Woman Arrested After 11-Year-Old Severely Burned Following 'Hot Water Challenge'

By Will Puckett

A woman is now facing charges after her child allegedly poured boiling water on an 11-year-old boy earlier this week.
Billy Oliver is at the Cincinnati Burn Center with second and third-degree burns after a friend performed the 'Hot Water Challenge' on him.

Clay County Attorney Joe White said Angela Guth faces charges for second-degree criminal abuse and first-degree wanton endangerment
for actions that allegedly happened after the hot water incident.


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People complain about the "boys will be boys" mentality. Back in the old days, what boys will be boys REALLY meant is that it's not right for a father to beat a son just because decently-handled activities went wrong through factors out of the children's control.

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Beware: Parents will now be criminally responsible for all crimes committed by their children until age 18 up to 26 if the child is still living at their house and under their health insurance policy.

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Why are people so retarded? Who invented this hot water challenge?
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and who the fuck says "hmm this is a good idea??!?!"


I can't believe all these retards don't die of eating laundry detergent from other challenges before they think of another idea stupid enough to hurt someone else!

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The problem is the parent is being held criminally liable. That is insane!

I was wrong. The woman was charged for not helping the burned child. Carry on with your outrage over the stupidity of the internet age.

wait so she didn't actually pour the water?
she is being charged because her kid is a fucking retard?

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WTF are you talking about? No we don't. WE never have. Stop making shit up.

From the article:
She's being charged because apparently she expected the kid with third degree burns to walk it off.

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Oh. That explains a lot here.

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Ah, I remember this. It was made up by black people and there are dozens of videos of these idiots pouring boiling water on themselves or their friends and ending up in the hospital. Now it looks like there are dumb white kids doing this "challenge" too. What's next I wonder: chop off a finger challenge? Bleach in the eyes challenge? Convert to Islam and suicide bomb the infidel challenge? Why you mad bro? It's just a prank.