Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell

By Jonathan Dienst"Jonathan Dienst"&byline=y&sort=date

Accused pedophile and wealthy Manhattan financier Jeffrey Epstein was found injured and in a fetal position inside his cell at a New York City jail, according to sources close to the investigation. Epstein, who is being held in Metropolitan Correctional Center during his trial for conspiracy and sex trafficking, was found semi-conscious with marks on his neck, two sources told News 4. Jonathan Dienst reports.

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potentially self inflicted to either pass as a victim, or to try to get reinforced security in order to avoid an "infortunate" accident.

What are New York jails like? It has been a long time since Baretta was on TV.

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Not surprised !

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Or certain people explained to him why he should try to keep names to himself.

no idea, i'm not from the US.
still, i wouldn't expect a person with such profile to be locked with the riff-raff.
these people allways cover one another, it's some sort of unwritten rule.

possible too.

This. The jew cries out in pain as he strikes himself.

I was in this Place where mr eggstein is in now , MDC , Manhattan Detention Complex. Only spent 1 night there in a holding cell and probably not in the same area as him, but i gotta say it was horrendous.

They took everyones shoelaces, and I was in a cell with about 15-20 dudes. Not only that, the toilet did not have a friggin door on it. I was only caucasoid most of the time. Right as i entered the cell, an old mentally ill man who looked like sanford from sanford&son decided to start an arguement with the young hispanic janitor ( another inmate in an orange jumpsuit who was obvi more doin serious time and on work detail) . the black guy was being obnoxious and before i had hardly been there one minute they were in a fist fight in the middle of my cell.

The funny thing was, they way it happened, it really seemed like the cops almost sanctioned the fight to begin with. the old dude was a loudmouth and annoying as heck, but it was really almost as if they send the janitor in the cell to kick his ass and shut him up. The cops filed into the cell around me before the fight even started and formed a circle around them with their arms crossed and laughed as this young hispanic guy beat the ever loving shit out this old black man. It was entirely one sided fight and went on way too long. I was a teenager and never saw anything so brutal. Finally after he was on the floor someone noticed the The old man was bleeding from his mouth did they stop the fight. They didnt even offer him medical help, they just left him in the cell with us and a paper towel, and the savage janitor couldnt even clean up the blood on the floor that he withdrew from this poor soul

That night I had to try to sleep on the floor literally inches away from the blood, because all the benches along the wall were taken. I couldnt sleep. For breakfast lunch and dinner i got a baloney sandwhich (white bread with 1 slice of balogna) and a carton of milk and apple juice.

I called my girlfriend collect with the payphone in the cell the whole night, that was the best part. Oh and i bought one cigarette for 5$ that was smuggled in somehow. It was a newport of course. I didnt even smoke it, only one other guy with the matches had to light it, and he took the first drag. then i handed it to everyone else in the cell and let them pass it around, when i suddenly realized that there is probably herpes and tuberculosis everywhere and didnt even want it anymore

Moral of the story: Smoking is bad for you

Register Number: 76318-054
Age: 66
Race: White
Sex: Male
Release Date: UNKNOWN
Located At: MCC New York

Look can send him mail

NEW YORK, NY 10007

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"""A fourth source said an assault has not been ruled out, and that another inmate was questioned. The inmate who investigators have talked to in Lower Manhattan facility has been identified as Nicholas Tartaglione, according to two sources. Tartaglione is a former police officer in Westchester County who was arrested in December 2016 and accused of killing four men in an alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy, then burying their bodies in his yard in Otisville in Orange County, according to court records.

Sources told News 4 investigators questioned Tartaglione, and the former cop claimed not to have seen anything and insisted he did not touch Epstein, sources said.

The attorney for Tartaglione denied all the claims that his client attacked the financier, saying his client and Epstein get along well. The attorney added Epstein was seen today and appears to be fine.

