Sandmann Suit Against Washington Post Dismissed

Michael Monks

The lawsuit filed by Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann against the Washington Post was dismissed Friday by U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Kentucky William Bertelsman.

Sandmann had sought $250 million in damages from the Post for its coverage of an encounter involving Sandmann, a Native American activist named Nathan Phillips, and a group of Black Hebrew Israelites. A short video of the encounter in January, while Cov Cath students were in Washington, D.C. to attend the National March for Life, went widely viral on social media and was originally characterized as the students having encircled Phillips, in an attempt to intimidate him.

Later, more and longer videos would add context to the story that Phillips had approached the students who were already in the midst of performing school chants after engaging in a back-and-forth with the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Sandmann alleged that the Post published false statements about him that were defamatory

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What a fucking surprise. If he was black he would have gotten a billion dollars

250 Million was absurd.

He should have came up with a more reasonable number.

Bullshit. He should keep at it.

Don't be dumb
If you really want to fuck them you shoot for walking away with something rather than nothing.

He should have sued that chug, Phillips, for reparations.

I guess now that based Trump won everything all the side plots just end

oh but if i make an article saying this judge could be a huge faggot my ass would get sued in a heartbeat

I think the problem is the man was accused of being the abuser, and his name was ruined in the media, and the Washington Post controls 50% of the media in America.
So that guy Sandmann name is mud because of the Washington Post, and he didn't do anything wrong. Ya, he shouldn't have received 250 million, but even $1 and a public apology probably would have made Mr. Sandmann happy.

The thing is he DID ask for an apology. Any news outlet that issued a redaction didn't get sued. It's fucked how a judge deemed his case unworthy solely because he's "bad", even though the entity he's suing is what wrongfully made people say he's bad in the first place

Very poor decision. Likely to be reversed on appeal.

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Yeah, this isn't going to hold up based on the definition of defamation
There it is.

It wasn't just for damages to him, but for all 60+ kids and the school too.

who the fuck cares
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if the US legal system use jurisprudence, then potentially yes, and by pointing to that very case as a precedent, provided you arrange your situation to be the same as wapo (ie: pseudo journalism engaging in opinions)

What a load of bullshit. If Sandmann gave his opinion piece about how he thinks that judge is a pedophile he would have been imprisoned. Truth is that we have no freedom and these companies get away with everything. What a surprise.

No, shoot for the moon. You can settle for lunar orbit after you drag this out a decade or so. Court cases take a loooooooooong time.

FAKE NEWS! right? why should we just believe this? how do we know this isn't a depression-pill?

All I can think of when I hear that fag mentioned is his doppelganger.

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it's going to get appealed and overturned because of this. Viva Frei on youtube nails the problem (with direct quotes from the decision) but basically:

On one page, the judge acknowledged that the WaPo article led to "public scorn" but claimed that the social media scorn existed outside of the "four corners of the article" therefore the article was not defamatory

Then - ON THE NEXT GODDAMN PAGE - the judge quoted Kentucky state law that literally defines defamation of character as an untrue statement or unfair representation that leads to public scorn.

Direct legal contradiction.

how soon until the judge "retires" and takes a cushy law firm job connected to DNC/big media?
I'm sure big media was worried about this case. I wonder how much pressure they applied and where?