Man Dies After Tossing Gun on Bed

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According to police, one adult at the residence was handling a gun, then tossed it on a nearby bed in the apartment.
The gun discharged when it struck the bed, with a bullet hitting Hall in the abdomen.

A preliminary investigation suggested the shooting was accidental. Details were forwarded to the Noble County Prosecutor’s Office, but no charges were filed in relation to the incident.

Kendallville Police Chief Rob Wiley confirmed that Hall had died and the investigation continues.

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Man Wins Darwin Award

A little bad luck goes a long way

And nothing of value was lost.

Serves the faggot right for throwing a loaded gun around.

Firearms are not toys, if you insist on playing with one you have earned your Darwin.


-typical youtuber after reading comments begging him to stop mishandling a deadly weapon

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Cannot legislate against stupidity. The fact that we still have Democrats and 'Women Studies' proves it.

This nigga died from a .22lr to the abs…. His power level was non existent. Pleb.

Trump needs to outlaw guns.

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Police do this stupid shit all the time too. They have training. Why can't people be smarter?

Now in order to prove that you're a big strong macho chad, you have to post video of you shooting yourself in the stomach with a .22 round. If you don't, you're just as much of a weakling pussy as he is, and in fact even worse.


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Clearly the dude didn't build any tolerance to bullets by shooting himself with smaller bullets

what gun? all guns sold in the us are drop safe.

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If you think about it's, it's a miracle that ANYONE (especially us) are even alive. We have lived long enough to mock people who kissed girls because they died before we did.

modern guns cannot fire unless the trigger is pressed at the same time the firing pin actuates.
so unless he threw a ringer onto a dowel or it was an antique gun (or a series 70 1911 or whatever its called) something is fishy here


this. unless it was a cocked double action revolver

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