Two men fined for eating raw squirrels to protest veganism as people begged them to stop

By: Joshua Bote

Two men who staged a grisly protest against veganism were fined and convicted of disorderly conduct after they ate dead squirrels in front of a vegan stall at a London outdoor market.

Deonisy Khlebnikov, 22 and Gatis Lagzdins, 29, ate the squirrels, with the skin and fur still intact, at the Soho Vegan Food Market in late March.

They were found guilty of disorderly behavior "likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress" Monday after denying the charge in court last month.

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This means all you need to do to get anything you don't like banned is to lose your shit over it and get "triggered". Then your overreaction proves it was an appropriate reaction. Literally begging the question legally.

What happened to "reasonable man" standard?

I have eaten squirrel before. Is it illegal to eat squirrels in England? Americans eat plenty of squirrel. Raw is not a good idea though. They have a lot of worms and parasites.

More abuse of police powers in Communist England.

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the American squirrel murdered the native red English squirrels which are now an endangered species. The British are a bunch of pussies and they take their squirrels seriously.

Did they eat red or grey squirrels?

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Imagine being triggered over what non-human things other people eat.

imagine if muslims would have done this

Nanny state

I like the idea


-Small and effeminate
-bright red colors alerts predators to his presence
-no immune system dies from viruses
-skinny, cannot store fat for winter
-Needs help from humans not to get wiped out

-Huge and masculine
-Grey coat blends in seamlessly to environment
-Immune to the multiple viruses he carries, doesn't give a fuck
-Massive frame lets him hold 4 times as much fat, survives even the harshest winters
-Respects no borders goes where he wants
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This happened in the cuck isle known as the UK. Punishable offenses include:

1. Walking around with a butter knife
2. Owning a bb gun
3. Looking at someone the wrong way
4. Eating gross food (apparently)
5. Saying something mean about the Muslim man (the one that's raping your daughter)
6. Basically everything

In other words, they are a complete police state.

Jesus christ, can the UK just collapse already?

Imagine if you have the audacity to eat pork in a city where muzzies live

Boris Johnson may be able to help them turn things around



I wonder if you would be fined for ordering a steak raw and eating it in a restaurant.

Yes it's a law that allows you to be convicted for anything in a public space. In the UK you have no liberty.

This happened quite a while ago.

The story is the diet version of autism in public. He chose something "shocking/disturbing" to the average person on purpose, then was surprised when people stopped asking him to stop acting out shocking/disturbing things. If it was just squirrel meat people probably wouldn't care as much and it would just be a talking point to make vegans mad, but they deliberately went out of their way to use shit with shock value that they know the average (even non-vegan) person would find disturbing and disgusting. It's less that they were eating unusual meat and more that they were chomping small animals in public in front of kids. A small, furry thing with a cute face is usually seen as an enjoyable little creature, so seeing someone eat one like that tends to sadden and disgust the average normalfag on the street, dead or not. Plus it gives the impression he's eating roadkill he scraped off a road somewhere and the average streetfag is going to think he's crazy. The gigantic beef liver they were eating before was better anyway, imo.

This tbh

The only interesting thing about this story and every story about the UK's police behavior is that the role of police in the UK has shifted from protecting people from persecution by the mob, to maintaining the complacency of said mob and therefore the illusion of peaceful and cohesive society, by removing anything which riles up said mob, effectively enforcing mob rule. This is cultural marxism in full bloom. The police have no ability or no intention of maintaining order in the unruly population. When the aggravating factors can no longer be removed individually, a full scale crackdown will happen. Also this fucking story is ancient and just part of the vegan vs raw meat false dialectic

Doing something shocking or disturbing in public should not be a crime unless it causes actual harm. That is simply common sense to protect individual liberty and stop society devolving into authoritarianism via people saying "I'm offended".

It shouldn't be a "crime", but generally things like "disturbing the peace" are things that police intervene over. Sure enough, disorderly conduct is what they got charged for, along with harassment since they were doing it solely to trigger vegans at their own event, and of course risking sending the normalcattle into some sort of panic which is the last thing they want or need. Watch the video; it was a "public order offense", completely about them being retarded in public by disemboweling raw, dead rodents with their teeth in public purely to get a reaction. I don't think they should have been charged with anything since they kept pretty calm, nevermind fucking arrested, but I'm not going to pretend they weren't absolutely retarded either.

A personal aside, sv3rige is also a fucking idiot and the only good content on his channel is malnourished vegan compilations or where he interviews former vegans. So only content that isn't his or only contains a minimum of him in them.

That's a whole other can of worms, even if it's related.

not only is it disgusting, it's douchey.

Why not just eat some chicken or something


Why is everyone here such a fucking pussy? We should genocide the ethnics that these pussyfaggots belong to here on /niggerbus/. Kill all (((white))) people.

you'd be arrested for less in the states

this disorderly conduct shit is out of control here too, but they would totally get a 1A pass for this

imagine if antifa did it

oh wait, they do all the time

Good point, if they were muslim they'd be respectfully allowed to continue.

Holy shit, what a cool guy

he bought the squirrel from a specialist butcher in England, so no, it isn't illegal.
the vegan cultists threw a fit about their nigger-autist adopted pet chimping out, called the pigs.
pigs come with 18 riot vans and surrounded the non-cultist meat-eater heretic, and try to force him to kneel to the emperor of Veg.
squirrel-eater refuses to bow to their authority, asks which crime he has commited, no answer from the pigs.
pigs are butthurt, arrest him on made up charge, van him, try to intimidate.
eventually fine him in absentia.

it had no parasites, see the first point

the pure red rare ginger squirrel and the degenerate third worlder nigger-grey squirrel that breeds like bacteria on dogshit.
don't worry, there is a government mandated cull on squirrels, with people paid to shoot them year-round.

a man was jailed for 2 years for leaving bacon on a muslim terrorist cell's front step.
he died in prison, meaning shitskins likely murdered him.

kill yourself /tranny/

You misspelled cuck state


Good. Grey Squirrels can fuck up your home and yard much like an opossum infestation.

Why do manly men that are so confident of their own masculinity feel insecure enough of what other people eat, (some dude eating some celery) that they have to do something so stupid?

I'd say it's more of a crime that they ate red meat of all things.
The only meats I ever ate in the past few years are Chicken and Fish, and I feel much healthier than I ever was.
Read this if you want to get educated:

How does it feel to be retarded?

The fact is most vegans and vegetarians are harmless, but SOME try to force their diet on others for moral reasons and that sh*t pissed off some people understandably.

that's the shtick.

UK is a fucking shit show and europe is over.


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Yea, I feel like both sides have these assholes shoving their meat or veg down each others throats. Then there's just some nice people in between from the two different areas that don't do anything annoying. cool

There's many vegans that don't like soy

You first

Fuck the pigs but also fuck Sv3rige's retarded ass.