Another CNN Personality’s Antisemitic Tweets Unearthed: ‘I Love You Hitler’

By Hannah Belau

Another CNN personality who was presenting on the CNN Arabic network as recently as last week appears to have expressed a series of antisemitic sentiments on Twitter, even praising Hitler. This follows the recent resignation of a CNN editor, whose past antisemitic statements surfaced Thursday afternoon.

Kareem Farid heads up a digital tech show on CNN Arabic. He began in January 2019, according to his LinkedIn profile. He is also listed as the “Lead of Storytelling and Video Production at APCO Worldwide.”

On Friday, tweets surfaced, showing Farid writing, “I love you Hitler” and commending the Nazi dictator for “his determination to reach his goal.”

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Me too

Yeah but you're not some talking head on a media corporation owned by Disney jews

…Here is the tweet OP

@CNN employee: “I love you, Hitler.”

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lol 'vetting process'

That pretty much sums it up.


To be fair, we all praise Hitler frequently.

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I miss u Hitler

Based Arab. He may work for CNN, but he's my man.

this is good.
those retarded yids do not even understand some of the most basic tennet of propaganda anymore, in this case: being relatable.
for a dunecoon to make it in hurkadurka territories, he would HAVE to hate the yids, because that's probably the only comoon tennet between all those "people".
of course, the yid being a yid, he spazz.
truly showing that "high" 94 IQ, right there.

They love diversity, except for white people and non-whites with diverse opinions.

We all do lads

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There change from within we need :^) subvert the enemy!!1!

I don't agree with his folly either. The holocaust clearly should have happened.

it's natural that a muslim would agree with Hitler's anti-jewish attitude

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You mean wanting a sovereign nation for your own people?

Holy fuck I didn't realize how ironic that was.

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The only type of people that are antisemitic are the ones that have had to deal with jews in any capacity.

Based, and reichpilled.

You can respect someone for their determination to reach their goals and still disagree with them. This is just an example of Jews sperging out because someone didn't fall in line 100% with the narrative.

hitler is the best thing happened to sionist israel and the worst thing happened to non sionist jews

if there hadn't been a hitler, sionists would have needed to invent one

Muslims are a type of jew.
Hitler didnt even exist. BUT HE SHOULD HAVE.

Hitler was a great leader.

Jews should be fucking thanking Hitler on their knees because he exterminated all of the weak jews and because of Hitler's holocaust the jews got a state of their own because the rest of the world felt sorry for them.

This is sadly true. Kikes deserved nothing but complete genocide. Despite making a solid effort, Hitler failed to protect Germany from them. Germany is now becoming a new Wiemar Republic.

Merkel is a filthy Communist who should hang for all that she has done to destroy Germany's future.

The jews are the cancer of the humans.

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Hitler was only determined not to have to get a real job.
Unless it was his plan all along to lose 700 year old german lands???
The real question is always, "Whats happening in israel right now?"

nobody cares of this pseudo distinction between both.
they're jews, henceforth guilty and should be eliminated.

Anti Semitic is a made up bullshit word.

What about Iranians

If by "mudshits" you're referring to muslims then I'm curious what you've been smoking. Muslims fucking hate jews.

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