No Tariff Waiver For Mac Pro, Trump Tells Apple: 'Make Them in the USA!'

Javier E. David

President Donald Trump rejected an effort by Apple to seek a waiver on tariffs imposed on its premium computer assembled in China, insisting that the tech giant should manufacture its goods in America.

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The last generation of Mac Pro actually was made in Texas. Apple decided right in the midst of a trade war that they are going to move the production of a low-volume professional grade product to China. What a bunch of retards.

Inside the article they elude to why. I can't copy paste from my phone for whatever reason but essentially the production of Texas sourced Mac Pros was severely bottlenecked due to a custom screw supposedly readily available in China but not in the US.

the solution is to bulk order the screws from china, not ship the whole damned operation there

then make that custom screw locally aswell.
mass transport produce carbon emission.
why are derpocrats so intent on destroying muh environment with no reason at all outside of pure dogmatism?
and by dogmatism, i mean faggotry.

Perhaps its just the way you phrased it. But that sounds like the most retarded excuse ive ever heard.
You can buy a Lathe from America and manufacture any screw you like. It might cost fifty cents rather than two cents but thats fine for a premium product.

the real solution is to use a normal 6-32 screw like literally every other PC manufacturer

That would make too much sense

Reminder that Trump gave Apple a huge tax cut not too long ago and those fucks still made them in China.

Now they can suck it up.

Sure. We should all believe a trillion dollar company doesn't have the knowledge required to figure out how to make a custom screw.


Poor apple fags

well they sure don't have the knowledge to figure out to make a good computer

so how soon is trump going to tax those apple billions sitting in ireland tax free? that could pay for a bunch of social programs.

When people like you stop thinking that other people's money is for social programs.


What is a cargo plane?

Anyways, that is a bullshit excuse there are plenty of companies willing to make screws like that but they're not gonna work for nearly free on a small ass order of 28,000 screws like articles stated. Like seriously no one in the US is gonna bother, it was a fuckup on apple's part.


Look it's not my excuse, it's their's. I don't think it's a good one but it is the one they (and other major news outlets) chose to run with.

I don't even use apple products…

I hate to shit on Apple but …


Apple has been making retard decisions since at least 1980.

theirs is possesive

Sucks for people who want to pay 9000 dollars for a glorified 9900k+
RX 590 rig in a Silverstone style case?

I'll give them credit for a cool MOBO and a functional case design.

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#FuckDrumpf #ChinaBuilt