Newark Considers Giving 'Guaranteed Income' To All City Residents

By Eric Kiefer

The idea of providing all Newark residents with a "guaranteed income" is marching forward in the Brick City, officials reported Thursday.

On July 25, the city launched its new Guaranteed Income Task Force with a meeting at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The mission of the new task force is simple, yet complicated… figure out if a "basic income" pilot would make sense for Newark.

Universal basic income – offering people regular cash payments with little or no requirements –remains a controversial way of fighting poverty. Supporters hail its simplicity and equity, but skeptics worry about its fiscal cost and incentives, according to the International Monetary Fund.

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Are they gonna scrap welfare for this? Because thats the entire advantage of ubi.

what is to stop people moving to newark just to get payments?
wow, did I just ask what would stop people moving to newark?

Consider that cities do not have a single way to legally prevent people from moving there.
Anyone with enough money to rent a closet large enough for a bed could get in on this free money.

You only thought crime was bad before in Newark.


The problem is how do you stop people from moving to Newark to get the basic income? It would be wise if they restrict it to Newark volunteers who works for more than 10 free work hours and no more than 20 free work hours per week to prevent draining the tax pool completely.

Retards… This program is guaranteed to be a disaster.
Communism doesn't work… dumb fucks…

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Not this time. Cash-less currency (Crypto), social credit system (China) and universal income together create the perfect slavery tool. The goys will eat it up like candy because the social credit system will give them XP for slave labor like a video game. Cash-less also means total dependence and total surveillance.


as if newark is any worse than where most americans live right now

Nothing. Its super exploitable. Like how the EU has freedom of movement so some pakis collect welfare in 4 or 5 countries and have a five or even six figure income.

What they dont show you on the show is the mass stravation and death that occurred before they perfected replicator technology and eliminated scarcity.


any of the iron-tier industrial ideologies can work when you do away with the physical realities of limited resources.
yes even communism, but that doesn't mean communism works it's just that science works so good that even dumb-fuck commies can cheat off of it.
communism is the pakled of the iron-tier though, and needs to cheat and steal to be taken seriously.

If you can handle living in Newark for some pittance, then you earned it.

Haven't read that, but going by how most headlines are written I'd guess they'll go over it, but ultimately decide against it. Note how "consider" is the word used here.

This won't actually happen.

Uh yeah, it is.
I don't know if you've ever really heard of Newark because if you have you'd have known it's an absolute shit hole.

Places in America can be shitty, some can be good, some even great. But Newark is bottom of the barrel shit.
People selling heroin and crack everywhere where if you drive by slow they'll toss samples into your car. It's also negro central, not to mention most of the families in the area live in total poverty.

There's a difference, believe me.

trips of DS9 did it better.

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Newark is a punch line

GMI just can't work on such a small scale. It recoups the investment by way of sales taxes through repeat expenditure of the same money, and it's far too easy for the money to leave the area

Everything you've said seems normal to me. Maybe you live in some kind of jewish gated community

Non-white peope are majority in Newark and they are not good at handing the money issues so this is not going to work.

yuropoor or kiwi detected

Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, and Camden are literal garbage dumps.

I live in Frederick and it's very nice here. Geographically, well over 95% of America is a nice place to live. And most Americans are living quite well, which explains why people won't stop coming here.

nice dub dubs

They could issue Newark bucks. Valid for paying fines and taxes inside of Newark. That would really help people out.

Are you talking about the local currency? If yes then that's a nice idea but the problem is people in Newark can't into behaving themselves without the cops on their necks.

The welfare system already can pay $10,000 - $20,000 a year for people who don't want to work or are poor. How much are they planning on giving in addition to that? The lazy, uneducated, stupid "poor" and rapeugees already make more per year by choosing not to work than I have for most years of my adult life.

That isn't how math works. If you have $100 and spend it on something that costs $93 and 7% sales tax then only $93 is available to "respend". The other $7 is gone to taxes / paying more people UBI. Then $93 is respent and 7% of that (can't be arsed to do the math) goes to taxes, and the amount "in circulation gets smaller. It doesn't "make" money. Somewhere, someone still has to put money in, so, like all socialism, you eventually run out of that other money, and it all comes tumbling down.

Would NJ socialist bucks have pictures of Jersey Shore celebrities on them? Would "The Situation" be on the $100?

The fact that Newark is filthy and crammed full of people already.

In a related story, every single person in Newark didn't bother showing up for work.

Communism works in fairy tale land… On TV in a fictional setting with fictional technology.

I believe the way UBI should work is by giving an ultimatum, if you don't have a job, then you either have to look for work, if you're not employable then you should go study, with UBI if parent can't help you, or having an entrepreneurship project. The money would be used to kick start your business and maintain yourself tenporarily or sustain yourself while you study.

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