At Least 3 People Killed in California Garlic Festival

By Drew Costley

Officials and eyewitness accounts confirmed a shooting and multiple victims at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Christmas Hill Park on Sunday evening. Gilroy councilman Dion Bracco said there were three fatalities.

Joy Alexiou, a spokesperson with the Santa Clara Valley Health System, said 11 people with gunshot wounds are being treated at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose and St. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy. Alexiou said that additional victims who had non-shooting-related injuries were transported to Stanford Medical Center.

Christopher Salas, an anchor and reporter for the radio station, wrote on Twitter that he confirmed with Central Coast Police that as many as 60 people were injured in the incident, but not necessarily all of the injuries were caused by a shooter.

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Step up your game.

They must have ran out of garlic bread. I don't blame the guy.

News-a-plus…..where dey delete-a the real-a-news ay?

I guess you could say that this event really stinked

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Stunk, you sloped faced fucktard.

stinked…….. holy shit are you retarded Carlos. The Frizz would be disappointed with your poor grammar.

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I almost attended this festival last summer.they have garlic ice cream there

This is the dumbest place for anyone to attack.

California has all kinds of people. There's no way to know, and any way it's sad.

But guns are illegal in CA.

They didn't ban them hard enough
Also they forgot to ban the "bang!" sounds.

It wasn't guns, they were shooting everyone with assault opinions. The words hit them very hard because liberals feel like they get shot when someone disagrees with them. The original shooter probably went crazy because they didn't like garlic so they went to the garlic festival to disagree with everyone but instead everyone disagreed with them, so they disagreed back and their disagreement, literally their feelings were too feely and hit everyone. They found the words stuck in people "i no like garluc"

this is a joke by the way

Normally I would say the clarification is unnecessary, but I've been astounded by the stupidity I've witnessed on here.

His thread where he tried to lure people on 4 Zig Forums is still up


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Yeah that's all fine and good, but who's the shooter?

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white incel

was he actually white? both hispanics and arabs are considered white in the US by the government standards that the media follows.
also, islamic terrorism counts towards "right wing terrorism"

never be sure of anything about stuff like this until you can verify it yourself.

We need to stop pissing off the vampires

no, we have to stop feeding them

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(sac) you retard when are you gonna stop talking like that?

You don't kill jokes, you brutally bludgeon them way past the point of their respective deaths. Already dead, you beat it still into a pulp before beating it some more.

They haven't revealed. Which means its a non white.


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annnd he’s half iranian.

A garlic festival? Really niggers?

A lot of garlic is grown in Gilroy. I've never tried the ice cream myself.

Not news

is it quds or will it be blamed on them?

This is one of the few stories posted on this shit forum that actually is newsworthy.

Someone had too much garlic!

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Violent people are so weak they’re threatened by garlic, lol.


Yeah they're reeeeeeeing from the rooftops claiming he's a Nazi now.


Quads wills it.

Zionist propaganda tool:
Iranians are bad
In other news, op found inside gloryhole

They are saying he linked to Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard but they give us zero evidence

It was a vampire furry. Thought the festival was an armed invasion.
This is why there is nothing wrong with having sex with animals, because at least we don't believe we are the animals. Those are the people who gun down herbal medicine shops and hamburger joints.

Proof that onion routing is better than garlic routing

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Wall Street Journal tomorrow:
"Garlic Linked with Mass Shootings: The New Alt-Right Vegetable?"

What a waste of dubs.

Santino William Legan.
Italian Iranian
(Source ABC news)

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Friendly reminder that this is nothing compared to a normal weekend in Chicongo.

If you don't know who died yet, you can't know if it's sad, you pathetic cuck.
For all we know, it is as said and it's dead commies.

close, they are refusing to name him, because that’s what he might have wanted (censorship kikes) and they soeculate that he was incel. i think so.


it’s californians so i don’t care. it’s probably sad if californians can be humans, but it probably isn’t sad.

Nice dubs bra.

At least have the balls to admit it.

Probably not even people from California. It's a tourist attraction; locals are just annoyed by the place even existing because it smells like garlic fucking everywhere in a radius of 20 miles.

Witness claims to asking why gunman was shooting claims gunman said he was angry. Another odd official story.

H1B was a mistake.

The Jew fears the home garlic farmer.

Dude linked a white supremacy book right before his shooting. Try to divide it away from white people all you want. Same hateful conservative crap.

Probably a worm lover or had one cotrolling his brain. Garlic is toxic to parasites and he wanted revenge for all those poor innocent blood suckers.

So they'll call him white and make it an alt-right terror attack.

he’s iranian.


time to attack iran goyim lmao

Cali-fags are finally doing some non-shit stuff.

If you knew anything about Cali you would know they have one of the biggest garlic festivals in the world and who picks the garlic? Illegal immigrants; so if whitey decides to throw it all away for a self hating tribe and get back at the Jews where does he go? Apparently the garlic festival.
Fifty years ago it was all white faces at the festival. Good on that glorious man for standing up for what is right.
At least it wasn't in the USA.

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for a second I thought she was running away with her scutum and I remember what spartan mothers told thier sons

dubs of trying to distract from onions


is that a little big guy?

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Hardly a peep when a Democrat run city puts up numbers like this on an almost weekly basis …

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