"They are in the same unit and doing well," said Bruce Barket, an attorney for Tartaglione. He said any claim that Tartaglione might have assaulted Epstein "is absolutely not true." """"

IF epstein is on suicide watch why don't they strip him naked like they did chelsea manning? Dont let him hang himself with his sweatpants

Every time an inmate has a bad day they are going to take it out on the pedo kike. Id stomp that jew daily as a part of my workout routine. I look forward to hearing more about this kikes prison adventure.

Reminder that Trump kicked epstein out of his golf course and banned him for life and then ratted out epstein to the police for being a pedo creep.

Hes in protective custody with ex cops and rapists while in city jail. Its a free for all on that side hes going to be having niggers running up in his cell for a quick beatdown at random times. But when he gets to mainline after conviction, hes fucked because in the feds there is no protective custody after trial.

The truth is if i was in his dorm right now id be instigating some youngsters to take out the trash.

seconding this, the mafia won't kill (((one of their own))) without a reason. But would be more than happy to send a reminder.

yes, but you don't want him dead until after the trial because there's so much information they can get from him even if he is convicted and thrown away for life.

Something fishy about this story🐟

InM8 They questioned an ex cop, crooked one gor buated involved in murder and drug ring. But looks like he is a hit with the bitches no?

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He also has a cellphone in jail.

Maybe this guy finally got a picture of the egg penis everyone has been dying to laugh at, and its online right now as u read this.

Epstein revenge porn sounds like what might just some bring jusice to the world

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I hope the prison system treats him well. I mean it. Hatred is a bad business.


hatred isnt real

My guess as well. They want to suicide him before he can run his mouth and bring it all crashing down.

Due to the popularity of the case and such, he was most likely put in PC. The only way he would have a roommate would be due to overcrowding issues, but even in that case there is still a single room to put him 23:45/7. This guy is prime for extortion, they know that there is a big price on his head. So he is locked behind a door with cameras everywhere. Most likely this happened during the black out. Anything that happens in jai/prison that MSM gets ahold of is basically a 1/2 truth.

Cellphones are sold in jail on the regular.
Jails/prisons now have tech that can detect Cell phone frequencies, guards are not allowed cell phones on duty.
One crooked guard can perpetuate this racket and even collect the cellphones during a “shake down” and give them back.
Basically in jail/prison “Money talks” and Jeffery gots alot of it.

The inmates need to step it up tbh

Bernie Sanders is a self-hating Jew. I swear he loves the goy sand nigger Palestinians more that Jews.

This is illegal you should sue

This Epstein narrative is being served on a silver platter and you fools lap it up.

Then I'd ==love== him to get treated the way he deserves

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He is probably on his island right now, these people don't abide by the same rules as us. Don't fool yourself.


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was there any anal tearing?
pic semi related

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I work in a prison environment (maximum security hospital) and I can say that cell phones are (at least where I work) not a common problem. It happens, but mostly that's something reserved for high level inmates like mafia and such.

You're correct in stating stating that that guards aren't allowed to have cell phones inside however.

ive been to jail 25 times, and to prison once……

what you described happens every day in almost every jail in every big city in America

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why didn't epicstien clicque up with the AB?

RE: guards not being allowed to have cell phones while working

That depends on which state you're talking about, because most jails and most prisons DO allow the guards to have phones.

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He's in a New York City JAIL

not in a prison
………………….. it always amazes me
……………………how people always
……………………seem to confuse
……………………jails with prisons

I couldn't possibly give any less of a fuck about Jeffrey Epstein

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May be of relevance

'marks on his neck'

trust me, that's NOT the kind of injuries he'd receive in a jailhouse assault….. 'marks on the neck' are EGG ZACK LEE the type of pussy-assed bitch self-induced 'injuries' a sissy like him would inflict trying to garner sympathy, drumming up some grand scheme in his head, thinking if he lays in a fetal position he can get his attorney to motion for special treatment, maybe even somehow thinking they will reconsider and let him go home….

big fucking deal…

when he DOES get in a real fight in jail (or prison)
Because he's not going to come through it
with just some 'marks on his neck'…..

He's going to have a broken jaw, one of the orbits of his eyes will be shattered, and he will have a huge open laceration across his forehead, from where some vicious nigger smashed his head into a corner of a metal bunk.

