Democrats Dub Supreme Court's Border Wall Ruling 'Regrettable' and 'Nonsensical'

Louis Casiano

Democrats reacted with disappointment to Friday's Supreme Court ruling allowing the Trump administration to divert $2.5 billion in Pentagon funds for border wall construction.

The 5-4 ruling, which broke along ideological lines, means President Trump can tap into military funds to begin work to replace fencing along the southern border in California, Arizona and New Mexico. Earlier this month, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco had agreed with a lower-court ruling that prevented the government from tapping that funding.

Trump declared a national emergency along the border to get up to $8.1 billion for wall construction, including the $2.5 billion from the Defense Department. He called the ruling a big win for "Border Security and the Rule of Law."

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Look at the dems piss themselves

So the "Supreme" Court is totally political? Stupid fools.

Do you think the Dems really care? This is Pandora's box for them, idiot. All they need to do at this point is to get elected. Then they can declare any phony national emergency they want and start implementing programs and directing funding to them without any checks and balances. Winning this battle means you've already lost the war. You just don't recognize it yet.

Last time they were in power they implemented everything they wanted by executive order.
So I think the pandoras box was already opened over 10 years ago.

The Maestro won again!!!! He keeps winning…

This user is correct. Trump could have at any point executive ordered the wall but he didn't, because he wanted to go by the correct protocols. Pandora's box has been open for years

why do you allow all this obstructions to happen , is this what freedom and democracy is supposed to be like ?
work your ass of , have countless sticks and stones thrown between your leg, know from the start that ultimately you are 100% just in your work yet have everything delayed for years because everyone deserves his chance ?
imho since it turned out to ( OFC IT DID… ) be legit and 100% in the interest and for the benefit of the nations cizizen, anyone trying to slow down or abort all efforts for border security, should be (at least) jailed for sabotage or something alike ( since you put people for posession behind bars this should be perfectly doable ).

The maestro? Cmon man, you can be happy about this without sucking his dick.

Whine more faggot.

that's exactly how obomber rule went.
even overturned state votes.
remember prop8?
because i do.

say the homo-pandering side that literally pushed the faggot marriage thing.

And they're losing that game by a mile. Even as Trump alienates chunks of is base by the month.
'The left" muh dichotomy is so nigger-tier retarded that they're losing to him.
The (((the squad))) shit is more disgusting to Americans than Trump's jewry is to Zig Forums.

Yeah well the big question is, will it work? Remains to be seen. It’s no victory ‘til ten years later.

(((the squad))) most likely a setup in the first place to defame the democrats even more, they put their heads onto the headless corpse of what was left of the backstabbing democrats after 2016 wave at bernie
soince they lost their leader and cohesion they craved for a new lead , (((the squad))) and people alike delivered this with their obvious toxic "timebomb-like-topics/narratives"…
now after (((the squad))) has finally been embraced and accepted by the host ( the democrats base) (((the squad))) becomes virulent and spreads the disease even further
the whole diversity narrative is a "social virus"


>(((the squad))) has finally been embraced and accepted by the host ( the democrats base)
Excuse me nigger?
That's entirely false.

TFW I was in a coma for 8 months of it.

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This is a level of delusion like when the left said the military that they demonized for years would be on their side.

"We're not paying for that fucking wall!"
-Former mexican president Vicente Fox

He knew something Trump didn't know.
The precedent has now been set. Anything any president wants paid for, no longer has to go through congress. He or she will just decide what to spend money on and the taxpayers and their representatives in congress will not be able to do anything about it.

The threat of biological weapons and modern technology is far too great to justify open borders.

If you don't like borders then get rid of your car doors, locks, and house doors too.

That's not what this ruling says faggot. It allows Pentagon money to be used in defense of this country.
Spin it however you'd like faggot but the beaners are a drain, have literally ZERO positives and are invading.
Even by international law and precedent the US would be well within it's rights to just shoot them the moment the were within the US.

Do you know how to read? He stated a reason for the necessity of borders.

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well done soldier

you are the resitance in the infowar !


Because congress refused Trump the money, so he decided to take some from the dept. with the largest budget and put it towards what congress refused, completely bypassing congress' role as holder of the purse strings for the american taxpayer. This ruling means future presidents can do the same.

Immigrants by far are more likely to start their own business in the US.

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Stop believing every racist prick you read on 8ch.
here's some choice facts:
> In 2015, immigrants accounted for 21.9 percent of all business owners in 50 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas.

> Undocumented immigrants in the United States paid an estimated $11.7 billion in combined state and local taxes in 2014. Their estimated contribution would rise to $13.9 billion if they could receive legal status.

Your welcome, glad I could enlighten you!

LOL, so true! I mean everybody knew that trump is a liar when he claimed no collusion and TOTAL EXONERATION, then mueller comes out to say that actually he didn't say there was no collusion and there were at least 10 instances of obstruction. Trump got seriously BTFO. RIP "no collusion, no obstruction"


This is a thing that shouldn't happen. In a sane society, people would only be fined for possession, at worst. Anything beyond that is a waste of tax payer money. Simply fining them (like speeding tickets) would allow for more liberty and income for the state.

Excuse me motherfucker, but when trump became president his republican party controlled a MAJORITY in BOTH the house AND senate and STILL couldn't get his two biggest promises passed: a wall, and repealing obamacare. So how is it NOT his fault? Let's see what trump would say about this!

Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible.
11:01 AM - 8 Nov 2013
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Obama's complaints about Republicans stopping his agenda are BS since he had full control for two years. He can never take responsibility.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 26, 2012

and that one was a lie, because Obama's opposition controlled the house at the time, unlike when Trump was pres, his party controlled majority in both chambers.
I've said before that trump is the ultimate hypocrite, always doing the opposite of what he preaches.

Repubs must not allow Pres Obama to subvert the Constitution of the US for his own benefit & because he is unable to negotiate w/ Congress.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 20, 2014

trump is the biggest tool in the world, he has no moral standard to follow, not even his own.

The other shit you said was true, but I recall that Dems did have control of both the house and senate during Obama's first 2 years. However, they just sat on their hands during that time, because they didn't want to ruin his chances of being reelected by being too aggressive. Of course, that backfired spectacularly when Republicans gained control of the house two years later and blocked every single thing he proposed from then until the end of his presidency, six years later. It's frankly a miracle that Obamacare passed at all. Dems are always preaching about acting in a bipartisan manner. But it's just an excuse to keep from actually delivering on their campaign promises.

I think that is a shoop

this. dems and obama took a bunch of "input" from big pharma and big insurance. Thier concern was thier campaign funding, not the american citizen.

In the age of Super PACs, this will always be the main concern. Until those are illegal again, you can rest assured that corporate interests will always align with political interests, for either party.

And Israel

No, the reporting is totally political.

That's when he realized his cunning plan was bound to fail.

No, they had the house, but not the senate. You need 60 votes for the senate and they never had 60 dems until almost halfway through the first term and then only had it for 4 months, not two years.
Trump had a majority in both chambers and failed to do the two biggest things he promised. By his own definition (things he tweeted and outlined what makes them so-) he's a complete leadership failure and a "weak" president and negotiator.
How can you hold all the cards and not come through on your promises? How colossally bad do you have to be to fuck that up? Well, since he became president it became pretty clear. The guy who didn't actually write "the art of the deal" can't negotiate his way out of a paper bag and is just screwing up every chance he gets. Iran? fucked up. congress? fucked up repeatedly. remember when the dems offered him a few billion for his wall but trump said "no" he'd rather shut down the government and do it "gladly?" Then when he made the deal to reopen govt he actually settled for a billion and a half less than what the dems initially offered for him NOT to shutdown? That's just a lose-lose. Not only did he fuck up the government and services citizens depend on, but he ended up getting LESS at the end of the day.
North Korea. They threaten the US by showing off long range missiles and nukes and trump jumps to attention and talks about what a great guy kim jong un is and he'll placate them after their threats. Meanwhile in Iran, they're threatening nobody and trump can't stop talking about how "evil" they are and is gearing up to war with them. (all because Israel wants him to, not because it makes sense)
His idea of "deals" is just tariff everything (and make american companies pay more to import shit)
Trump is a piece of shit. No, I take that back, a piece of shit sitting in power in the white house would be less harmful than the shit Trump is getting the US into.


Don't you feel embarrassed spewing this obvious bullshit?

Don't you feel embarrassed being a trumptard who doesn't know any of this? Please feel free to prove how even one thing in that wall of text is bullshit. I'll wait… until you find out it's all true and never post anything that counters it.

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This is so fucking asinine. The wall is NEVER GOING TO FUCKING BE BUILT because it takes the US government literally decades to get through the paperwork to accomplish anything. It's just a political stunt, timed so Trump can stand next to a fifty-foot section in his campaign ads "Look, goys! I kept my promise!!!" despite that everyone that isn't a complete retard knows that it won't do a damn thing about illegal immigration anyway.

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He has delivered to us as foretold in the sacred scroll of tweet.
Glory to the madhatter!

All you dumbasses who try to compare this to Obama have missed the most vital point. It's about funding of ideas dumbass, not some nonsense about executive orders.

Executive orders do not fund policies and are utterly meaningless outlines of how governmental institutions should operate without funding. If your heads weren't up Trump's ass you'd realize what precident you've set…

Everything you just said is literally why Trump is president. We voted for whoever we thought could flip the board and bring some realism or ground level politics to the spectrum I s'pose.
I mean; he was labeled "The Chaos Candidate" ffs it was inferred since inauguration he would be the "Chaos President" as well.
And what you forgot to do was mention why it is bad that Trump has taken a big step back from keeping America in the spotlight of the world. Pro-tip; it isn't, isolationist policies work so fuck off and kys you soulless globalist.

Dems get the oven first

None of what he said was bullshit. Trump genuinely is one of the least qualified and stupidest lame duck presidents we've ever had. He only got elected by spending tons of his own money to use his TV image as a platform. His true self is damn near useless. You fags talk about 4D chess all the time. Trump probably doesn't even know how to play regular chess, because he's a moron. (I know the 4D chess thing is only an allegory)

That is not how economics work, retard.

Interesting that after I bitch-slapped you with facts you no longer have any argument against my post and are now shifting the goal posts to "well that's why we voted for him!" which makes no sense in the context of my post either!
So you voted for a guy that cannot get shit done even though he held a majority in BOTH chambers. You are ok with this. A president who is too weak to lead, even though he has full control. Got it.

You have to re-learn economics if that's what you think.


Why don't you study up on pre- Meiji Era Japan and then fucking try again, you retard.