Fuck Him

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it wasn't

Well that rules out the Clintons.

Either trying to extract information or punish him. Since he's not dead…

hes clearly just into autoerotic asphyxiation , i mean what else is he gunna do to pass time

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I totally would but this is from way back like 2003. What law do you think was broken?

Mueller was covering up the Epstein case and Uranium 1. Is that why he did not know what was in “his” report? Epstein has been referred to as “intelligence asset” but whose asset is he? The Cabal’s asset?

1. Why won’t the media cover the unclassified documents the feds gathered when raiding Epstein’s island known as “Little St. James” years ago?

2. Why did the FBI (Robert Mueller’s FBI at the time) make Epstein an informant to the feds? (This is declassified)

3. Who are the other powerful people who went to that island?

4. Why did Bill Clinton, while serving as president go on over 20 trips via “Lolita Express”? (Wiki-leaks flight logs)

5. Why did Hillary fly multiple times on Epstein’s plane according to the flight logs?

6. Why did Epstein’s lawyer say Epstein started the Clinton Global Initiative?

7. What was the video equipment room at “Little St. James” used for?( shown in declassified documents when the Feds raided it)

8. Why did local residents near “Little St James” hear explosions before the feds raided the

9. What were the tunnels used for that the feds found at ‘Little St. James’?

10. Why will the media leave out all this information when covering the story?

11. Why would this full story be ignored by Fox news, CNN, NYT, Washington Post and so on?

12. Why won’t people in the media put this story together with all the evidence at their fingertips?

13. Why are the people in the media ignoring the “conspiracy theorists” that said for the last 20 years that Epstein was a sick pedophile who trafficked people?

14. Why did Alan Dersowitz say on the Laura Ingraham show say that it was Lynn Rothschild?
Wikipedia: Her(De Lynn Forester de Rothschild) third husband is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (born August 29, 1931), whom she was introduced to by Henry Kissinger at the 1998 Bilderberg Group conference in Scotland

15. What did Epstein use his passports for?

17. Who is Epstein working for?

18. Was the Clinton Global Initiative involved in human trafficking?

19. How long will these same people mock those who know about the others?


reminder that it seems all of these "sources" are right wing blogs with no reputation, or fake news reputation shilling for trump.
Reminder that trump often takes up a "virtuous" position on an issue, while being a hypocrite and taking the opposite position on the issue himself: for example
-trump tells everyone china is an economic enemy and stop getting things made in china
-trump ties and clothing made in china
-trump endlessly tweeted and criticized obama whenever obama went golfing and claimed that if he ever became president he would never go golfing because he would be too busy for america
-proceeds to go golfing more than any other president in history
-trump tells people illegal aliens are stealing our jobs and calls people bad for hiring them
-hires illegals at his mar-a-lago golf resort and trump modelling agency, where girls worked without visas
-trump tells everyone he's not corrupt and will "drain the swamp"
-hires goldman sachs bankers who caused the 2008 financial crisis to be his financial advisor, an oil exec to be his environmental advisor and head of the EPA, and a verizon exec to be in charge of the FCC and make rulings on telecoms
-trump tells everyone he's all about putting america first
-puts russia first

and now, trump shills saying he's an upstanding guy who would rat out a pedo? really? the guy who talked about grabbing women by the pussy and who has dozens of women come forward to say he either sexually assaulted or raped them? the guy who paid to have sex with a porn star? And was seen throwing parties and hanging out with Epstein? And at one of Epstein's parties, raped a 13 year old girl, who dropped the charges because she had her life and family's lives threatened by mysterious men (same kind of men that threatened stormy daniels?) The same trump that threw his full support behind pedo roy moore, who as a 30 year old liked to hang out at malls and pick up teen girls? Or supported kavanaugh, the sexual deviant over all other more reputable nominees for the supreme court?
Really? REALLY?

If there's any speaking out that trump does against epstein, going by his past behavior, it's actually probably PROOF that trump was heavily involved with his pedophilia and he's just trying to cover his own ass, like he always does.

Also, why is trump okay with the conditions at the border, separating children from their families and conveniently losing track of where the children went?
Can you say "human trafficking?" What rich, corrupt underbelly is he serving? He's already buddies with putin, has given the rich elite their biggest tax cut ever, and now is providing them with a continuous supply of "lost" children.

so hillary is cleaning up again …

one would hope that even the dumbest billionaire would realize that you can't blame self-inflicted wounds on someone else if you got them inside your own locked cell.

yeah for his own self-preservation after it got out he was said creep.

Before that he described him as a good buddy and all around solid party guy with a taste for younger women.

Fuck you Trump, you’re going down like a 2 dollar Melania


I dare you to be the law it's illegal under

Yeah and i triple dog dare u times infinity plus 1

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Never thought she would lose.

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sorry jew, but your lies can't convince anyone of anything. your time is up.

which clinton am i?

Nobody gives a flying fuck about Neptune. Neptune is a homeless fag who bought into the Russia narrative because he has a low IQ. Come back to the internet when your IQ is above double digits.

21. why dont you realize the last century is simply repeating itself ?


Hope that pedokike gets beat down every day. Hes done.

Uh, excuse me motherfucker, but what board do you think you're on and whose side are jews on? I'm not jewish. Trump's jewish friends (meaning you) are the ones that are trying to deny he's a sexual degenerate. And they're not lies, you can look up the charges filed in court yourself and see the witness statements. Or just read this article which gives a nice summary of Trump, the child rapist.

because century is a measure of time, and you're nuts?

People seem to forget that trump cheated on his wife with a women involved in porn. MAGAtarda really do have blinders on for this type of shit.

Every time.

Reminder that clinton got impeached over cheating on his wife.

Really makes you think

He got impeached for perjuring himself when lying on the stand about cheating on his wife

Alpha male gets pussy. Beta lefties are triggered.
Just a normal day on planet Earth.

Just a reminder that the "pussy" this comment is talking about is adolescent, little girl pussy.

It's all because hooking up with grown woman is so difficult for them that they have to try to manipulate little kids into having sex.

What's ultimately the most pathetic of all is that likely the people who comment shit like this defending pedophilia haven't even had sex with kids. They're defending losers who can't get with woman to justify why they can't get with woman.

It's having sex with kids you beta fuck, how do you think it's cool?

Why won't you just call the rich elite what they really are?

Come on now, be fair, they're only MOSTLY Jewish.

You clutched enough straws yet?

You don't seem to understand the nature of their relationship. It is an open marriage sexually, where they "swing" with other partners.

Therefore, the charge of cheating cannot stand.

So an ex-cop named Nicholas Tartaglione who´s facing the death penalty for murder is jeffrey epsteins cellmate? Not suspicious at all.

They are claiming Jeffrey tried to hang himself and the cellmate found him and saved his life. Eggstein apparantly doesnt appreciate the roaches and mold in jail and really thought he was gonna make bail

have sex leftcel



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fine then, feel free to post the FOX news article about trump's child-raping hobby.

I linked that article because if gives a good summary and breakdown of all the important parts of the case that was filed. You don't believe it exists because the source is lefty? Fine then, just look up the NY court records yourself, freely available online, and read the entire thing if you want all the details.
I've commented before about the long string of sexual deviants Trump has supported these past couple years, epstein, roy moore, kavanaugh, and here's the latest, trump's new pick for pick for vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has just had a colonel come forward recounting how he sexually assaulted her and came on his and her pants. General Hyten took a lie detector test to "prove" his innocence, but afterwards his wife got really upset because the results were not what he was hoping.
Trump is the one guy that can truly be judged by the company he keeps. He surrounds and supports all his deviant friends. I would not be surprised if he's near the head of the elite child-sex rings.

correct !!
Mar-A-Lago was Epstein's main 'recruiting center', and Trump endorsed it the entire time.

A: YOU, of course

Q: who's boring as shit, and a faggot?

He just explained how it’s a young girl and it’s disgusting, and your response is “get laid broooo”
God you people are something else. There’s a reason I rarely go on Zig Forums